How many TRUE combustion-fuckers?

How many TRUE combustion-fuckers?

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@Ramahs ,@Annienen , @Morty
'To each their own' and 'it's a matter of degree' all that stuff, but your recent comments reminded me of this, from the Resource forum; may or may not be new info for you.

"High" means different things to different people, for sure. Some use the term to mean drunk on alcohol!
I happen to prefer hands-down the effects (and taste!) from vaping canna over smoking, and they can be plenty strong enough for me. I smoked canna for about 45 years, now for about 5-1/2, I only vape.

with the bonus that my eyeballs don't turn red!

Cheers and Happy New Year!
I'm throwing the 2020 calendar in the fire, and will enjoy watching THAT combust!
I'm strictly a vaper, but my God do my eyes turn bright bloodshot after-the-volcano-sunset red if I'm vaping good flower or strong concentrates. Sometimes when I head in to brush my teeth before bed and if I look in the mirror(I try not to!) I'm actually shocked at how bloodshot my eyes are. I thought it was my long-time evening routine of having a strong ale or two with my weed, but I got gout last summer and have cut way back on the booze. So its just the cannavaping giving me those eyes.

I too smoked cannabis for somewhere around 45 years--some 50 plus years for cigarettes, mostly Lucky Strikes. Quit cigs 7 years ago and not had even one since. Quit smoking weed and started vaping 6 years ago. Had maybe ten puffs of a j or pipe in those six years, all with one of my closest buddies, just to be sociable. And I could tell the next morning. Even a toke or two and I'll be coughing and wheezing. Still its amazing to me that after all those years of smoking cigs and js I'm still an agressive uphill bike rider and xc skier, with strong lungs and strong heart.


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I fucked combusting in 2014, and now I've damn near fucked vaping. 98% of my medicating is now through medibles. :brow:

I can, if I want, stay medicated all day and night on 70-80 mg of cannabinoids.

.08 grams!

An average one gram bud should have about 150 mg of cannabinoids. So, if desired, I can stay high/buzzed/ medicated 24 + hours on 1/2 gram of average bud.

Don't take this the wrong way, it's not the money, or lack of access to great buds, I still love vaping. I have a shit ton of money invested in vapes. I bought my volcano in 2009.

I'm just questioning whether vaping vaping is important enough to have to use an asthma inhaler just to vape.


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I'm just questioning whether vaping is important enough to have to use an asthma inhaler just to vape.

I'm with you bro. I had horrible asthma as a kid and was addicted to inhalers into my twenties, in part because I'd become a cigarette smoker. But by my mid-twenties, most of the asthma was gone, even though I smoked Luckies and pot. In part this was because after being a fat asthmatic kid, I discovered that I loved very active outdoor exercise: jogging, biking, mtn climbing, skiing, snowshoeing, etc. Still, after all those years of smoking, even having quit now for 7 and 6 years respectively, I get wheezing and out of breath after an evening of vaping. It never gets that bad, but the wheezing can keep me awake at night. To try to mitigate the impact of putting foreign substances in my lungs, I use a double perc bubbler with another perc on an ash catcher and sometimes use a charcoal filter. But loving those milky hits has a price. Fortunately, typically a day or two with edibles and a couple of strenuous exercise sessions clears everything right up. But as I get older, foot problems keep me from exercising as often or as vigorously. A couple of months ago I felt the need to buy an over the counter asthma inhaler. Thank God I've only felt the need to use it exactly once. But as my ability to exercise declines, I'm really concerned about my ability to keep vaping. I much prefer vaping to edibles for numerous reasons. But I've got a nice stash of frozen edibles and RSO for when my lungs won't take it anymore.
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I quit combusting over 3 years ago.
Never was a cigarette smoker but smoked joints(tabacco+cannabis) for almost 8 years.
I got introduced to the mighty vaporiser at a party.
Being fed up with the negative effects of smoking I started looking for 'vaporiser' and eventually bought a mighty to.
When I first hit the device with a full fresh bowl of tasty kush I was sold immediately.
After that I tried hitting a joint again with friends just to find it very disgusting.
Fucking combustion was one of my best decisions ever.
I find myself enjoying taste, aromas from herb material much more and where I used to consume an ounce a week I now consume an ounce a month.
Am very grateful ive seen the light!


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There is just no need to smoke now with the level of vape available. It’s actually counterproductive at least for me.

I’d smoked for years before I even heard of vaporizing. If I’d found some of these newer devices first I might be curious if smoke was better so take it from someone who smoked all day daily, for years a lot.

Good vape with the right techniques gets you higher easier with way less negatives.

Now if I could just cut back vape with edibles more...
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