1. 1nd3cEnt

    The Nova FX by Ardent

    Meet Ardent's Nova FX ($350, free s/h): https://ardentcannabis.com/product/nova-fx/ From the Ardent website: "We are so excited to announce the FX all-in-one portable cannabis kitchen aka the Easy Bake Ardent! You can do it ALL in this wonder device. Almost 4x bigger than the Nova with...
  2. Litg3

    Edibles on an empty stomach or not.

    Tomorrow will be my third time eating an edible and i was wondering if i should try taking it in the morning on an empty stomach, the other two times i did them i ate a fatty meal around 2 hours before taking it because i read somewhere if you have fat in your stomach the thc can bind to it or...
  3. FL_treehug

    edible-feel, but faster acting (tincture vs lil-puffs)

    Hi! I prefer the gentle & long duration of edibles to help me keep anxiety at bay -- and just love the even-flow of ingested cannabis. That said, sometimes I want a faster effect. I'm considering tincture -- will grab a (hybrid) vape pen... And would love some advice on how to keep my...
  4. twigs

    So many options in legal state

    I’ve noticed an explosion of concentrate and edible options in WA state. Would this be because there is more profit or maybe less regulation in these products? Other ideas???
  5. ChinoPiff

    i wanna make edibles out off my glycerin tinture any recipes??

    i got this tinture for almost 100 days and i wanna make some eddibles!!! HELP!!
  6. VapeWorld

    VapeWorld - Edibles Blog

    Hey guys! Check out our blog for weekly edibles recipes as well as how to make herb infused butter/oils using the MagicalButter machine and LEVO Oil Infuser :)
  7. Silver420Surfer

    Making Canna Capsules with CO2 oil

    I am trying to make some canna caps with my CO2 oil and I seem to be hung up on the math. I was hoping someone with better math skills may be willing to help. Here's my list I'm working with: 1 gram activated CO2 oil - 69% THC so I believe roughly 690mg Size "00" gelatin...
  8. Treeburner

    How Many Cook with New (unvaped) Bud?

    This forum is full of posts about people cooking with ABV or trim, but very little about cooking with high quality, cured bud. I recently switched from vaping to eating, and have been having great results with 0.75g per day divided into three 0.25g doses in coconut oil containing oatmeal raisin...
  9. D

    Heat setting for butter

    I am trying to make butter from my avb. I found a good crock pot recipe. The crock pot I bought has a high low and keep warm setting. Should I use low or keep warm? It bubbles a little at low so I turned it to keep warm. Is this high enough?
  10. FR0ST

    How much more bud do you need to use when cooking?

    So I know the exact amount that I would put in my vaporizer, to reach my desired effects. However, does anyone know how much more would I need to use when cooking to reach a very similar level? Is there some sort of math that I can apply between vaporization dose and edible dose :P?
  11. swito

    Mason Jar/Coconut Oil/Crockpot cooking - Convenience & Perfection?

    Hi everyone, I'm a brand new member to the forums (I just signed up), but I am not new to vaporizing or the various ways to use herb as I have had a silver surfer vaporizer for almost 6 years now (as well as having lurked through hundreds of forums from FC, GC, leafly, etc). I have done lots of...
  12. Hashtag46&2

    Cannamels, Melt in your mouth Canna-infused Caramels

    G'day FC :wave: Gotta a great recipe for Caramels that will plaster a grin on your face for hours. Please go low and slow regarding edible consumption, they can be very very strong. -1 Cup of Cannabutter, or infuse 1-3 grams of concentrate into butter.(BE CAREFUL -know your tolerance *3 grams...
  13. M

    Tincture Shelf Life

    Hey Everyone! My concern with these 2 Sodas that took considerably high places at the Cannabis Cup is that Ive just received them and their labels say 8/15/15 ( Probably the date of expiration) but I was wondering do Tinctures really expire or lose potency and if so is there anyway to prolong...
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