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Aug 29, 2015 at 3:02 AM
Apr 30, 2013
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Well-Known Member, Male

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Viewing forum list, Aug 29, 2015 at 3:02 AM
    1. vineetvel
      Hey! Just wondering I read your alfa review, and you said you used a 14mm straight dome to connect it to a water tool. Could I get a link to that? Also would it work with the pinnacle hydrotube? And does the glass fit right into the hole for the mp? Thanks! How's your alfa holding up?
    2. -francois-
      J'ai vu sur le thread du firewood vapo, que tu es français et que tu étais le premier à l'avoir acheté. Je compte me l'acheter aussi mais je voulais savoir auparavant si tu avaios dû payer des frais de douane et si oui combien ? Merci :-)
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    Daily drivers: E-nano :freak:, ESV:nod:, VG :lol:
    Flavor country: Minivap:love:, HA2.2:tup:, Cloud+:clap:
    Portables: Xp:cool:, 05;), Alfa:brow:, Storm:), Haze:lol:, Boss:), Imag+:), HipVap:|, Lotus :p, Daisy:tup:, Vapman:haw:, Herbstick Eco:), Ivaped Box, Vapocane;), T-Vape 2.0:)
    Concentrates tools: Persei+Core+SR-74:science:, GreenLight D-nail:rockon:, Dabbler, W9 EO carts, Donut atty
    Retired: Mflb,TV T1+Rev+evo,Bholt,FV-S2,EV-2,Titan-1,VP-600,DrDabber,FakePax ,Imag+, Hammer, Herbstick, FW 2.1&1.0(+PA), X-Mas v2, H-Deluxe, quartz&Ti nails, Kiss 7.4v
    Glass: Weedstar 8 & 12 arms,D020, "TKO", fakePNWT, Elev8 recycler, Nectar Collector, Atomic perc, Orbiter, Inh glass caps...
    Coming soon: Evoke LL&EO, Dynavap,SS Grasshopper, Flexo

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