Fuck you !!!


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This is one of the best fuck yours of all time -- EVER!!! I kept watching it over & over. It was mesmerizing.

**Be sure to turn OFF your sound because the music ruins the experience. After you watch it, watch it again. I don't know if the righteous guy works there & is coming out to check on the employee - or he's a customer just leaving. I wish I knew that as it would alter the dynamic of the interaction slightly.



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Been trying to get my central AC unit fixed for 2 weeks.
Tech comes out, replace a part, charges me $200.
It works for 2 hours, then quits.
He returns, says this time he knows exactly what's wrong.
Fixes it for $700, but then he can't get it working at all.
He still wants his $700.
Why should I pay for his fucking trial and error?
So now I am waiting for "another part" - I told him the only way I pay is if the unit is fixed.
If the unit is dead, then just tell me that for fuck's sake and I'll buy a new AC!
I want to say FUCK my health care insurance they wont pay me my weed not before I tried all that pharma shit until i am out of therapy with all the Pharma meds.
And Fuck all the german politicians they wont legalize weed.
Double FUCK the German politicians they made a law that medical users who have to pay them selfs for their weed, have to pay the double price than it would cost the health care insurance.
The reason for that is they want no medical weed get in to the black market.:doh:
This law made me pay the last 2 years 8400 € more thn it would cost the health care insurance.
So i payed 16800 € for total 720 gr. medical weed in 2 years. thats 23.33 € per gr. (black market price today 7 €)
There will be a time in the future where i cant pay the price no longer.

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Fuck last Friday! Had to put my chocolate lab down. Then found out my Dad has Alzheimers. Tried to drink away reality, but here we are at Monday and the dog is still
gone, and my Dad will be soon. Do something nice for someone, anyone, today! Or Fuck you could be next.....and Fuck you to the strange fellow seen climbing over my back fence Friday evening. I got something for you buddy!
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Was enjoying an urban stroll today, until this guy approached, "hey, you know the time?, I gotta meet someone, do you have a phone?" Classic intro to a phone snatch-and-run. As I jaywalked quickly across the street to get some distance, he yelled,

"Hey, fuck you! That's right, walk away. I'm gonna fuck you up!"

I didn't have the guts to tell him, "Too late, I'm already fucked up"


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Fuck Facebook

From the article:
"To be perfectly clear: Facebook used its monopolistic power to boost and suppress specific publishers’ content—the essence of every Big Brother fear about the platforms, and something Facebook and other companies have been strenuously denying for years."
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