How many TRUE combustion-fuckers?

How many TRUE combustion-fuckers?

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Benson X

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It will take me a bit to (fully) convert to vaping only, mainly due to time/convenience.

Once I have all my accoutrement to go with my Crafty and get in the habit of keeping it charged-up, I think I will start vaping more frequently than smoking. I've found that using the S&B Dosing Caps make it way easier, cleaner and more convenient (for me). I plan on grinding a ton of herb and filling up 10+ caps at a time to have them at the ready.

On a side note - I used to be a pack-a-day (cigarette) smoker for over 20 years as well. I just celebrated 1 year of no cigs after switching to vaping exclusively, to satisfy my physical/mental addiction. I hope to do the same with herb as well.


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It took me a long time but Ive been off combustion for just over 3.5 months. I used to smoke cigarettes and where I'm from its common to roll spliffs with a mixture of tobacco and green. Was a gradual process, moved job and got out of the habit of smoking cigs at work, eventually got it down to 1 spliff or cig a night and cigs when drinking. After about 3 weeks off combustion I reached that point where the benefits were becoming tangible and obvious and that helped me over the final hurdle, now its the longer game for me to stay off.


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Started vaping (Arizer V-Tower) about 2 weeks ago after combusting for years, once I got the procedure down to a science and getting my temps dialed in, I packed up all my glass combustible pieces and don't plan on using them again. I'll never go back to it. Vaping marijuana is the way to go for I don't have to hear the wife complain about the smoke smell. My stash lasts much longer due to using the elbow pack method. Win-Win!👍


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i used to smoke about 2 packs of camel filter a day.
10 july 2019 i had an accident on my motorcycle.
ICU for 2 weeks.
i broke every single rib on the left side of my chest, some in many places, and punctured the lung. 3 ribs on the right side of the chest, my left fibula and collarbone, and a concussion
the 2 weeks on morphine dealt with the nicotine withdrawals.
after i got out of hospital i never smoked another cigarette.
i did however cook up some 'green butter' when i got home.
after my lung healed and i was able, i started smoking cannabis again.
at the beginning of our lockdown in South Africa (march-ish) i made usre i had a massive stash.
with nothing to do, i smoked a lot. my daughter started complaining about the smell.
i hesitantly bought my 1st vape online, and it was delivered the next day - dunno how, but got it to me.
i vaped that whole day and loved it.
the following day decided to try smoking again.
that was the last time i smoked. it tasted worse than a dogs arse.
absolutely no interest in smoking.
it is dirty, smelly and makes me cough.
i do love vaping though.
very civilized.
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