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Checking these out and I like what I see, thinking about a green, but curious if anyone can tell me what the NTN bearing option is.
NTN is a higher quality bearing
It just doesn't freespin as long
All orders after the pre-orders will be coming with NTN only
The pre-orders are a limited run with the current bearings and colour choices
Was looking at grinders today and came across this thread. I visited the website and maybe I missed it but what type of grind are we getting? Fine, medium or coarse grind? Sorry if I missed that on the website
It's like between a bcg fine and a bcg medium
Amazing news! Well done Ben! I hope he celebrates tonight and has a great day off tomorrow for Australia Day.

Post pics and thoughts when you get them people, I need to keep the hype train going until I get mine (early January order so not expecting shipping for a while).
Ben has been working late nights to get these done for everyone
He is working on the public holiday too, good on him

Can't wait to get my final version to use
Can't wait to see everyone else get theirs and hear their feedback/experience
I want to enjoy my grinder along with everyone else lol
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After spending a few days thinking about it (or I couldn't stop thinking about it rather) I only noticed when I went to pull the store up on my phone that the page on my desktop had been showing me AUD pricing (which was much higher). After seeing the price in USD, I ordered a green immediately.

Good to see people getting shipping, I'm at the very end of the line having ordered right before they started to go out, but I haven't waited as long so I'm fine. It'll be nice to see others getting theirs in while I wait so I can live through y'all!

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I'm in for a Teal pre-order! I requested the logo be left off (or moved to the bottom if possible), so I can see the sexy bare top in all its glory.

Yeah I only really made the request here, I did not send him a specific email, I didn't get the shipping notice just yet, wondering if I should be sending a special request...


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Did I miss where I can make that request?

Yeah I only really made the request here, I did not send him a specific email, I didn't get the shipping notice just yet, wondering if I should be sending a special request...
I had sent him an email a couple days ago asking if it was possible to leave the top blank and he said to send him an email with my order number.

After placing my order earlier today I also asked if it would be possible to have the logo on the bottom (otherwise I'll keep it blank). Not that it's a bad logo by any means, but that bare top just looks lovely. I blame @felvapes :lol:
Thanks for the suggestions to email Ben asking if the logo could be moved to the bottom for the order.

I replied to my order confirmation email less than an hour ago asking if it would be possible to move the logo to the bottom for mine as I really like the look of the bare metal top (thanks felvapes lol). I got a reply from Ben a lot faster than expected saying he will do his best to make it happen and thanking us for our support. It would be amazing if possible, but no drama if not.

I don't want to jump the gun, especially before getting the product - but Ben is looking to be a legend and the grinder is looking to be a contender for the best on the market (IMO).


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I'm just patiently waiting and quietly hoping Ben heard us here and puts all the logo and stuff on the bottom. So far he's making all the right decisions. But, what-ever!
I'm pleased to be among the colored bearing early group! I think I asked for purple...


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Hello everyone,

As you have probably seen, I have started packaging and shipping orders since yesterday.

I’m aiming to have them all shipped out by the end of the week.

I have been getting a LOT of requests for variations with the engraving, while I’m happy to do this for you, it is blowing out delivery times substantially.

Please bear with me while I process all of your orders and get through all the requests etc.

If you haven’t received any tacking notifications by the end of next week please get in touch with me but until then I ask everyone to please be patient as I’m working as fast as I can to get these out to you guys. They are going to be worth the wait I promise!

Thankyou all for the support, you guys are absolute legends. I’m sorry for the lack of updates from me, I have been head down bum up machining these beautiful grinders for you.

I have a small discord group that I am somewhat more active on, please DM me if you would like more info on this.

Thanks again everyone!!


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This looks almost exactly what I've been looking for. The only thing that holds me down from ordering is the type of grind it provides. I'm using convection vapes only and so far I've experienced mostly with coarse grind only. How do you think this type of grind will work with convection?
I usually use a bcg fine grind for my vapes
I have over 40 vapes
The OMD is like it's between a fine and medium bcg

I like this compromise and it works very well with my convection vapes
Too large will not produce enough cloud density for me
The grind is also very consistent and fluffy


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I understand all these 'bare-top' requests (i have to admit i did the same) but it does leave me wondering what Ben has worked out as standard design for the top. (Nobody ever asked afaik? :uhoh:I do know he was looking into different options for the top and hadn't made his mind up when i asked... )

Here's some anxiety for us bare-toppers:
imagine that when the first OMD's arrive at their destination it becomes clear that Ben made them with the most wicked laser engraved top design one can imagine! Spinning patterns and all...
And there we are with our bare tops, crying our eyes out!

Any regrets yet??
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