OLD MATE (formerly Medgrind)


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Boy oh boy, i got my shipment notification too!
Might take a while to actually arrive here given the distance and the (usually rather slow) customs it has to overcome but very stoked to know that somewhere there's one of these in a box with my name on it!
Can hardly wait, expectations are very high so here's to hoping it will live up to those.
My SLX-days are numbered! :tup:

Thanks Ben @MCH !
Very curious when the first will pop up in the wild!
How great will the be and how awesome will they look!?

Shit Snacks

Milaana. Lana. LANA. LANAAAA! (TM2/TP80/BAK/CC-H&A
When we all receive your new grinders we should make a separate thread for comparisons between what we have been using until now and our new Old Mule grinders

Just try to keep your posts in the right perspective, discuss the grinder it should be able to focus on that instead of the comparison, comparison can go in the general herb grinder thread though
Currently back at work for my second job but got a chance to have a look and a play, gotta say it’s a beauty. So solid and clean looking, with a buttery smooth action and super shard teeth. The teeth design is awesome too, props on that. Magnets feel beefy and I’m extremely happy. Will post photos later with a performance review

Hey guys sorry for the delay I got a lil zooted, but here’s the pics, including one of my lil collection of Tinymight goodies

The letters look nice, I am happy I wasn't in time to ask to move them to the bottom. It might look better as well when it's spinning?

Does yours have the pre order serial number?
Yep I completely forgot to grab a pic, it’s a very nice addition

My shipping notice said it was under 2kg, so there is a starting point on the weight. 🤓
I can’t give you an exact weight but she is beefy, definitely not one to carry around haha


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Just arrived!


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Nice! Did you ask for the logo to be moved to the bottom, or is that how the bottom for the standard logo up the top looks?

My one is now showing delivery tomorrow, a nice bump up from Monday.

If no one has weighed the grinder by the time I get off work I'll make sure to post here what the weight is.
I’ve got the logo up top that’s just the standard bottom.


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Here is a pic with my logo on the bottom,

Just got my new grinder after it was delayed 2x in the Auspost system, I got the NTN so not really a fidget spinner but it is smooth. Ben forgot to send my second unit or engrave my FE with LesPlenty and apologized and said he has just been swamped but did manage my other request.
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