1. xtraclipsforxtrashit

    3D-Printed Ceramic Accessories (Vapcap Stems, etc.)

    So I've been fiddling around with the idea of having some custom stems printed out for myself, for my vapcap, and finally found a company that I like the aesthetic of their ceramics. I don't really like the glazed look and a lot of the glazed 3d printed ceramic items I've seen look sort of...
  2. khelek41girl


    Hello Everyone! I thought it was about time that I made an official KGWoodcrafts thread! There seems to be some chatter around on the Vapcap thread regarding KGWoodcrafts stems, and I thought I would pop in and introduce myself and my father! My name is Alyson and I have been making Dynavap...
  3. Andy Capp

    Andy Capp Creations

  4. Eskcharls

    510 Extension

    Im looking for some sort of extension cable for the mod box 510 connection that can enable me to use like a a desktop setup when ill be holding the vaporizer like stempod, splinter or imp on my hand,and the mod box would be on the desk. It seems that the G43 and the Tubox have that configuration...
  5. Simple10

    Best overall vape tools & accessories organizer?

    Can anyone recommend a good overall organizer/storage unit that can hold all my loading/dab tools, 14 & 18mm glass adapters, various types of mouthpiece stems, cleaning brushes, etc., etc? I am currently using a shoe box with bubble wrap I try and lay in between each glass piece, but sometimes...
  6. ander

    NEWVAPE Accessories

    I'm doing some shopping from newvape, and among the various interesting stuff I've found something of which (for my lack in english and short experience concerning vaporizers, I guess) I can't simply understand the usage... Here is the complete kit: It is called HoneySuckle Vaporizer Bundle...
  7. Creeper

    Review/discussion on the Zeus Iceborn vaporizer accessory!

    Hello FC! I was surprised to see that no one has posted up yet on the Zeus Iceborn that was released last month so I thought I should give back to this awesome community with some actually first-hand experience using it the last few weeks. I had first heard about the Iceborn through an email...
  8. Hashtag46&2

    DDave Mod for SSV/ DBV/ LSV

    Release The Beast 2 :rockon: @DDave has done it again, except this time 7th Floor's line of desktops become remarkably efficient. Love the way the DBV/LSV/ SSV rips huge effective draws? But maybe you're like me,and tend to over fill your wand? Or frustrated that it is a very effective device...
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