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Welcome to Fuck Combustion...Tell us about yourself here!

Discussion in 'The Vapor Lounge' started by DigitalDavinci, Sep 27, 2008.

  1. winston856

    winston856 Well-Known Member

    Hi I'm winston856, first time vape owner but I'm some what familiar with them. I just bought a green VG classic and a Vector Elio lighter, can't wait for their arrival. :ko:
  2. thevapedcrusader

    thevapedcrusader 420247

    northern antarctica
    Gday all you fuckers! im Jason, full time lurker, parttime shit talker(typer?).im late 30's n live in the wonderful land of Oz. My love affair with Mary began 25 years ago-" puppy love" some said, "boyish infatuation" quoth others, but me n Mary new better, this was true love! After 20 odd years of ingesting my lover's cremated remains- and paying for it, i decided to become a primary producer. Unfortunately me n Mary are nymphos and with piles of her laying around my lungs started to suffer BAD! Just when i thought our love was starting to sour we were turned on to vaporization via Vriptech and once again our love burns (actually more of an intense orange glow just this side of combustion)bright! Peace and fat cloudss to you all, thanks for all the info on this awesome site, if knowledge =power then we are all superheroes here! Jason
  3. hedgewitch

    hedgewitch Well-Known Member

    midwest/bible belt
    Hi, this is hedgewitch, I have been lurking for a while now (that sounds evil doesn't it?) and decided it was time to join in the fun. Since I live in the midwest I keep a pretty low profile so this is great that this forum exisists so I can let my hair down once in a while. I am another old timer, 50 in June, and quit smoking cigs and saw a vaporizer on the movie super high me and thought that would be the way to go. I got a vapir one and will say its not as bad as some would have you think. Granted I am saving up for an upgrade but it does the trick for now. Same with herb grinder, just a cheap metal 4 pc, but have a much better one on my wishlist. I figure I will sell my old stuff to some friends and get them started vaping whenever I get some new equipment. Thanks to this excellent info on this site I've almost got my mind made up on what to get next, just a matter of saving.
  4. umpnum14

    umpnum14 .._. _._. :-)

    Welcome to FC hedge Like you I too started vapeing as a result of super high me. I already didnt like combusting (I'm not a smoker) but thats all I knew. I few weeks after I saw the movie I ordered a Vapir (O2 Mini) as I just wanted to get something cheap that would work but that would have some use after I decided if I wanted to upgrade.
    Thank you Doug Benson
  5. The Jagernacht

    The Jagernacht Well-Known Member

    Hey folks,
    28 y.o guy from Sydney, Australia here.
    You might get the occasional post from my chick too, 27.

    So, both of us had smoked for a fair while - purely recreational really.
    We've never really been heavy on the usage but all the same based on frequency we decided to make it a bit healthier for ourselves. Looked into vapourisers.
    We went through a few models, before coming to two that we rather like.
    The Arizer EXTREME and the VAPOSTAR (Though since the arrival of the vapostar, the extreme hasn't seen all that much use.) I post at some other forums and send in reviews here'n there so if anyone's interested,
    here's my thoughts on the Extreme: http://cannabis.community.forums.ozstoners.com/index.php?showtopic=20503
    and my thoughts on the Vapostar: http://www.vaporstar.co.uk/id6.html (I'm B.A, up the top)
    - Though I posted that second review on forums too, I think it was a trip they used the whole thing on their own page too.

    So, my experience with vaping has lead me to become somewhat of an advocate...I don't know if you guys n gals are a bit like that too but seriously, I just wanna tell everyone that they oughta check this out.
    Uses less, smells less, healthier, makes you feel better, improved and more controlled effect...I'm loving it and at this point, never going back to combustion.

    So yeah, talk to you guys around the place.
  6. max

    max Out to lunch

    Welcome hedgewitch :wave: Nice to have another 'alive in the 60's dude' around. What you got in mind for an upgrade?

    Welcome The Jagernacht :wave: We'll be calling you 'The' in no time. ;) I like the Vaporstar too-simple and versatile.

