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  1. Dablamp

    Dablamp E-Rig

    Hi everyone! We are looking for people to be the first ones to test Dablamp E-Rig and The sample is free! What’s Dablamp? The Dablamp innovative even heat induction technology amplifies flavors and brings you all the best from concentrates. The Dablamp is an innovative induction vaporizer...
  2. N

    The Smokeski Electric Dab Rig

    Introducing The Smokeski ($199) We are a new Seattle based company with a goal to provide premium concentrate vaporizers at an affordable price. Designed in Seattle, The Smokeski officially released in September of 2020. Smokeski Reviews/Videos of it in action: Features Silicon Carbide...
  3. mrbonsai420

    Rio Portable Dab Rig by Stache Products

    Ok, So this one is a little different. As my friends here know I have switched my methods of medicating over the years from vaping flower to dabbing, now I only use concentrates daily and flower on occasions my VAS has switched to dab rigs, enails, erigs, and portable concentrate pens...
  4. Simple10

    Portable enail for your rig?

    My Yocan Torch has bit the dust so I'm looking to replace it with another portable enail that can be used with your own stand-alone glass right out the box. After some research the only thing I found that can do this is the Xvape Vista. I tried using the Source 4 vape mod atomizer with the...
  5. Mars77

    Grav labs Fire-button

    Hey, Have you guys tried the Grav labs Fire-button e-nail? I can’t find much info, reviews.. it seems like a nice device except that it lacks temperature controls and that the skillets don’t seem to last very long.. Also the temps it’s running seem to be quite high.. Does anyone have experience...
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