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Oct 30, 2015
Nov 12, 2011
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Discount code is fc420 Dec 10, 2012

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Oct 30, 2015
    1. BM778
      Hey there TRVB, I've been doing a lot of research and I'm glad to say I love your product The Pinnacle Pro and am looking to purchase one quite soon. That being said, while I would love to buy directly from you, the prices on some other websites are unbeatable. Could you confirm for me if VaporSeller.com is an authorized reseller of your product?
    2. Connor24
      Love your PnP, by far my favorite vape I've tried. Having that said, I'm trying to improve it, I've been reading a lot more about the glass mouth piece and wondering how I can get my hands on one. Thanks
    3. Bass Vaper
      Bass Vaper
      What's up dude. I purchased a Pinnacle Pro and VB 2.0 and am waiting on the water tool attachment to come tomorrow. I have a couple issues with the VB 2.0 if you can help me out at all. The issues with it are listed in the thread review of the VB 2.0. Page 48 of the thread.

      If you could get back to me with some advice it'd be swell. Thanks
    4. mestizo

      I ordered a double ring showerhead glass during black Friday and haven't received tracking, any idea when you are going to start shipping those?
      I also bought a chandelier and received that one a few days ago, thanks.

      Thank you for your time.

    5. tepictoton

      I tried ordering one of the chandelier water tools, but cannot select shipping to Spain? Any way we can get that solved? Thx for the great offer by the way.

      greetz, kim
    6. TromaRon
      Hi there! Brand new to this and but looking for a good solution for pain. From what I read the Pinnacle Pro seems like the way to go. Is it still possible to get a discount code? I was all set to get a Vaporblunt 2.0 until I read your posts about the new one. You've convinced me it's the way to go!
    7. mostfcknawesome
      Hi trvb, I was thinking about buying a new vape and a friend put me on to the pinnacle pro. he also mentioned the discount but when i put it in it doesnt work. can you help plz im really wanna buy this vape
      1. uncrustable likes this.
    8. Tba
      I am choosing what vape to buy. It will be my first vape.
      I'd like a comparison of pinnacle and vaporblunt 2.0 in terms of efficiency, amount of material in bullet, clouds, hit quality.
      Which one is the best without taking into consideration portability?
      My real concern is about hight hits.
      Thank you.
    9. Solsticejk
      Hi trvb, i would like to order a Pinnacle, but there seems to be an error on the website. It automatically put 1001 units in my cart (for over $230,000) and when I changed it to 1, I get the following error message: Please update your order. The item: The Pinnacle ... Quantity Units errors -
      You ordered a total of: 1 Units: 1001. Please let me know how to proceeed,
    10. IF II INI C IHI
      hi. what does the total come to for the pinnicle after the FC discount? also I will be ordering next week! can't wait
    11. Dopevape
      Hi TherealVaporblunt i was just wondering are u allrdy taking the orders for the deluxe version or is this just for the first version? I'm very much interested. thanks.
    12. Brian Broussard
      Brian Broussard
    13. TherealVaporblunt
      Discount code is fc420
    14. Brian Broussard
      Brian Broussard
      I would like to receive the discount code and know how I can order a deluxe version. Thanks!
    15. Alevin
      Hey man, is the vb 2.0 on the market yet. I can't find it anywhere on your website. Any help would be apprecited. Thanks,
    16. america
      hey i was wondering if you could send me the discount code for the VB 2.0?
    17. Monicali11
      Hello. My email is monicaridesmoto@gmail.com and I have e-mailed you twice about a warranty return and have not heard back. Since you frequent this site often, can you please put me in touch with someone so I can handle this return? I have been waiting longer to hear about my return than I have even gotten to use the Vapor Blunt!! :( I can provide the original receipt, serial number, and original packaging!
    18. Buyola
      I would love to receive a test model if you need someone to represent NYC.
      Can't wait to get my hands on your product.
    19. Buyola
      Very excited about your product. Thanks for all the info, it goes a long way. The discount helps alot as well.
      I would like to buy the VB 2.0 first and invest in the water tool later.
      Thank you
    20. WayUpNorth
      I tried to order a replacement cap with stir knob for my vaporblunt, and I later received an email saying that the order could not be filled and that I would have to be referred to your Canadian supplier. I did not receive a refund for my payment and I was not referred to any other place that I could buy the cap
      1. WayUpNorth
        Overall the customer service has been awful, I will not be dealing with this company again
        Oct 30, 2012
      2. TherealVaporblunt
        I am checking into this now
        Nov 1, 2012
      3. TherealVaporblunt
        you spoke with eric this morning and your refund has been processed. The reason we referred you to canadian dist is shipping would be 5 times more, i am sorry for your inconvenience
        Nov 1, 2012
    21. Iraqvet420
      It's Monday and still no reply to any of my emails???
      1. WayUpNorth and Rccsr42085 like this.
      2. Rccsr42085
        hey it's now been 1month and 1week and ive heard nothing back yet, i will never buy another one of their products again, horrible past product support
        Sep 29, 2012
    22. Iraqvet420
      Also sent a couple emails myself and no response? I need to send my vapor blunt back and get it replaced but it was a gift a couple months ago so I have no receipt I even purchased an xtra battery from your site but that wasn't th problem...response would be appreciated thanks
      1. Rccsr42085 likes this.
    23. Rccsr42085
      Hi I have sent an email I think its been about two weeks now and I have gotten no response I need my unit has been over heating,the vaporblunt
    24. baileysweet
      Hey any word/pic on the new product yet?
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