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Vapolution 3.0

Discussion in 'Plug-in Vaporizers' started by Vapolution Vaporizers, May 21, 2014.

  1. lazylathe

    lazylathe Almost there...

    SouthWest Ontario, Canada

    Have you ever looked into these vapes for your use?
    All 100% glass air path, absolutely no metal.
    Very nice vapor that does not make me cough, even when it is thick.
    Pretty efficient but also able to be a weed hog with minimal effort!

    Some thoughts from the last few days:
    Really like the smaller Vap2 bowls and thinner walls.
    Maybe include a straight bowl, like the Vap2 for easier connections without kinks.
    Heat up time is pretty fast!
    Looks solid but is actually quite light to hold up to a WT, nice bonus!
    I love the session progression as you draw, from light blue to thick vapor all in one draw and it carries on for a few hits like this.
    A bit of silicone tubing over the bent stem, mates perfectly into a 14mm!
    No grinding at all!!
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  2. lazylathe

    lazylathe Almost there...

    SouthWest Ontario, Canada
    A few more thoughts, since i am the lone user these days! LOL! Or lone poster...

    The state of medication from this device is more like a smoking high, heavy and sedating!
    I also find it lasts a lot longer than the same herb used in some of my other vapes.
    It is working great for pain management, meaning i don't have to swallow any pills!
    I love the no grinding! I have installed a small metal screen so that i can still effectively micro-dose!

    So far i have been using 198C with a 60 second preheat.
    This gives instant milk with awesome flavor and good clouds!
    I remove the stem from the unit after the hit and keep hitting to cool the load quickly.
    Another 60 second pre-heat and another tube filler!! Pretty good flavor and i keep hitting till the stem is cool. ABV pellet is a nice medium brown all the way through!

    Two 1/3rd stems, around 0,1g, is all i need for 3+ hours these days!
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  3. ataxian

    ataxian PALE BLUE DOT

    Pacific Ocean
    I have a lot of flavor in vaporizing! So the three is kick ass?

    TEMP am/pm/all day

    Morning = LOW TEMP
    ALL day after 10am = MED TEMP
    Evening after 420 = HI TEMP


    VAP 2 for the AM stuff

    Just want to add it in the mix!

    Thank you for the link on part's!

    @biohacker the VAP 2 taste very pleasant?

    I love what I use I just need one more vaporizer!
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  4. biohacker

    biohacker Caviar Cannasseur

    If you can find some Vap2 straight stems in large 9mm lemme know!!!
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  5. lazylathe

    lazylathe Almost there...

    SouthWest Ontario, Canada
    I have been using the shorter bent stem connected to my WT for the past few days.
    It also has a very fine mesh screen installed to keep the bits of herb out of the stem and WT.
    This causes lovely golden oil to build up inside the stem but due to the bend, it is almost impossible to scrape out.
    Scratched my head for a bit and then decided the best method would be the "crack pipe" method...

    I grabbed my small torch and began heating the outside of the glass slowly. I wanted all the oil to run down to the bend. Once all the oil was in place i let it cool to solidify again. The bend is close to the shortest side and i needed some place to hold the stem!

    A gentle heating of the outside and vapor started to form!
    Keep on gently heating while inhaling!

    The oil is very strong and taste is okay, caused by mixing strains all the time.
    Nice medication state for free!!


    Why not do a group buy and we can cut to length?
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  6. biohacker

    biohacker Caviar Cannasseur

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  7. lazylathe

    lazylathe Almost there...

    SouthWest Ontario, Canada
    I do not have any stems left, gave you the last one...LOL!
    I never had any of the dab bowls, never knew they existed!
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  8. lazylathe

    lazylathe Almost there...

    SouthWest Ontario, Canada
    In all the Supreme 4 excitement last night i had my first near combustion event...
    The smell was :puke: to the MAX!!!

