Quantifying Weed: Why We Need More Data on Our Dank

    Insightful article on cannabis testing:
  2. H

    Hex-Nail (HN-01) - RIP

    Our team would like to invite you to pre-order the next big thing in Cannabis technology. The Hex-Nail is not only the first of it's kind, but the new standard for those wanting to see some real bang for your buck. The Hex-Nail is the world's first integrated, app-controlled, touchscreen...
  3. VapeDaddyVape

    Cannabis vs 'Harvoni' for Hepatitis C results.

    Anyone out there has had to make a decision on 1 or the other for treatment of Hep C? I have been vaping for 7+ years with no abnormal liver tests. I'm a grade 3, Stage 4 liver damage(cirrhosis) on biopsy. My question is until recently I have been doing ok until a couple of weeks ago & had a...
  4. VegNVape

    Sweet Mary Jane Music - A Herbal Homage - Ganja Tunes!

    Hello good people of FC :) I absolutely love music! And if that music is in some slight way a tribute to the healing herb then all the better! There are soooo many songs out there relating to Cannabis - old, new & covering many genres - that I thought I would try to get them altogether in one...
  5. F

    Green Eggs & Ham

    So, I would like to share a really easy way to go medible with your breakfast. Mind you this is a green egg sandwich, the ham is optional :tup: This is a recipe that I learned in the "Soy Lecithin as a Potentiator" thread via luchiano so i will post his original comment as i think that the...
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