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How many TRUE combustion-fuckers?

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by SVuser, Jun 21, 2012.


How many TRUE combustion-fuckers?

  1. I fucked combustion completely

  2. I mostly vape but combust regularly

  3. I mostly vape but combust rarely

  4. I combust more than I vape

  5. Fuck vaping

  1. Mr. Whitewall

    Mr. Whitewall Well-Known Member

    In a 100% glass airpath tower!
    3 years on & any makes me sick, although I seem to handle 2nd hand spliff smoke fine when I go out to concerts, etc.
    Even though as another member pointed out after 16 years nic free, the addiction is still there! Especially with so many people smoking on the street, etc :zombie:
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  2. RoMoney

    RoMoney Member

    Interesting stats, would've expected more casual vapers, perhaps this site with its provocative name scares away combustors :lol::lol:
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  3. vapviking

    vapviking Well-Known Member

    Yeah, we're mostly a group of pretty serious c-fuckers!
    I think the provocative name (not to mention the flow of information and wonderful community) has served well to get folks to break the mold, change old habits and to move on to something better.
    Btw, welcome to the forums.!
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  4. RoMoney

    RoMoney Member

    Thanks man, defo seems to be a wealth of information here!
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  5. Mr. Whitewall

    Mr. Whitewall Well-Known Member

    In a 100% glass airpath tower!
    At least here's one place where we don't have to smell that disgusting smoke! :lol:

    Jokes aside, I'd say it mostly attracts people that are kinda serious about vaping, whether they still combust or not (they still make up ~42% of the FC population! :ninja::sherlock:).

    ...Repent oh, semi-combusters! :myday:
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  6. Ramahs

    Ramahs Fucking Combustion (mostly) Since February 2017

    The Internet
    I've never understood smokers that don't get high from vapor.

    I bought my first real vaporizer a little over a year ago. I'd been a daily smoker for years.

    My first actual experience with vaporizing dry-herb, rather than smoking it, was a month or two before that. I'd heard about vaporizers years ago, and that it was a more efficient method of getting the good drugs from the plant into my bloodstream.

    My true first vaporizing dry-herb experience was once when all I had was a tiny bit of bud left to last me a while, and after a bit of googling I made an old-school "shake & bake" lightbulb vape similar to this (not my picture):
    You'd get the flame under there, like in the image and then, the second you see a tiny bit of vapor rise, you back off the flame and start to shake it once or twice a second so it doesn't burn and it keeps mixing and rotating what's near the glass surface.

    A little practice with heat time, flame distance, shake time & frequency, and little hits to circulate the air as it vapes before clearing it, and I'd convinced myself in one night, with a broken light bulb, a lighter, and a couple finger pinches worth of flower/bud, that one could get so much higher off the same amount of herb with a vaporizer, and it tasted so much better as well.

    Then I did more research and found r/vaporents subreddit, watch a lot of youtube videos, and bought my first vape, a MFLB. That took me to flavor-town and showed me just how much longer I could make the same amount of herb last (about three times as long). But I still used my big bong to combust quite often (at the end of the evening, most nights).

    Next vape I bought was a Da Buddha. Then I didn't need the big combustion-bong hits anymore in the evening, and I could run that through the same bong if I wanted to really get the motor running.

    More recently I've found FC, and I like it here! ^_^

    The rest, as they say, is history. A VAS history that I suspect is long and infinite :-)

    I still combust, rarely. Usually only when I'm with, or have friends over that prefer combusting. And ever so rarely, I'll combust on my own. Usually I just get in the mood for whatever reason, sometimes just nostalgia for that old flavor. Once in a while, I'll see a really unique glass pipe that I just have to add to my collection, or someone will gift me one. I always smoke a couple bowls in those just to see how they smoke before I end up cleaning them and adding them to the shelf, to look pretty amongst the others, but will probably be rarely used.

    So, I'm more like 99% vapor now. And I must say that most smoker friends of mine that I've let hit one of my vapes, usually my Da Buddha, my Hydrobrick Maxx, my Dynavap M, etc., have went on to buy their own vaporizer not too long after.

    I just don't understand smokers saying vapor doesn't get them high. I was a heavy smoker and, even a homemade shake & bake lightbulb vaporizer got me higher than smoking. It was the "proof of concept" that convinced me that a real vaporizer was worth the investment.
    Last edited: Mar 4, 2018
  7. PPN

    PPN Fleurs&Vapeur

    Hi, just added my vote to the poll and I voted for "I mostly vape but still combust regularly" cause I still combust everyday when I'm out cause convenience and a small addiction to the Tobacco. Although I start my day with only vapour and carry some portables loaded for the pause and car driving and vape when i come back at home. During day I smoke between 2-6 tiny joints (50%mj-50%tobacco) at work ( I'm working alone outdoors most of the time) and like a lot of guys I still smoke for partys even if I alaways carry with me some portables and wax pens.

    Maybe, if i had an indoor work I might have totally fucked combustion cause, while it's Holiday time and i have time to vape as much as I want I can spend a whole day without to smoke and without even to notice it. If I'm indoor I have a Veco loaded with a mix reclaim/PEG/terpènes/Tobacco booster if I have an hurry desire of Tobacco.