    Hope you guys enjoy the forum. :cheers:
  7. hedgewitch

    hedgewitch Well-Known Member

    midwest/bible belt
    Thanks for the welcome! I'm thnking I would like an Extreme for at home and an Iolite for portability. The portability would be nice even for at home, like walking around outside. I usually take a baloon with me but that is akward and you can't set it down! Hehe! Btw I live out in the country so I can walk all over my 3 acres of paradise with whatever! I figure I could splurge and get both as I have saved enough since quitting cigs to more than cover the cost. That is, theoretically I have saved, I don't know where all this money is located that I have saved by not buying cigs! It ain't in my bank account!
    I will let you all know when I get something. Hopefully this will be within the next week or so! :)
  8. lwien

    lwien Well-Known Member

    Arcadia, California
    Old timer? Kids.......... :rolleyes:

    I got my first car while you were still being potty trained. ;)

    Welcome hedge.
  9. Gipson

    Gipson Well-Known Member

    greets, all. i've known about this forum for quite some time but finally registered.

    posting from toronto (tdot!) and have been enjoying the sweet leaf since i was 22. i kept saying no to it but became an avid fan when i was 22 :p

    i purchased the Extreme vape this past fall and have been loving it since. i switched the screen in the tube and it works like a dream again! anyone have any good tips on how to clean these? dunk em in soapy water, etc?


    edit: i've already scraped out the goodness on the screen as much as i can :D
  10. graywulf

    graywulf Well-Known Member

    Sup, I'm graywulf (my gamer tag since the pc game Tribes 2). I'm 19 years old and attend the University of California Davis. I've been smoking/vaping for almost 3 years now but have moved to almost solely vaporizing, having deemed the health effects of smoking undesirable.

    I like ultimate frisbee, rockclimbing, reading, gaming and chilling. I am a cyclist as well (this is mostly why I gave up smoking).

    I have been reading this forum the last few days and appreciate it as a resource. The general population here also seems a little more friendly and educated than most pot forums out there in the interwebz.
  11. dankity

    dankity Well-Known Member

    Hey folks. Dankity here. love the good trees and smelly breeze.
  12. Choism

    Choism Well-Known Member

    My first purchase was the vg, bought it last august. I have been hooked on vaping since.
    I'm really loving the portability of the iolite. I was getting tired of going through all these lighters with the vg.
  13. Evil1

    Evil1 Well-Known Member

    High All
    Im getting ready to order an Extreme and water bong (once Ive decided which one I want).
    Yesterday I returned from a holiday in Amsterdam. If you've never been - GO !!
  14. nostalgia

    nostalgia Nostalgia

    The Great Green North
    Hello good people of FC,

    I go by the name of Nostalgia. I came upon this lovely website through the http://www.dopfiend.co.uk forums and I'm glad I've found it. Great resource, cool people, and most of all I love the background that you use on the site! Anyways I'm new so I figured I'd introduce myself.

    I'm 22 years old and I'm living in Canada in a rural area near Ottawa which is where I grew up. I haven't lived here all of my life however, when I was 17 I moved to India for a year of exploration. I had discovered pot far before that, I had my first toke at the ripe young age of 11. So while I was in India I sampled some of the finest Charas and consumed my fair share of bhang lassi and bhang chocolate. The two days that stand out the most from my year in India would be: 1. Snowboarding in the Himalayas while smoking incredible Munali hash then hitting up the hot springs. 2. Getting invited to a secret beach rave in Goa, taking LSD for the first time and then going swimming in the ocean with phosphorescent plankton. That was some trippy shit.

    When I was 18 I moved to a city in Ontario, Canada called Peterborough which is a brilliant place and I encourage everyone to check it out if you get a chance. I was attending college there to become a chef but after a short time I realized I didn't need to go to school to be a chef. So I dropped out, got my first kitchen job and started working my ass off. I've never been a good student at all and frankly I think school is bullshit. Over the last four years I have been honing my skills in some very classy restaurants in Peterborough, Edmonton and Vancouver. I have also recently started my own underground restaurant because I wanted to have complete creative control and I didn't want to pay all the overhead fees that come with owning a restaurant. It has been running covertly in Ottawa for 2 months now. This summer I have also been helping my father on our family farm. It's no ordinary farm however because by dad is a beekeeper. I am also a very passionate photographer and I plan on starting my own photography business soon. Who says stoners are lazy anyhow?

