Dablamp E-Rig


Definitely interested, DVT4 is my go to for concentrates at the moment, but this looks like it can push clouds!

3 different bowls, 4200mAh battery, 1 hand operation

Pre order for $219, and retail of $259 seems like it could be a decent price range

I dig that it uses electricity and not butane and it doesn't look to bad either :)
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Welcome, @Dablamp!

I am in ( if you need more testers )!
Primarily a flower lover, I would be glad to give my impartial
Experience with my first dabrig. Dablamp!

Thank you for the opportunity!


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@Dablamp welcome I would love for the chance to review this and compare it to the top erigs on the market. I own a peak, a peak pro, high five duo, dr dabber switch, and the dr dabber boost evo
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Welcome to FC, @Dablamp

I would love to try this out, as I have a number of dab rigs, but not anything that uses conduction. I've beta tested a number of products sent to me by manufacturers who've contacted me via this forum (FC), and I love trying out something new and unique.

Thanks for giving some of us this opportunity. I'm looking forward to hearing everyone's reviews!


Hello! Welcome!

I, too, would very much like to be a part of the testing...! I bring a little "beta-testing" experience (very active member of the first MV-1 "beta" team in 2017), along with plenty of articulated opinions... :)

I'm currently "testing" out (of my own accord) some of the many various different types of quartz inserts that are available, as well as SiC. Mostly by "dropping" or "cold-starting" at various temps with different types of products, constantly tweaking and fine tuning the process to suit my needs with the goal always ultimately being about determining the: 1. Quality 2. Efficiency 3. Value.

I'm a 54 yo, life long (since 10) "stoner" and current med card holder.

Hi @Bologna thanks for your interest! The Dablamp has both Quartz and SIC bucket ;) And yeah, we are tollay agree that quality should always be the first! Thank you!
i'd be interested in trying it out. I have a RiO and this looks like an electric version of that but open flame is pretty variable. I like the idea of temp controlled dabs.
Hi @Chingas thanks for your interest!
I am interested in testing, tested and reviewed many different rebulidable atomizers and tanks for Wotofo, and reviews on products from Coil Master. Have done live reviews on Vapor Joe's on vapers.tv and Vaping Underground live on YouTube.
Hi @Deecee Coud you please PM us the reviews and the live shows you have made? Thanks you!
Welcome to the forum @Dablamp :tup:
Always great to have another concentrate device...portable is always nice! I have had fun making my own IH rosin device that was...dodgy!
I press my own rosin from my own produce and use quite a bit of rosin compared to flower lately and was looking at a Rio and Dr. Dabber Switch but like your take on the portable version a bit more (size and no torch)
Count me in if possible!
Hi @LesPlenty thanks for your interest! Yeah, Dablmp is a portable device and also with induction heating. Thanks!
I'm interested in testing. The source vapes versa kicked the bucket this looks nice.

What's up with the "Carta" glass top? Is this focus v?

Kit Includes​

  • Dablamp Portable Vape Rig
  • Glass Attachment
  • Carta Glass Top
  • Glass Bubble Cap
  • Titanium Bucket
  • Quartz Bucket
  • SIC Bucket
  • Power Adapter
  • Dab Tool
  • Q-tip
  • Portable Carrying Case
Hi @elykpeace Thanks for your interest! Ah it's a mistake and we have deleted it on the website! Thanks for the heads up ;)


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I would be extremely happy to test one, and put it through the courses, and share my feedback with your team, and the community (if you wish). I PMed you earlier, I have a ton of devices to compare against, also many e-rigs that would be in more direct competition with it price-wise most likely. The concept looks very cool to me, and I'd love to provide our feedback and thoughts on how to improve it.


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How many units are you sending out for testing @Dablamp out of curiosity? Might be a idea to let everyone (including myself) know the chances of being selected as a tester, I mean if there's two units for testing then great but if your looking for mass testing you'd likley need plenty of scope numbers wise.

Not sure if this makes a difference but I know that I and others aren't based in the US. Are testers still welcome to enquire from the EU and elsewhere?
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If you need testers I would love to help anyway I could.

Always excited to see new products! Good luck with it.
Hi @caseball2051 Thank you and glad to join this great community!
I'm fairly new here. As far as e-rigs go, I've tried the Focus V carta v2 and the Kandypens Oura. Didn't really like either of them but if I had to choose one it would be the Focus V carta V2 for it's 2 degree temperature change and being able to dial everything in in the app. What I didn't like about these products is the taste of plastic. Now for a few years I had been eying the Dr.Dabber switch because it uses induction heating and a vapor path completely separate from the electronics, whereas every other e-rig I've looked at had the vapor path go over electronics and plastic. The things that hold/held me back from the Switch were/are the price and the fact that the product can use flower also, but not quite so well as other vapes. People mostly purchase it for use with concentrates. I like for a product to deliver on all it's capabilities because that's what you're paying for. If I pay for a certain function because a product can do that, than I expect it to work. If some functions don't work than I believe you're not getting what you pay for.

