1. PPN

    Xmax Qomo Giveaway

    First 2022 Giveaway to date! Prize is a Qomo kit + 2 Qomo Quartz bucket atties! To enter simply post here in order to say if you would like to see the Qomo Quartz bucket atty to be available in your country/state/city. One entry/post per member and if you don't feel safe to mention your...
  2. Dablamp

    Dablamp E-Rig

    Hi everyone! We are looking for people to be the first ones to test Dablamp E-Rig and The sample is free! What’s Dablamp? The Dablamp innovative even heat induction technology amplifies flavors and brings you all the best from concentrates. The Dablamp is an innovative induction vaporizer...
  3. N

    The Smokeski Electric Dab Rig

    Introducing The Smokeski ($199) We are a new Seattle based company with a goal to provide premium concentrate vaporizers at an affordable price. Designed in Seattle, The Smokeski officially released in September of 2020. Smokeski Reviews/Videos of it in action: Features Silicon Carbide...
  4. Thick Vape

    Exseed Dabcool W2 mini e-rig

    http://www.exseedvapes.com/plus/view.php?aid=28 Another mini-peak. I saw this for 60$ or so. Is it around for a while already? Does it work? Anyone have some experience with it? Is the bowl compatible with a puffco peak, or smaller?
  5. PPN

    X-Max Qomo Micro E-rig

    We are releasing a new "niche" device called the Qomo, it's basically a micro e-rig with portability in mind. I tested this device since a few months and I found the vapor very smooth, I was afraid to be harsh but that's not the case, even without water. The ceramic cup is efficient and...
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