    The first time I ever used a vaporizer was probably about 8 years ago, when my friend showed me how to turn a light bulb into a vaporizer. I really loved the idea of getting high without having to inhale any smoke. A few years later another friend bought a globe style vaporizer. I'm not sure what brand it was, nothing fancy or anything. Then while I was living in Vancouver last year I spent a lot of time in different vapor lounges such as the Cannabis Culture HQ and the Vancouver Seed Bank, usually renting a Volcano. I recently bought my first vaporizer. I bought a green I-Inhale/Iolite and I love the little thing. Though there are some issues I have with it, in general it doesn't let me down.
  15. max

    max Out to lunch

    Welcome guys (I assume).

    Evil 1, you may be our first South African.

    nostalgia, there are other backgrounds/display styles available too. Click on Profile and then Display.
  16. nostalgia

    nostalgia Nostalgia

    The Great Green North
    Yeah I checked them out but I definitely like Radium the best. I like the Cobalt one as well but I'm sticking with Radium for the funky background and green text.
  17. bigheavy

    bigheavy Well-Known Member

    Hi! My name is Eric and i live a little outside Philadelphia. I have been lingering around the site for a while and noticed the contest to win a free I-Inhale and couldn't pass that up. I am a vapor enthusiast with many friends alike. My one friend is in the vaporizer industry and I'm fortunate to test out a lot of the high end vaporizers. I also own an Extreme.
  18. Qbit

    Qbit cannabanana

    Hi Fuck Combustion,

    I joined up a couple of weeks ago to make a post, but haven't formally introduced myself. Anyway I'm an Australian male in his 30's, and I've been a vapehead, on and off, for about seven years (and I had been a smoker for about 9 years before that).

    I say on and off, because I've also done a lot of cooking of the good herb in the last few years. This was because (as I have now realised) the old vapourizer I got back in 2002 (a rebranded BC) was running a bit too hot and was irritating my lungs (it had no heat adjustment knob). There wasn't much choice in Australia for vaporizers then, and it still isn't much better now.

    I'm looking into the options for a new one at the moment, although for the time being I'm relying on a crude DIY method of vapourization I devised a couple of months ago, where I use the electric hotplate on my stove. It's terribly inefficient energy-wise, and probably wouldn't satisfy the most purist of the health-nuts, but it works. And at this time of the year here (winter) the energy inefficiency doesn't really matter much as the lost heat just goes into heating the room anyway. But as I said, this is a temporary measure - I still want a decent, proper vapourizer.

    So anyway, when I first found this site a couple of weeks ago I was very pleased to find a community whose approach to this subject so closely mirrored my own. I've been learning some good stuff lurking here, and the technical info on offer has been getting the inventive side of me going. I now want to make a vapourizer of my own design. :cool: One of my best and oldest friends has a stainless steel design and fabrication business, and is more than happy to let me tinker.

    So you might see a bit more of me here and there, and thanks, Fuck Combustion, for being my kind of place. :D
  19. Hennessy1414

    Hennessy1414 Terrorist

    Real life, Tulsa
    you aussies come in by the boat load...welcome to FC friend. Quite the story...I very much enjoyed reading it.

  20. j-rellz

    j-rellz supercali-frajilistic-expiala-doscious

    jerkville, CA
    wassup FC! the names j-rellz(i know duh right :rolleyes: :D ) im 19 and a born/raised citizen of the great city of Los Angeles, CA

    i started creeping with mary jane fairly recently. 1st time was out of a bong but by the time it was passed around to me damn near all the herb was burned out(sucks huh) so i didnt get high or was to drunk to notice lol. 2nd time was a blunt that i didnt smoke right at all, seeing as how i never inhaled the smoke, so we know how that went. 3rd time was another blunt that i smoked right and finally got high, but it wasnt that strong, i had that high where u just kind of feel buzzed and zone out from time to time, but it was still an enjoyable experience. as my high started coming down(at church lol :ninja: wasnt a sunday, was there cause my sis had rehearsal ) i began to feel irritation in my throat and a mild headache from the smoke, and i could feel ash in my throat. that next morning i was sick as a dog and remained sick for 1.5-2 weeks which lead to an ear infection that lasted for almost a month. i blamed my illness on the weed(which my bro denied was the case, especially seeing as how it was four of us and im the only one that got sick) and told myself i would never smoke again, needless to say i lied to myself. just a couple of days ago me and the bro had some girls come through with some MJ. we smoked it through a glass pipe, which took me a couple tries to get it right. didnt get high, just a short lasting buzz. surely enough i got sick later and i guess the fact that we were outside in the cold made it no better. IMO no matter how strong your immune system is(unless super strong) smoke can provide immediate irritation which gives cold and flu viruses a window of opportunity to work their magic, or black magic rather :2c: . i say this b/c my grandma is a health freak and keeps me on all kinds of herbal tinctures and vitamins that keeps me illness free, until i smoke something, then symptoms begin to show as quick as i come back down to earth. luckily i was able to run the sickness out of me in about a day and a half.

