induction heater

  1. dadan

    Ranger IH Induction Heater

    hi everyone, i just got my third induction heater to use with a series of vapcaps at my disposal. The first one I bought is the one that gave me the most satisfaction, the 'Caldron' conceived and built by the excellent Pipes, a known user here on FC. Perfect, efficient, fast. It is still what I...
  2. Shit Snacks

    HerbalTherm 2XV

    RastaBuddhaTao has re risen! Despite the pause after ending RBT a couple months ago, Lee and Ryan's new company HerbalTherm is launching soon! Though their plans for the desktop unit fell through, this new product is finally coming to fruition as the 2XV (remember ZipZap? lol) with a prototype...
  3. EpsomSalt

    Best IH for Dynavap?

    Hello guys! I'm quite new to the community, and I've read up on induction heaters for Dynavap, trying to find the most "bang for my buck" but there seems to be quite a few options.. So I thought to myself might as well make a thread about it, since there's so many experienced users in here.. I...
  4. Yllvape Induction Heater

    Induction Heater Yllvape IH Power and temperature controlled induction for use with Dynavap

    Hello FC members Pleasure to bring you our first induction product: Yllavep IH: YllVape Battery powered Induction Heater The Yllvape IH is portable battery powered induction heater for the use with Dynavap, designed and engineered by Yllvape team. Easy and consistent uses provide better...
  5. kel

    Induction Heater UFO intelligent Activation Technology Induction Heater for Dynavap

    Looks cool, nice size, seems to work very well, great price :tup: Another video here... Available in the UK at Vapefiend. I would, totally, but the battery is not user replaceable :(
  6. V

    Dynavap induction heater question

    Hi, can anyone help me out I’m wondering is there a superior difference between the Dynatec Orion induction heater as opposed to the Apollo 2 rover !? I have the Apollo 2 plugged version and wanna go cordless !? thanks in advance
  7. V

    Omnivap XL and Apollo 2 IH

    Can anyone help me out ?? I have a Dynavap Omnivap XL titanium and an Apollo 2 induction heater . I seem to be getting 2-3 hits from each cap and I can’t understand how people get way more than that as it’s borderline burnt after approx the 3rd hit for me depending on the weed. Any tips or...
  8. Brenyo

    Induction Heater MAD Heaters - Innovative Dynavap Accessories

    Hello Everyone! I’d like to introduce MAD Heaters with our first product, the Sense. Our goal is to deliver high quality induction heaters and accessories for the Dynaverse and take these products to the next level. I’m going to start off with a huge thanks to everyone in the beta group for...
  9. hdd.heater

    Smart IH (Vietnamese Maker)

    Smart IH (Vietnamese Maker). Active with Vapcap. Timer auto power-off. The battery indicator display as IH is running.
  10. PPN

    Induction Heater ClickAndGo by Katalyzer

    Hi, I'm proud to present you the new portable induction heater made by Katalyzer, Katalyzer is a french brand although the ClickAndGo is made in China. Its features here: -powerfull induction heater (heat to the clic in 4-6s) -a strong and large magnet -a storage chamber large enough to fit...
  11. E

    Induction Heater The Milky Machine - Affordable & Compact 12V 10A Induction Heater

    Hi everyone! We would love to hear some feedback on our new $99 budget-friendly Induction Heater. 12V 10A power supply included. Features: Lightweight Fire Retardant UL 94 5VA Plastic Enclosure. Diametric Magnet For Easy Alignment & Quick Cooling. Bright LEDs in Coil & Button (3 Color...
  12. Mono Loco

    Induction Heater - 2020 offerings?

    INDUCTION HEATERS ("I.H.) for DynaVaps ... what's available these days??? (April 2020) With this COVID-19 Stay@Home order, I find myself on the internet more than ever. I'm still waiting for our new (well, not so new anymore, I suppose) Governor to fulfill his campaign promise to LEGALIZE...
  13. SolderBoxArt

    Roast Box - Zippo heater case for Dynavap

    Hey FC! I'm the maker of this product, and am hoping to get some feedback from this great community I've learned so much from. It's made of pine and aluminum metal, and it fits a Zippo torch insert. I could also make this for other similar-styled lighters, or other wood types. The wood is not...
  14. MothChewMoth

    Timberhead Designs - Custom Woodworking

    Hey there FC crew! I'd noticed there was no thread up yet for his work, so I'm starting one! Contact Timberhead Designs I first saw Timberhead Design's work on a stand for the G-43. I reached out on this and on a custom accessory tray I was...
  15. R

    510 Powered Induction Heater?

    Does anyone know if it's possible to power a induction Heater via an Boxmod? Like just using it as the power source in a build? Sorry if this question is dumb i'm not very keen on electronics or other stuff like that. I'm just thinking about building a heater and this came to mind for a easy...
  16. K

    DIH-005: The "Russian Doll" DIY Dynavap Induction Heater

    I normally frequent /r/vaporents and /r/dynavap. But I felt the need to share this with my fellow stoner-engineers that lurk on FC. Model DIH-005. The "Russian doll" Portable Dynavap Induction Heater. Images and design notes: Imgur album Purpose: The purpose of this project is to create a...
  17. mr_cfromcali

    Fluxer Heaters, induction heaters for Dynavap

    Hi all! With all due respect to @Pipes and his line of Dynavap induction heaters, I am going to make and sell a few induction heaters of my own design. I'll start with my big news: I'm making and selling a Dynavap induction heater with pulse width modulated (PWM) temperature control! What is...
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