So the reason I'm interested in this e-rig is because of the induction heating. I've been waiting and looking for something similar to the switch but less money and made just for concentrates. Please take me into consideration @Dablamp This might actually be a e-rig I can get behind!
Hi @Kins We are very new here! But we are glad to join this great community. Yeah, the Dablamp is a portable induction heating device and of course with a more cost effective price, too! Thanks for your interest and we hope we will not disappoint you and all others. Thank you!
I would luv to test this e-rig.....so far I have not been satisfied by any of the e-rigs out there.
Hi @LabPong Oh, there are lots of e-rigs out there and could you please let us know why and what are you expecting? Thanks!
I'd be happy to test one out. I don't load large amounts when I dab as I like to take it slow. I would be curious to see how the Dablamp handles smaller loads at a time. I am still searching for a rig that works best for me. I've tried several 510 mods, a complete e-nail banger set-up, concentrate accessories for flower vapes, and various pens. Still nothing gives me the flavor and ability to adjust the amount of vapor better than just using my dynavaps. I tend to vape live resin, sugar waxes and some home-pressed rosin.

Good luck and welcome. There needs to be more options available in the e-rig world.

I would also recommend getting one of these out to @stickstones. I would love to hear his opinion on one of his weekly vlogs.
Hi @BabyFacedFinster Thanks for your interest! And we are glad to join this great community! Yeah, Dablamp is an induction heating device while very portable and gald that we created one of a new option in the e-rig world. ;) And we have received the PM from @stickstones, thank you all!

I just got gifted a bunch of concentrates and would love to try this out. I’ve been looking into e rigs after my Carta went down, and the dabox is more of a back up.
Hi @KidFated. Thanks for your interest!
I have quite a bit of experience with dry herb vaporizers, but not much with dab rigs yet. If feedback from my perspective would help you I’d be interested in giving it a shot!

Can you also clarify whether you’re looking for private feedback, public reviews, or something else?
Hi @VaporWare thanks for your interest! We are looking for public reviews and maybe post on FC forum and other platforms. Thanks!
Looking over the specs it says it's limited to two heat setting? Is that correct? And if so, why so limited?

Hi @Smknbud Yeah, it has only two modes. One is 35 seconds that user can just press once to enjoy and another seeting is the continuous heating mode that users can totally control the dab time to find their own perfect puff. We want to make it easy for everyone while still perform well. Thanks!
welcome, would love a chance to test out the erig as well. have tried torched dabs, and primarily use my enial and banger set up. Would like to see how they compare and give a review, enail to induction heating for dabs.
Hi @LongDraw thanks for your interest!
Very nice. I am currently using a banger and torch for desktop. A Lamada Motar for portable and the Terp Pens for super portable. I like the look of yours. Looks a little like the RIO, less the torch. Very nice. Looking forward to it.
Hi @Hackerman thanks for your interest!
I have to ask where the benefits of induction heating come into play, when none of the desirable vapor surfaces are induction compatible without some kind of added susceptor.
Hi @invertedisdead The induction heating can heat up fast and evenly to get the best flavor out of it. ;)
sign me up. I've only used bangers with torches so far. thanks!
Hi @darbarikanada thanks for your interest!


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Hi @invertedisdead The induction heating can heat up fast and evenly to get the best flavor out of it. ;)
I think what @invertedisdead is getting at is that what is the difference between other heating methods since the surface itself isn't induction heated; how would it make any difference to flavour then other heating methods that rely on conduction to transfer the heat to the quartz banger?

Maybe we (@invertedisdead and I) are missing something but it seems like it is just an induction heated surface that then uses conduction to transfer the heat to the quartz ...

Would love to see more details around the heater and quartz and how those 2 pieces go together and it effectively transfers heat ... I quickly browsed through the website but didn't see the details (or maybe I missed them!)


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Hi @LabPong Oh, there are lots of e-rigs out there and could you please let us know why and what are you expecting? Thanks

I have used: KP Oura, SV Carta, P Peak, and HF Duo......and many lesser concentrate devices that attach to a rig.

I am comparing the vapor from them to my 710coils enail setup and Rio. They are all a much less experience in vapor quality....ie taste and power.

I do not mind e-rigs, but the vapor paths are usually too long and or diluted with silicone, metal, or allow the vapor to leave the dish and get passed in or along the atomizer/heating element. The Duo (with quartz) does not and it showed in less harsh vapor and better taste. But it still does not come close enough to a real dab experience in vapor quality. I big problem with many of current e-rigs is the ability to precicly control temps that allow good extraction and also make it hard to scorch the oil/concentrates.

Basically I am expecting a good e-rig to produce almost or equal vapor quality to a enail, Rio, or basic torch banger. I like things to be compact and easy to use. Your setup looks like it has that dialed in. But how does it actually perform?


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Hello @Dablamp welcome to FC!

I'd be interested in trying your device. I've never dabbed or owned an erig. So I believe I could give you the perspective of someone who has never used a device like this before. I've been incredibly interested in dabbing as another way to medicate so I'd love to test your device.


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Welcome to FC.

I would love an opportunity to test the Dablamp. I have experience with many of the top portables, included and not limited to, Puffco Peak, Dtv 3/4, Sai, Rio, Dr Dabber Switch, Vista Mini 2 etc... I also have a steady golden stream of concentrates for the testing.


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I'd be happy to help test your rigs. I've been using a Puffco peak pro and Newvape's sapphire t-bucket setup as my daily drivers.

Would love to provide feedback :)


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Hi I would be interested in this. I am in music biz and work with a lot of higher tier musicians who dab and vape flower. I own DTV4, SAI, Puffco Peak and use rigs and sic and ain inserts. Really into low temp and stealthy stuff and something that works great for traveling and green room/studio sessions. this looks pretty cool. Let me know.
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