1. Robert-in-YEG

    Stop chasing the dragon - Respect the ritual

    This whole year has stressful for me; the years before even worse. That's not as bad as it sounds, but safe to say, we all have our personal purgatories. Around March or April, I had to put down my dog. He had cancer. Usually, I'm pretty stoic, but this seemed to be a trigger. Long story...

    California cannabis king linked to Ukrainian who was indicted with Giuliani associates

    By Theresa Clift, Dale Kasler, and Ryan Sabalow October 13, 2019 04:52 PM, Updated October 14, 2019 01:04 PM A Ukrainian-born man indicted in a campaign-finance scheme along with two associates of Rudy Giuliani, President Trump’s personal attorney, is an officer in a Sacramento cannabis...

    Canadian Woman Gets Banned From US for Bringing CBD Oil Across Border

    Canadian Woman Gets Banned From US for Bringing CBD Oil Across Border NEWS AUG 22, 2019 03:06 PM PST by CHRIS MOORE Hemp-derived CBD oils are now legal in both the US and Canada, but that won't stop border police from banning you for life if you try to bring it into the country. Shortly...
  4. G

    Strange feeling in throaght after vaporizing?

    Hello I have been vaporizing cannabis for a little over 2 years it is my preferred method of consuming. Although every time I vape I get like this thick spit or phlem in the back of my throaght. It feels like a ball of it in my throaght. Everytime I try to swallow it it comes back up shortly...
  5. Dan Morrison

    The Way of Cannabis

    I'd like to talk about developing a more mindful approach to the vaporization ritual. This is a rough idea I've been chewing on for a while... and I'm taking it to the forum to help refine, flush out, make better. I feel like this idea is best approached through the hive-mind of our community...
  6. -dab8-

    Immune system vs. cannabis

    I was sick more in 2018 than ever before. There are many factors, so I can’t blame cannabis, but I have heard it does affect the immune system. Recently I have been sick for a month. I was just diagnosed with mono. Should I avoid cannabis to let my immune system recover? Also, mono can...
  7. C

    Does this weed look Moldy?

    I got this stuff, Guy said it had been wrapped a few days, It seems real nice quality, dried well, snappy crunchy etc but got a weird seaweed damp grassy smell with a bit of goodness poking out. but it is bone dry. As it sits in the jar for 2 days it gets more stinking by the day in a good way...
  8. EART

    AVB recipe?

    Hi guys, recently learnt about AVB. So basically its the Already VAped Bud. And looking to see what do you know about it and if you have any recipe for cooking with it. So after you vape your herb, you can still use it. This is a huge advantage for vaping vs smoking I think.
  9. CauseBurn

    Is it legal time yet?

  10. G

    Age and developing brain

    Hello I have a few questions about using cannabis and it's affects on the brain. I am 21 years old and I have read few articles on cannabis and the possible problems it can cause in the brain and most of them apply to teenagers but some pointed out to young adults ages 20 to like 25 because your...
  11. C

    best vape for my asthma

    VapeXhale EVO is my favorite desktop vape! This vape provides huge strong pure clean hits. The connection is a 18male and does not require the whole setup if on a budget! I also love that you can also pack little bowls They also have a glass nail adapter to do torch less dabs and provides so...
  12. Schroedinger

    Sign online petition to legalize cannabis in Germany!

    Hi everyone, there is currently running an online petition to legalize cannabis in Germany, addressing our new government (after they figured out which parties will form a coalition). I am not sure who is eligible (AFAIK everyone) to sign and the form is in German...
  13. Ohmie

    Confederacy, Cannabis and States rights ^heres a link to what this threads about^ that's the original thread. I had to move it to another section, so catch up there and reply here.
  14. Ohmie

    Confederacy, Cannabis and States rights

    So this is how it all began at the age of fc community and nostalgia thread; And finally the my post that started this thread; "This thread is about nostalgia and the feminism is like a shadow between then and now so I was just staying relevant is all..:2c::worms: Maybe I should've said...
  15. Vapoleon

    Nearly 0% THC Sativa

    Hello everybody! Any of You has or had any experience with legal cannabis sativa, i mean, the "industrial" THC free, but rich in CBD and rich in all the other components? I'm very curious about this one: I'd be very happy for any...
  16. Ohmie

    Pepper vs Cannabis weaponized / health-wise

    So a week or two ago I was in the middle of debating with one of you guys that pepper was more dangerous than Marijuana and my post was tagged as "Not Nice" and a point was deducted from my account for relating the alt-pepper people's arguments to the intelligence of orangutans, though I didn't...

    Why does cannabis work so well? We all have an Endocannabinoid system. Must Watch Video!

    Everyone needs to know this stuff! We have been doing a ton of research on our body's endocannabinoid system. We could rattle on and try to explain how cannabinoids in cannabis align with our natural endocannabinoid system - and we could throw out some terminology like CB1 and CB2 receptors...
  18. zoner

    Glycerin extraction in a Magical Butter Machine

    Hello Dear Scientists Of Steam! I have a few questions which I would greatly appreciate some help with... I recently purchased a Magical Butter Machine for making extracts, tinctures etc., for the the management of chronic pain. I oftentimes use cannabis in various forms, like medibles, but I...

    ASTM Standarization News: The Need for Cannabis Standards Wasn't able to post the article here as it is over 10K characters.
  20. Ohmie

    Cannabis oil vs dry herb vaporization

    I don't have any alcohol but I'm considering making cannabis ejuice. Anyway, would it be worth it? Do you get more stoned from dry or juice?
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