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The Pinnacle by Vaporblunt

Discussion in 'Portable Vaporizers' started by TherealVaporblunt, Jan 22, 2013.

  1. lookhigh

    lookhigh Well-Known Member

    More temp settings
    Battery indicator
    Use while charging.
    PONGs are interchangeable

    Glass PONGs are now available from TRVB. check out the PRO thread
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  2. as

    as Well-Known Member

    Thanks looks like I'm going to be getting me a PN when I can afford it

    I have looked at the glass adaptors for the PNP will want one of them also think ed is going to look at making wood ones as well wich I will want if/when I get one

    I won't need the higher temp or charge and use
    A battery indicator would be nice but I can live with out it and at £90 seams a steal
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  3. lookhigh

    lookhigh Well-Known Member

    Yes bargain.
    I still like the OG pinnacle
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  4. Sativape

    Sativape Well-Known Member

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  5. BarnBoy

    BarnBoy Reformed Combustor

    Hey all you PN OG folks!

    The BarnBoy is brewing up a contest for one of his proto car chargers and is inviting you to join in the fun as the car charger should work for you too! For more info see this post and others for initial contest details....

    Same rules apply, just you have the PN OG!!!

    All SSDD!!
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  6. CarolKing

    CarolKing Singer of songs and a vapor connoisseur

    left coast
    I thought VaporBlunt had good customer savings back in Sept, Oct & Nov, then it started to fall. Some folks say it's gotten better now. I gave up a while back.

    I will be curious what Ed could come up with for the Pnp gong. He does amazing work, he may have something figured out in that genius brain of his.
  7. VapoShop

    VapoShop Well-Known Member Retailer

    Even though this is an old post, it would help if the VaporBlunt company would be more responsive to its (prospect) customers.. weeks going by with no answer to emails is dissapointing, to say the least.
  8. OutkastBoss

    OutkastBoss Well-Known Member

    In Denver for 420 my Pn is at home in a drawer due to no battery replacement support.

    It still runs for 2 cycles before dying so I still wont try to replace it on my own yet.

    Smh its a shame I did like the thing.
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  9. BarnBoy

    BarnBoy Reformed Combustor

    @OutkastBoss - would a car charger for your PN OG help in your situation?
  10. RUDE BOY

    RUDE BOY Space is the Place

    Both of my pinnacles need to have the battery run completely down before I recharge if I want more then one session( 1 cycle on low - 1 cycle on high per bullet). I have to make sure the pn has gone through the warning lights flashing and that the battery dies before charging if I want to do 2 bullets next time out.
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  11. OF

    OF Well-Known Member

    Left Coast
    So I think the time has come for me to come clean on some experiments I've been running on my otherwise neglected Pinnacle. It's given it a new lease on usefulness to me. My hope is some will try the idea and add their contributions?

    Based on my 'spiking the load' in Iolite I started out trying a layer of bubble hash in the load. On the general formula of the bottom half being dry fine ground bud followed by a layer of bubble (perhaps 1/4 inch?) with a fairly thin cover of more bud. This keeps things very easy to clean out (no fouling down low in the cart), provides a more potent load and one that seems to go and go and go.

    3 different strains of bubble gave differing results, some of it seems to lump up and not work well, others not so. More work is needed. Then came the even more fun part. I carefully mixed some salvaged CO2 oil in with fresh ground bud, probably about half a gram of oil and a bit over a gram of bud? I'll have to measure next time. To the point the herb absorbed it enough so it wasn't all sticky and could be loaded. I substituted this for the bubble (which I'd run out of). Instant success! You have to be even more careful with the oil, I almost had an accident as some almost made it to the screen part of the cart, a sure mess. But the results were a whole other thing I think.

    Oh, yeah, I'm continuing to put a fine mesh 1/2 screen on top (under the one on the MP), changing it often keeps things wide open up top, I'm thinking of punching the factory screen out of the MP and using only loose screens.

    Anyway, if you have a Pinnacle and are lucky enough to have access to concentrates give it a try. It still has a very limited number of sessions available from that little battery, but boy oh boy does this make those sessions count big time.

    Charge it up, load up a cart and good times are in the bag. On demand and otherwise pretty conveniently and discretely (for those who like such things).

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  12. Sativape

    Sativape Well-Known Member


    I didn't have much luck with concentrates in the PN OG, except for only bubble and Moroccan hash w/bud medleys.

    With the PNP however, I've been able to mix kief, bubble hash, Moroccan, Qwiso, shattery shattered shatter with my bud and oh man does this ever last long.

    The only thing I find an issue, is the concentrates very much outlast the bud, therefore the taste starts to get compromised.

    The flavor enhancements of any concentrates is my favorite part, therefore I keep the ratio down to about 1:5 between the concentrate vs bud.

    I got my hands on some de-gummed hemp fibre too recently, thanks to @stickstones advice, and I used an ever so thin layer and made basically qwiso, bubble hash, kief mini roll. See below pic for reference.

    I will post actual pics of the hemp fiber rolls shortly.

    I just slid this roll into the bullet.

    Packed it excessively tight too... but still pulled like a monster.

    It lasted me for over 5 x 8min sessions.....

    The PNP being able to operate while plugged in an higher temps are some things that I really appreciate about the PNP.

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  13. Sativape

    Sativape Well-Known Member

    Double post in full effect.

    Damn, I must have killed this thread with my last post... no posts for a month?

    So lets try to bring some life back into this thread..

    To PN OG owners, I hope you guys are aware of the new glass insert Pgong.

    Available from both VaporBlunt's site and theyoyokid1....

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  14. lookhigh

    lookhigh Well-Known Member

    Used my OG couple of days ago when the PRO ran out of power. Did not use it for ages, battery was still charged and just as good as the PRO for everything else.
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  15. KC

    KC feet on the ground, head in the sky

    Just received the new glass insert Pong, and looking forward to trying it out after work today. Ordered a second OG Pinnacle for backup -- the two temps it offers work well for me, and I've no need to upgrade to the PRO.

    Noticed some decline in the battery life on my first model, but I can still get 4 sessions out of it. Now that I've got two of them, I'll be good to go!

    Best investment I've ever made. Viva la vape!
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  16. vaporonly

    vaporonly Well-Known Member

    Hi maybe I missed this in the last couple pages but do you happen to have any tips to help a person get to the "this is great" part with the pinnacle?
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