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    1. Vap2.0user
      I see you like the Herbie and I wondered how that compares to my 2.0. Do you really get massive clouds at home like advertised? How is taste and efficiency, etc. Since you are deep into the scene where do you see the vape market going from here? Thanks!
    2. Vap2.0user
      I started a couple years ago with the Vapolution 2.0 and then got a MFLB for portability. I like pretty much EVERY other person began like why should I pay $$ for a device but I am a believer now due to the 2.0. My number one like is how it makes it super efficient and of course taste.I'd like to hear your journey trying all these vapes especially why you like to try so many models.
    3. Vap2.0user
      Hey stickstones! I'm a fan of your posts on the Vapolution 2 page for your well thought out clear and concise posts. When I read your posts I'm usually shaking my head thinking yep this dude knows what he's talking about so thanks for sharing your experiences which is why I am reaching out. I see you have tried a ton of Vapes and wondered why you have tried so so many. Must be nice!
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      2. Vap2.0user
        That's good to hear I've got some good capes but its credit to FC and folks like you letting me know the deal so thanks. I checked out all your top 4 faves and saw your comments on herbalizer website. Wow for someone thats used most capes on the market that was a ringing endorsement plus all the glowing reviews with buzz words like best vape ever, perfection, etc must mean this unit rocks.
        Sep 10, 2014
      3. Vap2.0user
        Have you ever tried the Aeromed and if so how does it compare to the Herbie? Can you compare the results of Herbie to Vap 2.0 in terms of cloud quality?
        Sep 10, 2014
      4. stickstones
        I have not tried the Aromed. It was on my short list when I started vaping but never got around to it.

        I don't know how to compare Herbie to the VAP2...they are so different. I like the VAP2 for nightcaps when I want to relax and enjoy the taste but not rip through my herbs. I use Herbie as my main driver day and night. It's quick, and I can take one hit and leave if I want.
        Sep 11, 2014
    4. vaporbrothers
      In the html of a post I saw you are "USER=2." Everybody else is USER=xxxxxxxxx Holy shit really?
      1. stickstones
        yeah, buddy, it's been a while!
        Sep 7, 2014
    5. marcuss
      do you remember that crazy italian old vaporist? Still alive and very happy to see here all my fellow in vapor are doing a supreme work in educating the masses to the art of clouds...ive been long time in the breeding department now im back again in italy and with the intention to find a good portable vape..what is your suggestion?
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