1. Shogun.

    Does the S&B Mighty perform better than the Crafty+?

    I recently got a crafty+ and while it's one of the best portable vaporizer I've tried, it leaves me wanting more. I used to exclusively use concentrates all day so the crafty ended up not being able to keep up with my tolerance. My dynavap converted me to vaping only as it smacks through a water...
  2. vape>comb

    Help my lungs, Vapexhale vs Flower Pot vs Ditanium/SSV AND Mighty

    Hi Everyone, I have been pretty indecisive the last few weeks. Over the last few months I can really feel it in my lungs when I am combusting flower. I don't want to continue doing this knowing all the risks and overall I feel less healthy. Short breathe. Snoring in sleep might be related to...
  3. SpiralThus

    A few questions about vapes and maximizing body stone.

    Hey All, Thanks for reading. First post, so a bit about me (you can skip straight down to the questions below too, if you'd rather). I've been vaping about 6 months now. Before that, a 30ish year hiatus since I used to smoke crappy ditch weed as a kid. I use a Boundless CFX and a VapCap M...

    My session With Both mv1 and mighty!!

    HEY guys just wanted to share my 420 session it was great! i like to use the crucible as a measuring cup for both my mighty and mv1!! happy vaping guys!
  5. arthritisbites

    Long handled volcano/mighty brush?

    Does anyone know where to find a long handled version of the brush that comes with the volcano or the mighty? I’ve tried searching on the Internet but the search terms are too nonspecific and don’t pull up what I’m trying to find. I don’t need that exact brush, just the same kind of idea. I’ve...
  6. D

    New to vaping, totally blocked with simple questions!

    Lol, like I was delivered into this life without the instruction manual. Everything that you don't even think about how to do, I am stuck and usually doing the wrong thing! :D Please do the right thing and help a friend in need! So, I bought a Mighty and some sweet nugs. Questions: 1. The...
  7. P

    First day of not mixing my weed with tobacco

    So I've smoked weed with tobacco for 20 years and loved and hated it. I don't smoke bakky alone and never have but it was introduced this way. I love the knock out it gives but don't love the way you put one out in the evening and are thinking of another I know this is the bakky. Last Xmas I...
  8. nenmayk

    2qan new year -good deed- contest

    Happy New Year FC memberZ ! i would like to thank you for welcoming me into your virtual world,and would like to start the new year with spreading some luv. contest rules -post a -good deed- that you will perform in the new year -one entry per member. -your comments will then be judged by the...
  9. nenmayk

    2qan stand for the mighty

    hello beautiful people was posting on the mighty forum,was told to show my warez in this new thread i am an artist known as nenmayk,my real name is worse.would like to present to you a portable stand designed and created by me and my kuzyn stash for the mighty.it is made of aircraft grade...
  10. babybender

    Mighty vs Firewood 3.0

    Hi, Looking for a new vape, currently have an Arizer Air. I want: - Big clouds - Cool vapour - Fast heat up time - Ease of use - Low maintenance - Reliability I'm leaning towards the FW 3/4 (when it comes out), as it has the user replaceable batteries and a faster heat up time and is full...
  11. N

    Need Help Deciding Between 3 Portables

    Hey Everyone, I'm new to vaping dry herbs (and forums:)), as I am trying not to combust anymore. I like to take a couple of shorter draws (vs long 10+ seconds) on a vape and hope to still be able to get a good cloud. I am a no to the Pax. I like the idea of the Alfa as it is nice and sleek...
  12. N

    New to Vaping - Narrowed it down to a couple

    Hey Everyone, I'm new to vaping dry herbs (and forums:)), as I am trying not to combust anymore. I like to take a couple shorter draws (vs long 10+ seconds) on a vape and still be able to get a good cloud. I am a no to the Pax. I like the idea of the Alfa as it is nice and sleek, but it does...
  13. F

    Have (old) SSV and PAX1, thinking about Super SSV, Mighty/Crafty, other portables

    Hey all you guys and gals at FC, you were extremely helpful in my selection of my first vape ever, the SSV, and what better advice could I have asked for? (About 5 years ago i got my SSV). Its definitely still working perfectly, although missing the arty knob (not that it matters since...
  14. Roger D

    The Mighty by Storz & Bickel

    mod note: This thread was split from the thread formerly called the Crafty and the Mighty by Storz & Bickel. In order to create separate threads, some posts have been copied and others have been moved. Please report posts that are now out of place. If you disagree with this split, do not post...
  15. smokingjoe

    Recommend me a 2nd vape - a Mighty with "cable"

    Hello FC, Two months ago a decided to try out a vaporizer. I bought the mighty and after two months now i dont smoke anymore and i switched to vaping completely. I am 95% satisfied with the mighty but since i am a heavy user i really want a 2nd vape. A desktop vape which i dont have to...
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