    then on friday, as i was cramming every relevant herbal medicine i could into my system, i had an epiphany. i began thinking of how i already had mucous built up in me from previous years of being sick, that i never fully got rid of, and how the smoke(being bad in itself) interacting with the mucous was probably why i was getting so sick so fast. so i got on google, starting my search looking for proper ways to smoke without irritation, which led to me to alternatives to smoking, which led me to(those of you who google know how it goes lol :lol: ) to the divine invention that we know as the VAPORIZER!(say with power). while googling info about vaporizers i became quickly sold on the idea, but being lead to this site was the icing on the cake. and not just any icing but that icing that makes the cake superb, the icing that without it the cake would be shit! ive been scanning through the forums and info on here for about 3 days straight! with minimal sleep :o because soaking in all the knowledge you guys have to offer is very enjoyable and quite entertaining. and it seems to be never ending, no other forum compares at all in my book. this site and all the ppl on it are MAX AMAZING! and as long as i have interest in consuming thc we will be lifetime partners lol. by now your probably wondering when i'll stop with the ass kissing lol, so i think im about done for now.

    (im a fit one more ass kiss in here and i promise im done lol) i just want to thank all of u in advance because these recent times of my life have been, and are very stressful. and when i stress out alot i tend to get sick alot, i become super irritable, and everything around me seems to just crumble. i just transferred to a university with a bad community college record, and the economy has hit me really hard, which just adds to the stress more, so as you can see the "sweet ol' herb" would be a nice tool and asset to my life and smoking is just not going to cut it.

    as of now i am vaporless but as soon as i get my school fund money i will be investing in that marvelous vapor. my first vape will be between a PD(if on market) and LB, or hopefully both depending on funds, seeing as how they are both inexpensive yet very efficient devices. then i plan to add the SSV and the Extreme, and who knows maybe some more! but those 4 for sure. when i get my first hit of sweet vapor believe that you guys will be the first to know how it went.

    until then happy vaping! and FUCK COMBUSTION!!!!

    P.S. because of you guys(having me glued to this forum) i now have to crank out a last minute speech for my class due at 5:30 this evening lol, no biggie though, luckily its a fairly easy assignment. and despite all this i told you, i'll probably end up sick tomorrow because a classmate of mine is gonna bring a nice bag for us to smoke and ima need it cause the class is 4.5 hours long. good thing we have computers in our class though so i'll most likely be on here reading and posting. sorry for the long intro, im done ranting now :D :ko:
  21. kurt333

    kurt333 kurt

    Hi fuck combustion, im a long time smoker and thanks to this forum ill be a proud owner of a purple days vaporizer (my 1st vape) as soon as the wait list gets to me hehe. I have held off until now to get a vaporizer because i just didnt believe it would work and none of my friends had one but ive always been interested and after reading around here i decide to get a PD. Well i was just saying hi and thanks for a great forum now i guess ill go pack a bong until the PD arrives.
  22. DevoTheStrange

    DevoTheStrange Ia! Ia! Vapor Fthagn!

    Somewhere in the mountains.
    figured might as well make my entry into here...
    Hallo all, name is Devo.
    30 something yr old Tattoo artist living in the Southwest. Only been vaporizing since december of 08'.... but can tell you what, probably don't think I will go back too smoking, I can barely handle smoking now when it comes around (way too harsh, even the good stuff, my lungs won't have it)
    one thing I do have too say is this site compared too others is helpful on so many levels. I would say that if I never found this sight I most likely would still be vaporizing in an inefficient manner. All of you guys rock and are full of a virtual wealth of knowledge when it comes to vaporizing... each little nugget I learn on here is pure gold... and with each little bit of knowhow I have helped to convert more and more of my friends (actually the jokingly say I should start my own business selling vapes because I normally get one of my friends sold on buying a new vape at least every other week)
  23. HMVape

    HMVape Well-Known Member

    I agree with you Devo- this is a great place.

