1. C

    Pax 3 Temp Settings

    Hi, ive been looking online and i can only seem to find the temp settings for 1 green petal, 2 yellow petals, 3 orange petals and 4 red petals. There is 1 extra temp setting that every website and review seems to neglect, 4 green petals. Now i onow someone will say thats it means its ready to...
  2. R

    Vape Pen Siezed USPS

    HI I AM IN A BIT OF A PANIC. I LEFT 1/2 a pax pen in my hotel in Texas. The hotel shipped it to me and called to say it was siezed in Texas via USPS. I addamently claimed that was not mine and they must have sent the wrong one because mine was tobacco. I live in NC and have never been in trouble...
  3. pittiserria

    Looking for a mobile vape

    Hi, I need a new mobile vaporizer. My current candidates are Pax 3, Davinci IQ, Ghost MV 1 and ArGo. However, I don't think any of them covers my preferences. My preferences (sorted top important first): 1. Healthy as much as possible (isolated glass airpath if possible) - most important. I...
  4. 7oli5

    Best bubbler experience with pax vaporizer

    hello fellow stoners I have a pax 3 and I want to get a water tool to enhance the experience. I am either gonna get a Honey Glass bubbler or a mini glass vaporizer bubbler. both links below.
  5. John Redcorn

    Experience with the Lynx Hypnos or other portable vapes(pax 3... firefly3)

    Iam looking for someone who has experience with the Lynx Hypnos, Pax 3, or Firefly 2. This someone should also be able to write about there experience(s) and provide a lengthy review. Willing to pay someone who knows there stuff and can write.
  6. S

    PAX 3

    Bonjour à tous, Ayant besoin de conseil je souhaite ouvrir une discussion avec des connaisseurs en vaporisation.. J'ai pendant pas mal de temps hésité à passer à la vaporisation ma première crainte étant d'être déçu. J'ai hésité entre plein de modèle, lu beaucoup d'avis et visionné plein de...
  7. Ojan_at_PAX

    PAX Era by PAX Labs

    We’re very proud to introduce our radical new approach to experiencing concentrates. Exclusively compatible with PAX Era Pods, Era delivers the most flavorful and consistently satisfying taste yet. and is built with only the highest-performance parts. Era is seamless. Switch out your extract in...
  8. Ojan_at_PAX

    PAX 3 by PAX Labs

    We’re proud to announce the third generation of the world’s best selling vaporizer. PAX 3 is Intelligent, intuitive and instant. Like its predecessors, it features medical-grade materials and a built-in rechargeable battery for a reliable experience time and again. Colored LED lights provide...
  9. F

    Have (old) SSV and PAX1, thinking about Super SSV, Mighty/Crafty, other portables

    Hey all you guys and gals at FC, you were extremely helpful in my selection of my first vape ever, the SSV, and what better advice could I have asked for? (About 5 years ago i got my SSV). Its definitely still working perfectly, although missing the arty knob (not that it matters since...
  10. M

    How to maximize high from Pax 2 vape?

    1 flower bud + lighter + cheap Gatorade bong + 2 draws = super high. 1 bigger flower bud + 4 piece grinder + fully charged Pax 2 + tamp down with pencil eraser + 10 draws on 2nd heat setting = barely buzzed at all. What should I do to get a stronger high from my Pax? On a related note, I...
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