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When you think the brown rain is finally over and you are getting out of the pit and you slip back into it.. Just managed to pull myself together after the break up of the 5 + years long relationship . Managed to get funds for renting a apartment and the night before i had to sign ,i broke up a tooth... and it was bad.. I have to wait till Monday to know if it can be saved or it should be removed. If removed i will have to go trough antibiotics treatment , bone graft + implant and anti-rejection meds for a few weeks and it would cost me the world...
Fuck being in this position and this third world country where almost everyone is striving for their meal.. I just wanna be healthy and happy,is that too much to ask ? I don't want to be a millionaire or a rock star... Fuck also that Covid-19 shit that is messing with my employment status ,almost no one is hiring here ,because everyone had shrinkage in staff and shit.
Hoping for a better tomorrow some day,but until then... FUCK THIS SHIT.
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FUCK GOOGLE anything! Their mistake cost me $100. To them, that is like pennies in the fountain. To me it is eating for a week. FUCK VERIZON with the same dry corn cob! FUCK emotionally unavailable, frigid people who cannot make simple changes. 18 years of loyalty waiting for a train that will never come......excuse the pun. Fuck me for waiting! I really missed you, fuck you thread. Sorry we had to meet under such shitty conditions.


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Every year the fires in the western US get worse! I ended up fleeing Medford last night and spending the evening in a parking lot in Grant's Pass along with hundreds of other refugees. Weird, carnival atmosphere. (I brought a glass sherlock vapor genie and had a few surreptitious hits in the wee hours.) Back home now but still on yellow alert - be ready to split any moment. I had such a strange feeling turning off the lights and saying goodbye to my plants last night. This bites! Fuck you motherfucking Donald Trump for pulling out of the Paris climate accord! Not to mention numerous other environmental atrocities.
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@macbill that's Racist...:lol: fuck My life... my car broke down today on the way to work, so I'm home listening to you all.
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