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Mar 29, 2020 at 2:45 PM
Jun 4, 2009
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Other side of your screen


Toolbag v1.1 (candidate), Male, from Other side of your screen

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Excuse me, I have to go. Somewhere there is an infraction happening. Apr 17, 2013

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Viewing forum list, Mar 29, 2020 at 2:45 PM
    1. Yocantech
    2. withoutbliss
    3. Gardenerjeff
      Why dont the pics in the list show the unit instead of the originating member? Would make fc even better!!!
    4. Dr. Yan-I-Tor
      Dr. Yan-I-Tor
      Hey paka, hope this finds you well. I did a search for a thread about the Zion vape and couldn't seem to find a dedicated thread (maybe I missed something). Is there such a thread?
    5. Winegums
      How would I go about becoming an Accessory Maker? I'd like to start a thread about my Vapcap stems that I'm creating and want to sell some to other members.
    6. wootze
      Thank you for your response. Really appreciated. Mom back in, thanks to Max and Mom.
      1. unityvapor likes this.
    7. little maggie
      little maggie
      Don't know how to this works- can you move my post in the glass section to the ask FC section?
      1. unityvapor likes this.
    8. Arian
      I know this might seem like a total waste of your time, but I really wanted to point out how amusing your "location" on your profile information was. "other side of your screen"...?! That is witty, and totally clever I absolutely loved it! lol I truly appreciate blunt humor :)...

      Good vibes man and warm regards.
      1. unityvapor and pakalolo like this.
    9. Gardenerjeff
      Got the word! Thanks!!!!
      1. unityvapor likes this.
    10. Norcalsun
      If your going to start deleting threads, delete all of them concerning this subject. Don't pick and choose.
      1. unityvapor and ichibaneye like this.
    11. fregglepops
      how can I leave a comment asking yr advice about whats goin on on the uk thread......?
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    12. Disney
      Hey Pakalolo. Thanks for helping me out in IRC. I appreciate it very much.
      1. unityvapor likes this.
    13. DJ Colonel Corn
      DJ Colonel Corn
      Hey Pakalolo.
      Nice to meet you on Rizon.
      Happy vaping !
      - Some1
      1. unityvapor likes this.
    14. Boilerboy51
      Hey there not sure what happened today but I'm not able to respond to any posts on the forum while using my phone, it gives me a reply option but there is no text box to type, any ideas? I didn't change anything
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    15. cybrguy
      Is there a group in here where I can make test post to learn how to combine posts and post pics? I'm not very familiar with this forum software.
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    16. Inhalater
      Hello I would like to create a new thread. How is this done?
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    17. Dr. Soxhlet
      Dr. Soxhlet
      Thanks, that worked.
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    18. Dr. Soxhlet
      Dr. Soxhlet
      I notice many members have their vapes listed under their messages. I have tried plugging stuff into the status box, but nothing shows uo anywhere. What am I doing wrong?
    19. JessicaW
      lol thanks so much, im new to this place. didn't really know how to work it
    20. JessicaW
      Hi. I was wondering if you could possibly me with a problem. By mistake, i put my pax mouth piece in without putting in the spring in first, and now it is stuck. Is there anyway i can get back out? If so pleaseeee let me know pretty please!! :)
    21. Mr.Krinkle
    22. joshmcmillan
      Just commented on your Palm 2.0 thread, just letting you know as I'd like a response from someone soon, planning on ordering one today, if lived up to the warranty. Appreciate it!
    23. pakalolo
      Excuse me, I have to go. Somewhere there is an infraction happening.
    24. flotntoke
      Sorry to hear about BDV.Hadn't seen other posts.Feel terrible being straw that broke the camels back.

      Appreciate the great job you and mods do.Fear nothing can be done now.But if it can, please include me as vouching for him.Felt need to post my response-but no big to me.I can take care of myself pretty well.
    25. vtac
      Who is this guy? Looks like trouble.
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    Other side of your screen


    On the job: Splinter, Milaana :tup:, Zion pre-production (Pauahi), FlashVAPE Turbo, 2 x FlashVAPE Classic Stage 2, 2 x Magic-Flight Launch Box, 2 x Pax, Pinnacle, Volta, Dabbler, Solo, Ascent, Indica V1 & V2, Maud-Dib alpha, TVape 2.0, O-PHOS+KISS+globe, Source Orb, Haze V3, Pax 2, QuickDraw 300, Okin (beta), Dynavap VapCap
    Retired to a good home: Extreme v3, Palm 2.0, Hammer, Sublimator Adapt-A-Bong, Volta, Haze V2.5
    Glass (not yet broken :o): Orbiter, WP-010
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