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( not legal in US, so rare, and ‘spendsive ),
It's huge and discontinued. Why would in be illegal in the US? legal even in the UK and the UK has pretty strict knife laws.

I gave my wife a Swiss Army Knife for xmas, she cut herself before finishing inspecting all the tools. :) She was pleased, seriously, what a gal! 🥰

Cotton filters; Yeah tried them, they are great if your weed is too potent. Combine with nips, tips, balls, beads, vortexes and water for further reductions in potence. :lol:


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Back when we were kids, I gave a Victorinox Scout knife to my friend.
His older brother was playing with it
while we were on the shed, monkeying with a rope swing.

He barely put the knife to the rope, touched it, while his sibling was on the swing.

The next thing we all gasped at, was the thump! as the kid hit the ground—grasping the limp, severed

Knife trumps brother.

Nowadays, I just vaporize, and give away Karmas, when I can. :myday:
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is there a way of shaping them back? i mean i'm fine for now but i hate wasting things. it's also the reason i microdose. i feel like i get the same effect from half a bowl as a full one with the vapcap, although i am fully aware that this is probably just in my head...

When cleaning hold the CCD, with both hands hold the little bastard.
'stretch' turn CCD in your hands and stretch again.
Gently work your way around.
Back to reusable in a moment.

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I’m trying to find a glass stem with an air port....or not. The Rouge Wax Works used to have them but they are no longer available. Anybody know of a retailer who carries such a thing?


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Oh yes. Thank you. Love those. Not a bad fall back. I’m really wanting just clear. Particular, I know.

I get it, I’ve always wanted one of those too. It’s cool to be able to see the inner workings sometimes, and it’s a look you can’t get with any opaque stem. There may still have been some available when I got my Omni, but the supply dried up and never came back that I’m aware of... :(

If you find a place that still has them or is making new ones, I’m interested!


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I finally got around to cleaning my new gift 7 fin tip today. While I was at it....I also cleaned (for the first time) my 2020M and the new as yet unused gift cvap that came from the DynaVap Gods.

The 7 fin tip fits perfectly and similarly in my 2020M without issue whatsoever...snug and perfect. It also fits the cvap similarly. I've read about the fitment issues that some have posted....but mine seems completely 'correct' and not too big as others have mentioned.

Also....I am somewhat new to the DynaVap Universe: The cvap that I received has that amber color that I see on all cvaps....but it otherwise appears identical to a 2019M (at least to my eyes) including the 2019M tip. The cap on the cvap makes a popping sound when I am trying to pinch it to fit tighter on the 2020M cap does not behave similarly. I have only tried a dry run on the cvap and cap and found it gave only one click....more testing needed.
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How do
This set up would really get me excited. But I would settle for just being able to see the standard guts. I find it strange I can’t just hop online and grab a standard length glass stem. View attachment 4763
I used to think that would be cool too, until I realized that the tip would also have to be made of glass in order for it to be an 'all glass pathway'. This is where the Vaponic or Elev8r comes in.
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