    I was happily browsing the forums and hitting the Vap3, rinse and repeat a few times, all going awesome!
    Flavor, clouds and effects!!
    I load up a chunk of Girl Scout Cookies and drop the AIWB into the heater.
    I usually give it 60 to 75 seconds of preheat before hitting without any issues!

    Enter the Supreme 4 thread and sidetracked i get...To the MAX again!
    When i look up i see the AIWB and freak out!! But wait, there is no smell or burning...???
    And my medicated brain says try it, i dare you!:dog:
    Thick yellow vapor with a hint of combustion! Almost threw up...
    The nug is black but still solid.

    Super easy cleanup and no lingering odors!!
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  9. JDR

    JDR Well-Known Member

    I just want to say that those of you who are driving this thing at 380F and above are friggin nuts. It's all well and good if you are a way-on-it vaper who wants to get in and out of the session quickly.

    But, who does that?

    There is no way that I don't end up leaving the stem in there just a little too long at some point and cooking. It is a real trick, at higher temps, figuring how long to keep it in there b4 and after hits and when to take a break. Besides, then I'm holding the whip or stem out and it's pumping vape out in the air, pissing off my girlfriend.

    I love to pack it up, drop it to some low temp like 260, heat soak, and then take my time...leaving the stem in there a lot. I haven't noticed a lot of others doing the same on this thread.

    Tho, after thinking, this goes for the whip more than that long stem. I run the vapor through my bubbler and it's a real battle taking it in and out in order not to cook it.
  10. lazylathe

    lazylathe Almost there...

    SouthWest Ontario, Canada

    I run mine at 186C or 367F.
    When i load a stem, i drop it into the unit for 60 to 75 seconds before hitting.
    Beautiful vapor and flavor!!

    I also remove after each hit so the load does not toast.
    For use with a bubbler i use the short bent stem and add a bit of silicone tubing where the whip would be attached, this fits perfectly into a 14mm joint.
    Drop the stem in, wait for 60+ seconds and bring up to bubbler for fantastic hits!
    I also remove the stem between hits to retain flavor longer.

    Removing the stem will also stop vapor from pouring out into the air, never happens to me.

    It's a great little vape!
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  11. pigpenz

    pigpenz Well-Known Member

    I see they aren't selling the hydrotubes anymore...or else they are out.
    I like them but they have a tendency to plug up easily
  12. Jimmyweaese

    Jimmyweaese Well-Known Member

    Also breath very very slow on the oil will get it into your body much better .
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  13. charliedontsurf

    charliedontsurf Medical

    West Coast
    Found a offer on a Vap 3.0 I couldn't refuse and pulled the trigger. As a former owner of a 1.0 and current owner of a 2.0, I once again have to say that Vapolution has made a great vape that will satisfy most users, and should definitely intrigue those looking for all-glass at a lower price and more durable form factor than the VXC. I really appreciate the excellent customer service they've given me in the past (replaced a 2.0 with an issue in the most professional manner, lightning shipping, free under warranty) and so can vouch for the company behind the product as well. Hits are big and tasty as expected, bigger than 2.0 due to greater diameter of the glass bowl.

    The one thing I'm not a huge fan of is the 20 minute timer; surely a timer is a great thing to have on a device like this and should definitely go off at 1, 2 or more hours, but 20 minutes is irksome occasionally and I wish you could change it. Does anyone know how to change the temperature from C to F?
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  14. RUDE BOY

    RUDE BOY Space is the Place

    Press the temp down button until you reach the lowest temp then hold it down a few seconds longer and it ought to change to F.
  15. cascades

    cascades Member

    I'm puzzled why the Vap3 doesn't seem to get more attention than it does. It seems like a nice vape and a good value. What are the downsides? I'm thinking of getting a Vap3
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  16. Hey Nineteen

    Hey Nineteen Well-Known Member

    I love mine, but two downsides are I think that the bowl on the All In Wonder Bowl, the bent whip bowl, and the bubbler bowl are a little to big. I also do not like how sometimes the herb will fall out the bottom of the bowl and into the glass tubing. If you forget to turn over the Vape 3 after a session those pieces of weed will just stay down in there and continue to cook. It doesn't harm the unit because the herb is just at the bottom of a glass tube that can be emptied. Other than that the Vape 3 is an excellent vape that will get you blazed.
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  17. lazylathe

    lazylathe Almost there...

