flame powered

  1. kalinga

    Discontinued Essential VAAAPP

    Anyone tried or seen this yet? Quite interesting. http://essentialvaaapp.com/
  2. B

    What about Lighbulb.... it actually WORKS !!!!

    Ive got a lightbulb made by the bullet company for 3Euro .... the cheapest copycat of smoke bubble ..... Now,, i know it is unimaginable to estimate amount of weed ... but try .. its really somewhere under 0.05g of weed.... i have vaporizing it and it got me fking HIGH !@ :D:D:D so .. maybe...
  3. nysuperscum

    Discontinued Supreme Vaporizer

    Anyone know anything about this one? I am considering buying one and I'm wondering if anyone here knows of it. Modnote: The website to purchase a Supreme is http://www.supremev.com/
  4. J

    Vapolution Pocket Vape

    I recently tried Vapolutions pocket vaporizer and overall it was a fairly good. It consists of around 5" of colored glass with some marbles on it and has a sideways stem on the inside to keep herbs from falling through. It is like the ubie but looks more like a nice piece of glass art versus...
  5. spyder


    Anyone use it?? There are some videos on YouTube ... Looks interesting??
  6. vtac


    The VaporGenie is a compact and portable vaporizer pipe. It uses a ceramic flame filter to protect the herb below from your lighter flame which heats the inhaled air to vaporization temperatures before it passes over the herb. This thing definitely works when used properly, though it does...
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