Glycerin extraction in a Magical Butter Machine


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Hello Dear Scientists Of Steam!

I have a few questions which I would greatly appreciate some help with... I recently purchased a Magical Butter Machine for making extracts, tinctures etc., for the the management of chronic pain. I oftentimes use cannabis in various forms, like medibles, but I would love to be able to vape it as well. I've searched around the Web for a good vaping recipe, one that works well and without alcohol, but I'm left feeling as if something is missing from the readily available ones... Not to mention that there are mixed reviews. SOOooo, I wonder if any of the esteemed members of this forum might have any tips/tricks/advice for extracting cannabis with glycerin in an MBM? I have read that glycerin does not work as well as grain alcohol, but I cannot use the latter as I am intolerant. Should I use propylene glycol instead of glycerin in the MBM? Quantities? That sort of stuff.

Any tips/tricks based on actual experience(s) would be helpful and so dearly appreciated.

Thanks In Advance!


P.S. I have already gone and read the Magical Butter Machine subsection on this Forum and did not find anything compelling. I also posted my request there, so please understand I'm just casting as wide a net as possible. :-)


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hey mate

I have no experience with the MBM (tho i dearly would like one), My experiments with making infused liquids has mainly been with PG or VG (vape shop assures me it is USP)

A) Steeping used and resinous vape parts in a bath
- this was not a very good experiment, double boiled on the stove a lowish settings, very little was absorbed in either solution but the PG definitely absorbed more

B) Running vapor though VG or PG via a water pipe
- after running an oz through each solution both definitely had absorbed more than method A.
though the PG had more smell (at the time it smelt like infused cookies) and color (nice amber) than the VG

my testing methods were as a -vaping liquid- or as -flavorings for my coffee- as a "wake and bake" in the morning to ensure consistency

Vaping through though the standard e-jiuce RDA i found that the VG was considerably substandard too the PG (this still had to be diluted with VG to make it a decent vape 10ml PG to 20ml VG) and this result was the same over method A and B. Effect varied from barely noticeable to mildly noticeable

As a coffee flavoring, this method was much faster to administer than vaping, in this method i have used 10ml of liquid in each cuppa and still the PG won over VG and method B was a distinct winner with a decent body effect

Conclusion - was it worth the effort?
In my view it was a fun experiment but my efforts were in vain for minimalistic gain. compared to other reclaim attempts seen elsewhere of this forum

Sorry if this experience seems a bit off topic, Though i believe that PG is better for absorbing them goodies than VG


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Extracted with MBM in both VG and PG, tried as vape and tincture. Did not use prime flower, mainly QWET filtrate.

The biggest problem was filtering afterward. Both VG and PG are too thick to filter easily. You'll need to use heat and pressure (maybe a tincture press). Otherwise, the extract will gunk up your coils fast.

Another problem is chlorophyll. Probably best to extract kief, if possible.

Others report success. There's a blog by Old Hippie (or something) specific to the MBM. Another resource is badkittysmiles.

PG is probably better for extraction and it's thinner than VG. There seem to be more health concerns with vaping PG than VG, but fewer than PEG.

Good luck!
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