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Discussion in 'Plug-in Vaporizers' started by Hudsonrulez, Nov 9, 2008.

  1. PPN

    PPN Fleurs&Vapeur

    Actually I use the bottom part of a Storz&bickel dosing capsule, place it in the crucible and load on the top of that. I use it dry mainly with the original teflon mp, a short length (10cm) of black silicon tubing from the Minivap and a black Minivap mp, very stylish !
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  2. Herbaire

    Herbaire New Member

    I come here to say and support that i've been one of the herbalaire lovers, it was my first ever vape i bought, i remember i had to fight for the right to read reviews about it, so i ordered the H2. 2 with the conclusion that it sounded like a fantastic-powerful-durable-multi task vape, and that it was underestimated by the masses. Well, it is exactly what it is, it took me 6 months to find the right draw for vapor equipment, the double inhale trick, and some love for vapour. Since then, you were always fantastic and you never failed. You will stay forever in my heart, like all the '' old school'' things ;)

    I miss you Herbie ! You were my friend for the good and bad days :(

    One love
  3. Hwy420

    Hwy420 Active Member

    Hwy 420, Ontario
    Been using an HA Elite for 7 months now; had been choosing between a few models; FC folks here helped me out, now I'm an HE Elite proud owner and happy user.

    My thoughts---

    UNHAPPY :(
    • Concentrates: tried shatter and hash — almost no use.
      • But I admit though that I have little experience and it was my first time expereimenting with concentractes; I would be grateful if you guys could give me rookie some guidance how — and if — I can use shatter, budder or hash with my HA.
    • "Fuel Efficiency": it looks like the HA uses about the same amount of raw material as my previous vape, the Arizer Air; I absolutely love that vape, but since it is a portable it can't compare to a plug-in, by definition. I can compare my HA to an F150/Ram1500 truck: it does its job just nice but burns a lot of fuel
    VERY HAPPY :) :) :)
    • Everyghing else, especially:
      • You don't have to grind -- such a relief!
      • Whip + Bags + Concentrates (?? -- see my coment above)

    • I don't grind
    • I prefer 1) bags, 2) whip
      • didn't work out with concentrates. Am I doing something wrong?
    • I like the espresso mode (when you pack your herb really tight with your finger), especially with bags
    • I used to start at 360F then reducing, when the vapour becomes too harsh, 5F lower to 355F; then 350F.
      • but someone wrote tha it works better if you actually increase temp during your session; so I tried
    • starting at 360F, then increaing the temp to 365F and finishing either at 365F or 370F max.
    ---and here is where I would be grateful for some critique and sharing experince! :) ---

    • It is my first and only plug-in vapourizer (though I had two portables before), so I'm anything but an expert
    • Dissapointed? — NO
    • Would recommend? — YES
    • What do you think about HA's customer service? — It is very good
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  4. Magic9

    Magic9 Plant Enthusiast

    Middle of the Map
    You can try making a sandwich. Some flower, then some shatter, then some more flower. Or you can try the cotton method. Get some organic cotton (or hemp fiber) and put your concentrate in that. Herbalaire also makes a concentrate kit.

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