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    The Arizer Air

    thats unfortunate... i ordered stems as recently as last month w paypal
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    The Extreme-Q Vaporizer

    thanks for the heads up on it cracking..
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    Ed's TnT Wooden Vapor Tubes & Vapor Stems

    So im on the fence about which Air stem to purchase.. what would you suggest and why?
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    The Arizer Air

    " If bothered by any draw resistance with the AA get yourself a PVHE stem from planetvape. " I got one with mine, and used it straight away after trying them all. I would probably be a little disappointed with my AA's airflow with the stock stems, if that was all I knew of it.
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    This is a pretty good reason personally ... thank you
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    The Arizer Air

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    The Arizer Air

    This i've seen. BTW, Do you guys preheat the Air with the stem in it? or wait until its heated and add it. I know they say to add it first, but i find that i cant make it to the end of the ten mins if I preheat. Seems like a waste somewhat
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    Add moisture to the weed before vaping it

    I find using a humidity controlled container is the best bet. last longer than dried out crumbly stuff, and isnt 'wet' enough to cause mold, etc this is what i use
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    At what point do you think it makes sense to own one for me? I have an Arizer Air which i love, and an 18" RooR. Trying to justify what has always been the last step toward an ideal home solution
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    Exxus dry herb Vaporizer

    glass or go home IMO
  11. Jsmith7326 - Canada's Destination for the Best Vapes on the Planet

    I recently picked up a Arizer Air from PV. Amazing device, and everything was packed up nicely... but the coolest part was a free bag of doritos. made me laugh out loud. Keep up the good work!! :sherlock: also just ordered the m2m Vortex PVHEGonG. cant wait to try that out
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    Arizer Air or MFLB?

    Look, I love my MFLB... but the Air is a game changer... yeah it takes a min to heat up, but you dont really notice and it takes that much time to get comfortable anyway.. ha
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    What Is Your Back-Up Vape?

    MFLB with AC attachment. GOld
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