    Some peoples told me I can't post here cause it's like if a carnivor would post in a vegan forum and I'm misleading peoples with my reviews cause I'm not a TRUE FC'ers.... I would like to know if mods and FC members think the same.... if yes i will stop my reviews and posting (this is the only place I share my expériences).... until I trully quit combustion!
  8. DrRishi

    DrRishi Well-Known Member

    As far as I am concerned you can post here but I am not a mod. I am curious though. Don’t You find the taste/harshness of combustion a problem. I sometimes get the urge to combust but I only have to smell it to be put off completely.
  9. Abysmal Vapor

    Abysmal Vapor Shaman of The Pyramid of Orlin'Malah

    7th heaven - 666th pit (EU)
    After that honest confession,on behalf of the Holy Fucking Combustion Church's Pope, i absolve you from your sins. You can now proceed to posting fresh and light like a newborn,but first please leave your stash in the donation box,lol.. :D

    @DrRishi Some people will always miss the autoagression of smoking. They miss the intoxication,the primal fire and stuff like that.. it is a caveman shit mixed with masochistic fetishism if you ask me,but it is just my point of view..
  10. ander

    ander Well-Known Member

    The Vapican Chapel
    Ahh... this is the beast you have to beat. This was my quest anyway. A common problem for us EU cannabists...
    This forum is so important for who currently IS "fucking combustion"... a pity if someone looks at it as an exclusive club.

    After 1 year only the idea makes me sick... Fuck tobacco, friend...:argh:

    HA! I remember very well that phase... absurd, and so true.
    Last edited: Apr 10, 2018
  11. Irish vaper

    Irish vaper Well-Known Member

    Hey man, your reviews are some of the most in depth and helpful reviews on this site and you test so many different vapes that this whole community would suffer without your presence.
    Don't stop what your doing, no matter what anyone thinks.
    Also I'm a carnivore with vegan family members and they love when I ask about some vegan dish I wanna try but know I'll never give up my steak
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  12. pakalolo

    pakalolo RoboMod v4.0a (unstable) Staff Member

    Other side of your screen
    Don't you dare stop posting.
  13. invertedisdead

    invertedisdead High Standards

    The Full Spectrum
    I don't see anything inherently wrong, though IMO it does set the impression the vape hits aren't satisfying.
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  14. AJS

    AJS Calm Consistency

    Honestly not something I would've expected from you given your reputation here with reviews and what not, but I don't feel in the least bit disappointed or misled. Your reviews are vital to FC and you are an important member here. Never think otherwise. Keep up the good work my man, and cut out combustion when you can or when you are ready, preferably soon though :)
  15. analytika

    analytika Well-Known Member

    San Francisco, California
    If once or twice can be the exception that proves the rule, I was never a combuster.
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  16. WakeAndVape

    WakeAndVape VapeLife X

    I stopped smoking blunts and joints (frequently) about 3 years ago, but i was still smoking cigarettes and stopped those a little over a year ago. the only time I give into my urge to puff is when im in a large session and there are a bunch of things going around...

    honestly, there are few vapes that are up to the task of a group session without needing to mix, refill or stir a load and its strenuous when you are the only person who knows how to 'Navigate' them properly.

    I have never personally witnessed someone denying another persons ability to post here because of their combustion regimen :hmm: (you learn something new everyday) I am still not fond of the combustion taste/experience though.

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  17. Jimmyweaese

    Jimmyweaese Well-Known Member

    That's a main reason I stopped. After 40 yrs I'd had it with the smell. Vapolution 2 was first . Still love that vape.

    mode note: edited to move response outside of quote
    Last edited by a moderator: Apr 11, 2018
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  18. stardustsailor

    stardustsailor Well-Known Member Accessory Maker

    I fucked combustion all the way .
    Before the combustion fucked me instead .
    Click to play YouTube Video
  19. howie105

    howie105 Well-Known Member

    Its all about an individuals choice so as long as they are happy who the fuck has the right to judge? Sadly however this is one of those points of contention that have gone circular in the pot user community and may never be resolved. Just relax, be happy and let people be.
  20. Simple10

    Simple10 Member, you member riiiight?

    If I don't like the flavor of the current strain I have, then I'll pull out my bowl and lighter and do some bong rips
  21. Lucky4luck

    Lucky4luck New Member

    It has been few months but must say it was hard
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  22. PPN

    PPN Fleurs&Vapeur

    That's nice to see how many peoples are not "fuckers combustion" and never smoked before... maybe in the future it will be the norm and this forum might be closed.... or will have to change its name!
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  23. VaporWare

    VaporWare Well-Known Member

    I’ve never smoked anything either, and I hope a lot more people go straight to vaporizing in the future, but I can understand it being difficult for people who have combusted for years to switch completely.

    I still hope more of you guys manage to fuck combustion before too long though, and I hope that participating here helps to keep more of you moving in that direction. :)
  24. wall

    wall Well-Known Member

    I rarely smoke and really never got into it, I'm kind of a loner in the world of cannabis because I don't really have friends that do it so I kind of found my own way in vaping, I do have an SIpipe so if I do go to that its kind of filtered. That being said if someone lights up a joint and asks me if I want a hit I wont be saying no
  25. arb

    arb Semi shaved ape

    I smoked for 37 years quit one year ago this month.
    First hit off a volcano and I was done,instantly.
    Cannot stand the smell of burning cannabis now and I breathe so much better,damn thing probably saved my life.

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