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  1. paytonpenn

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    A hydratube or hydrabase? I was just using my VAP3 with my vxl tube. My base should be in soon but whip usage with the VAP is so counterproductive im just going to have the unit upside down for that.


    I did have to buy a 18mm to 14mm reducer.
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    I'm using an evo hydratube but I've noticed that the pull on the vap is just so restricted :(. Have the unit upside down? The vxl tubing works fine? Saw it has both sides wider on the whip. If anything I should just buy the water adapter that goes in the unit? also how would compare the evo to the vap3? They both hit hard as hell. Just think that the xtra room happens faster in the vap3 because shit gets roasted so quick even when I pull the elbow out
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