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what other types of extracts would you most closely compare its:

1. multi-dimensional effects aspect ?
2. texture/flow
3. Flavor level

besides the apropos term “rosin distillate” ?

It’s thicker than really terpy/runny liquid live, but it does move and it’s really clean; seems to flow enough to wick well and fill in its own air bubbles. The oil interestingly seems cleaner than any of the last live or cured resin cartridges I’ve tried, they’ve done a good job at removing unvaporizables.

Effects do remind me of rosin, full bodied, not a “shallow stone.” Even as a heavier vaporist I can get nice effects off them when out of the house without much trouble.

Flavor has a good sort of rosin depth to it, but none that I’ve tried yet are bursting with a crazy high terpene percentage like some of the liquid live resins. I think that helps the smoothness though by not being overly terpy.

It has a clean “essence” of the original flavor, that’s why I compare it to like a moonshine or whiskey or distillate. I’m pretty confident you lose flavor when they filter it this much cause I’ve had better tasting rosin carts with a richer color, but they weren’t as “clean” as these.

With the price being pretty similar to the better live resin carts I think it’s worth it. They really do hit, which in turn makes them last a little longer anyways and helps justify the pricing. Here’s the Jetty, wanna try the Pax soon.



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I've been using the Era for a long time now. I swear it was like $4.20 plus shipping on their website at one point. I also have the Pro. I haven't tried the Life model but am assuming it's hi just like my non-pro model.

Anyways, I've found I strongly prefer the flavor of full spectrum pods as opposed to distillate. The full spectrum taste closer to flower to me, which I prefer. Though I do like the more stealth smell of the distillate pods for when I need to be discreet. The full spectrum pods tend to smell more like the flower too to me.
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