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How many TRUE combustion-fuckers?

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by SVuser, Jun 21, 2012.


How many TRUE combustion-fuckers?

  1. I fucked combustion completely

  2. I mostly vape but combust regularly

  3. I mostly vape but combust rarely

  4. I combust more than I vape

  5. Fuck vaping

  1. Used2use

    Used2use Landrace racer

    2-3 times a year i enjoy a tiny load hash in my sebsi (traditional morocco pipe) heated with a glowing stick of a campfire, guess that's more caused by wanderlust for the atlas and rif mountains but the taste ain't that bad tbh a burned load in a vapcap/vaponic tastes worse to me - i know :suspicious: :mental: :rant: :goon:...
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  2. Whisper

    Whisper Member

    just want to add that although I voted months ago, I am totally combustion free. I would rather abstain than combust.
  3. Silver420Surfer

    Silver420Surfer Well-Known Member

    Almost 8yrs of zero cannabis combustion:rockon:

    :rip:bongs, blunts, joints:rip:
  4. metaknight

    metaknight Active Member

    I have not completely given up combustion, I take dabs off of my quartz nail everyday. But I also vape everyday.
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