Food Pics That Make Ya Drool !!!


Well, you also inspired me to make apple pie this morning, thanks - it's been too long 😋

apple pie.jpg

edit... I made too much pastry, so pulled some gooseberries out of the freezer and made Gooseberry Pie too 😋

So much pie... with a little heart, awww!

gooseberry pie.jpg
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Those pies look good!

One of my favorite desserts in the world is a slice of warm apple pie with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top.


Breakfast of Champions!

Home made Lancashire oven bottom muffin - toasted, mushrooms, smoked bacon and fried egg - black pepper and HP sauce 😋

And yes, I am starting the day with a nice Porter - only do this a couple of times a year, so good!!!

breakfast of champions.jpg


After gutting, boning and filleting A Halibut this morning....
... I prepared an 11 ounce filet.


Halibut, Collard Greens, long grain & wild rice, and "Mock Guac" (Avocado, with Pico de Gallo-using Red Onions)
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Did you catch it also?
I go to my nearest Fry's Supermarket on Wednesday Mornings when the Seafood order arrives (MWF schedule).
I developed a rapport with the Seafood guy, who let's me see the whole fish prior to processing. I get a small break in the price per weight...
and I know exactly what I have.. untouched!
This guy was almost 2 feet long, and weighed a bit over 3 pounds.


Super envious (in the nicest way) of anyone living in a place where sea fishing is a possibility - amazing!! Such an exciting and satisfying activity, and invariably good eating too!

Roasted a hunk of beef today, with Yorkshire puddings (not the best I have ever made this time, but still good) roast potatoes, carrots and peas... gravy made from the beef juices, all very nice!! 😋

roast beef.jpg


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$7 G.O.G. instead of the usual B.O.G. for lunch (no chips today:():
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Salami, mortadella, provolone, 2 kinds of ham, veggies, drizzled with EVOO on homemade "sandwich" focaccia... from here:
@Bologna - Um... no bologna??

Time shifted, off topic post: food before it's food, customers with future drool

Took pics last Saturday, weekly fish market on pier. Then saw posts directly above, and thought fish fans would dig the freshness. Not a fan myself. Can't even name the beasts, but assume those are red snappers?





Looks like red snapper and the flat ones are halibut.

IMO none of those snappers are really big enough to warrant keeping, FL has a snapper limit of 2 per person so we tend to release anything under about 8 lbs.

Those halibut are also right at the limit for release- in Cali they must be at least 22" to keep.
For context, some halibut species grow over 400 lbs and are not really considered an adult until over 30 lbs.


I learned to use Ginger at a very young age.
I have consumed about 1/4 pound of Ginger a month since adolescence.
Today, I still use Ginger daily, in so many ways.
I make deserts with it, eat it in my oatmeal, I add it to all vegetable or fruit extractions.
I crystalize it, cook vegetables with it, and drink it in tea.
For my entire life I had stored my ginger in a vegetable bin in the refrigerator. Ginger lasts a while..but eventually if you don’t use it fast enough, it gets a bit of mold on the edges. I still keep it, and just cut off the affected portions.
About a year ago, when I got my groceries home I put everything away as usual, then
folded the bags for later use.
Eventually I got down to using bags from a few monthly shopping sojourns prior.
Inside one bag I found a piece of Ginger that had slipped out of it’s clear plastic produce bag
and remained behind.
It was perfect.
Magnificent.. better than the larger piece it had fallen from those few months before.
His larger partner living in the fridge, toward the very end of his usage began to
show those graying signs around the edges… soon to be pale green. No problem.
I had seen it my entire life. The expiration of the ginger toward the end of the month.
This aging piece of ginger had babies! New shoots of ginger budding here and there.
And easy to use… no peeling. These buds had no skin/bark.
I store the ginger now when I get home in a small brown paper bag, in a cool dark place.
A regular brown shopping bag is big, but it would work too.
These 3 pictures are month old ginger still left and being used, into the period of time for my next shopping trip.
No green fuzz to carve away. No tossing dried up pieces.
It’s economical because it’s providing more as it sits waiting to be used.
I love Ginger.
I have only told one person about this.
I do not talk “Ginger” with most people I know.
Respect the root!
Share the idea if it works for you!




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$8 "lunch" from Oliva's (they had one B.O.A.G. sammie left this time at 1pm, score!):

5631FE47-3E7D-47E1-B51E-6290171F1774.jpeg C2100FA5-7709-467F-ADCA-4A10D78102B2.jpeg
Ha, tricked ya, I can't do all that for lunch...:
$3 for 1+ lbs of fresh homemade pie? How do you make any money?!
I'll make sure to crack the Haagen Dazs vanilla for the other slice tonight... :tup:
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Roast pork shoulder, crackling bursting and melting in the mouth, served with home made apple sauce, Cumberland sauce, perfect roasties, carrots, cabbage w/ butter and black pepper and an over-indulgent quantity of lovely gravy made from the rendered fat from the pork roast!

Oh yes...

roast pork.jpg


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@Bologna - Um... no bologna??
Ha, no! These are "Italian" sandwiches, mortadella fills that niche... you must be thinking an "American" or some kinda "Hoagie"... despite the sausage origin (German's make better bologna anyway, more garlic)... :tup:

This evening, I turned these monster courgettes from my neighbours garden into chutney - I will find out how they taste in a few weeks time but I am expecting good things :tup:

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Nice, I think we must call those zucchini over here in the states... yeah, always good to know if they're ok before processing:
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