    SouthWest Ontario, Canada
    Have to agree with you on all points!
    I wish they had kept to the original Vapo 2 stem sizes, the 3 is just too big.
    The glass is also thicker and takes longer to heat soak, the 2 was much thinner and heated faster.

    I love using the short bent stem with a bit of silicone on the end.
    Insert the stem and wait 25 seconds then lift unit and insert into 14mm WT and start a slow inhale.
    Nice and milky with great flavor!

    I just despise the waiting and counting...
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  18. paytonpenn

    paytonpenn Level 30 Nature/Healer

    Unit smells about 15 minutes of being heated. Glass breaks. Must use whole nugs. The power supply makes an annoying whir noise. Also the brick on it feels restricting in my opinion. Its got a plastic inexpensive exterior which made it seem/look cheap for the initial $300 price.

    I am still using mine and just bought some slenew heater sleeves (they are nice and clear glass unlike the original thinner frosted glass) I think its amazing bang for your buck now.

    I also discovered my Carbon Ti Vapcap can be heated in about 40-60 seconds with the Vapo. It is slow but the benefit is the room you have for combustion and low temps. You can also just keep putting it back on the heater after hits and it wont combust before you're ready for the next hit.
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  19. RUDE BOY

    RUDE BOY Space is the Place

    did the new heater sleeves come from the vapolution website? I just broke one while cleaning it with a q-tip a couple nights ago and am about to order a few.
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  20. paytonpenn

    paytonpenn Level 30 Nature/Healer

    Yes. They shipped super quick got it in like 3 days was surprised. Also my new AIWB has a smaller bowl @Hey Nineteen however it is maybe about 3 millimeters lower.

    However, I do think the unit operates okay with small nugs pressed against the glass screen but yeah it sucks when it falls down and out of stem into heater.
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  21. RUDE BOY

    RUDE BOY Space is the Place

    I just bought one of these to give as a b'day gift since I found it cheap now I found 'em on ebay for $109, even cheaper. But seems for only $109.00 everyone should own one.
    Last edited: Jul 11, 2018
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  22. Cheesequake

    Cheesequake MDE Never Dies

    Funny you said that I was just looking at that listing on ebay wondering if I should pull the trigger.
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  23. cascades

    cascades Member

    I pulled the trigger on the next to the last vapolution 3.0 on ebay. Looking forward to getting the hydratube soon.
  24. cascades

    cascades Member

    Ok, my impressions of the Vapolution 3.0:

    The main unit is pretty sturdy. Everything is pretty simple. The glass parts are all pretty easily cleaned and inexpensively replaced when they do break). I found the V3 a little tricky to use, even after having watched some videos on its use. I think that some folks might have issues using it just with the documentation that comes with the product.

    The vapor quality on this product when using the optional bubbler is rather high. I tried it without the bubbler and found it a bit harsh. I tend to find that when using this device, I'll vape at a lower temperature than I might otherwise.

    I like the overall simplicity of the product. one thing I do not like : there is a plastic odor that suggests out gassing. The vapor path is 100% glass, but you are drawing air over the plastic cap that holds the removable heat chamber in. I kind of wish that cap was made of something more clearly inert.

    i like the fact you don't need to grind herb. However, you really want to use bud with this device, I don' think it would work well with shake.

    Vapor quality: 5/5
    Packaging/documentation: 2.5/5
    Ease of use : 3.0/5

    I think the V3 is a decent value for someone with a bit of patience.
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  25. paytonpenn

    paytonpenn Level 30 Nature/Healer

    I mention it above but here is a video of the Vapcap and Vapolution used together.

    Click to play YouTube Video
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