Fuck you !!!


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Boy oh boy. Life strikes again. This is a big joke. I need another beer and my firefly.

So, some moron decided to change my bank account for my visa. The bank took it upon themselves to send my new card after my previous one expired, to the branch and not by mail. I said fuck that, I aint going in to the bank. So I called, they had to re issue me a new card. They said since I can only have two cards out in my name, they would have to cancel the current one that is due to expire, and send a fresh one to my home address. So they did. I live without a visa for over a week, bills got a little fucky too. So now i go log into my bank with my new visa, they set it up as a fresh account, wiped all my mother fucking points. Welp, I am on the buzzer, losing it on these fuckers. 50,000 points magically disappeared. I tell you, these fucking idiots are brain dead. I am so tired of the bank. Including re doing my mortgage. Fuck these stupid fucks.
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