    Hey guys, HMVape here. HM for homemade, ive been trying to perfect a battery powered model made from things i find around the house, more on that later.

    I attend a university for the study of theatre with a concentration in acting. I recently discovered de facto and rodrigo y gabriela, and am not through this phase as of yet.

    I like simple and economical. I feel that advances in technology should lead back to these two things.

    I'm not content with gasoline as a fuel just as I'm not content with burning an herb as a means of active ingredient extraction; in my opinion both have been the norm for far too long considering the (supposed) exponential advance* of technology over time.

    My findings here amaze and motivate me, and i trust will conntinue to do so =] thanks guys, peace and love
  24. sagedil

    sagedil Well-Known Member

    Well figure it is time to introduce myself since I am SO grateful I found this happy home.

    I am 43, living in North Carolina for the past 14 years. Grew up in California and my ex wife transferred from NC State to Berkeley where I met her. 5 years later, I dragged her back here right before we married.

    I started smoking cigarettes at age 9, tried pot for the first time when I was 14 (the night the US beat the Soviet Union in hockey in the 1980 Olympics) Smoked here and there though high school, never a big thing. A little bit here and there when I got to college. When i was 22, i almost killed myself after getting badly drunk one night when I was real depressed. That scared the sh** out of me, and I remember thinking the next day, wow, alcohol maybe bad for me, but pot has never been anything but good. So went out and found some friends who smoked, and started smoking much more. At 25, I made a decisions that pot was REALLY healthy for me, pushed down all the bad type A sides of my personality that never won me friends, and decided it was something I would do every day. Still had another year at school left, but I was always good at making sure it didn't interfere.

    So I have now smoked every day for 19 years. Every 2 or 3, I back away for a few months, especially if I am looking for a job. just figure it is always healthy to reevaluate. My last hiatus, 6 months after my wife left, was really bad. Sunk into maybe my deepest depression of my life. I can still remember the day I smoked again, it was if the weight of the world lifted off my shoulders and I finally understood what pot does for me. It helps me look forward. when I don't smoke, I can get stuck in thinking about the past. replaying over and over all the bad. But when i smoke, that just stops. I exist happily in the just now and can think forward to what is coming.

    So 28 months ago, i started using Swedish smokeless tobacco called snus. I am extremely active on the largest snus forum on the net btw. That soon led me to quitting smoking cigarettes. So I have often wondered why I am still smoking pot. Kinda defeats the whole "healthy" vibe of using snus. About a year ago, I started looking into vaporizing but was pushed away by all the bad info out there. Found some discussions in other forums, but simply couldn't separate the hype from the facts. eventually, I just gave up on the idea.

    but last week, me and my dealer (a close friend) got into a discussion about Vapes. And he has this bong thing that works much like a Vapor genie, uses a lighter to heat. Probably crappy Chinese made thing, but I had my first vapor. And OMG, I was in love.

    So spent the last week researching. Saw the Vapor genie and found here. And I am forever grateful I did because finally, I was able to get what I felt was true, honest information. I was telling my mom about my plans, was planning on waiting until I get paid next month, but my Mom offered to send me a check for my birthday for it (today). Cool 75 year old Mom's who buy vaporizers for their kids birthdays. :)

    Vapor Genie is a state away, and I paid the extra $4 for priority mail, so really hoping it is here tomorrow.

    Besides the health issues, I am really hoping that vaporizing makes me feel the pot better. I have really built up some bad tolerances this past year. Have even thought of walking away as I usually don't feel much. Part of the problem is when I start to smoke, I just keep hitting the pipe over and over. I smoke and ride my motorcycle. And then, i still love it. I seem to feel it much better when I am riding. Just 4 hits off the pipe will make me feel good for 30 minutes. At least my first try of Vapor makes me feel encouraged.

    But y'all really do have an amazing site here. i am so lucky that I have both my snus and motorcycle forums, some of the best places i have ever found on the net. I suspect I will feel the same about here.
  25. max

    max Out to lunch

    Welcome to the forum sagedil. Fellow N. Carolinian here. I assume that since your wife attended NCSU (me too) I don't have to worry about you being a UNC fan. ;)

    Glad you like the forum and hope you like the Genie. Be careful. Hang around here for a while and you'll find yourself saving lunch money for vape #2. :lol:

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