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OLD MATE (formerly Medgrind)


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Oh boy its almost "end of January" :)
Really looking forward to this one, stainless steel is great and the addition of a fidget spinner is the perfect idea for us grown up kids.
Looking forward to little ventilator mods on the lid for hotter days.
Also a big potential for nice swirly designs for sure!
Besides that different plates would be sweet in the future and a "backwards compatibility" with newer parts is also something I value a lot.
Happy to support this new idea!
I was torn between Teal and Orange, but went Orange in the end :)


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is there any chance for oil or dirt that's in the bearing -or that gets into the bearing- to fall into the grinder thru the center pole??


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They are sealed bearings as stated so should be fine
The website that makes the bearings states that they use food safe/grade oil
I guess some skateboarders like to suck on their bearings and not get sick?
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Came across this grinder which also uses a skate bearing.
That is just for show or fidget spinning
It does not assist the grind in any way and isn't a part of the grinder function itself
They just sit on the outside and spin in your fingers
Not SS either
The OMD actually uses the bearing as part of the design and function taking the load as you grind (no metal on metal contact also) and the freespin tells you when the grind is finished

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Checking these out and I like what I see, thinking about a green, but curious if anyone can tell me what the NTN bearing option is.

This is the NTN Bearing https://www.motion.com/products/sku/02194249

NTN have been making bearings for turbine jet engines and the like for decades (they know their shit)
The NTN bearing has super tight tolerances and is designed to take axial and radial loads but doesn't spin as free as the "Better Bearings" and only coming in the single colour.

The "Better Bearings" are "Lickety Splits" from https://betterbearings.com.au/
Better bearings are an Australian company that offers premium skateboard bearings that come in lots of cool colours (please look at their website for colour clarification).
These bearings are sealed, come in multiple colours and spin really well.

In my opinion you cant go wrong with either bearing. I'd like to continue to offer both.

Anything else please ask away!


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Was looking at grinders today and came across this thread. I visited the website and maybe I missed it but what type of grind are we getting? Fine, medium or coarse grind? Sorry if I missed that on the website
I dont know if it has been declared to be one of the three.
Here's a demo that shows ground bud at the end.
Medium? Medium-fine?
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