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The Herbalizer

Discussion in 'Plug-in Vaporizers' started by nopartofme, Apr 7, 2013.

  1. cpk

    cpk Brother of the Leaf

    What's better than a Herbie? Two Herbies! I have both models and they are both working excellent. I keep one in my bedroom and the other at my bar. The heat up time for 445F is 20 seconds and a couple of hits puts you at a 1 minute. Instantly medicated and save the rest for later. This unit is great for personal or party mode and I love the fan assist. Well worth the money when on sale.
  2. biohacker

    biohacker rosin nation

    Yeah, quite the :worms: Might be a good time to let us know what materials are being used that concern you so much. What are the areas of concern? I do recall @Engineer being quite transparent with the materials used, including high temp epoxy or something.

    Shame that @Engineer bailed here and never released his vape! Still secretly hoping that he shows up on the radar again someday...somewhere.... did anyone ever meet him on his road trip and offer up a sofa? Seemed like a heck of a dude.
  3. biohacker

    biohacker rosin nation

  4. elmomuzz

    elmomuzz That just happened...

    Gimme a day or so and I’ll take it apart again and document the air path with pictures.
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  5. Halfqq

    Halfqq Formerly Highland7

    Why do you use the delta 3d piece too though? I have the exact setup you said ... and the delta 3d piece ... but why do you use it when filling bags?? The regular bowls, herbie or volcano (ONLY with yellow o ring or you'll melt your unit), work well without any adapter
  6. Winegums

    Winegums I make things from wood Accessory Maker

    The Fraser Valley
    I personally have never used the delta 3D piece for the herbalizer. If you read both of the posts that are linked at the very bottom. I made my own hybrid of the Herbie squeeze valve and the Volcano Solid valve. I don't have to hold down the bag to fill it. The idea behind using the Delta 3d piece was to provide a better seal with the volcano bag.

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