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Nov 30, 2011
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Left Coast
Retarded (too old to work no more....)


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Searching for the answer......did it come this way? Mar 9, 2012

    1. 21stCenturyVape
      Just wanted to doublecheck your Eleaf stick pico setup for Divine Tribe Quartz Quest. In the thread for QQ, you posted that your TCR value is 550 @ 45 W. Do you lock the resistance when you run it? Also, once you're actually ready to vape, what temp do you set temp control? Like let's say you have M1 set to 550. You turn on the pico, make sure it's set to M1 w/45 W. What temp do you then set it to for TCR?
    2. Skyscraper
      Thanks for the advice! The Air seems to be holding up well in use on the charger. Ordering new batteries is better than getting a new Air! I was considering going back to smoking!
    3. illyonik
      Hey i came across your post on the arizer solo power adapter. i was hoping you can help me, the tip of my power adapter sometimes looses contact and turns off my vape if i giggle it it starts working again. what is the size of the tip id like to buy one and splice it in instead of the old one. thank you in advance
    4. DO
      Thought I'd go to the guru, having spent much time on the forum during my Cera days, and now seeing that you're similarly knowledgable about the Air.....I'm battery laden from Cera times...do you know whether they would be Air functional? Thanks in advance.
    5. Dylan8777
      Hey i have a sticky lips wax burner pen and im curious of any dome attomizers like the v5 work for it?
    6. mixchu69
      Hey OF, appreciate all the insight.


      Is that the cartridge with the ceramic puck everyone is talking about. Since I baby my stuff, I would be willing to pay that amount to use this seeing I won't overuse it. Would you recommend the purchase?

      I know TV is long gone, but if I can use this for 6 months, I would be happy.
    7. orlandog504
    8. DeanoG
      Hey OF, I'm new to this forum. I have recently started a advertising business model for legal marijuana consumption and I wanted to see what are the top Epens for Marijuana use. Where could I ask a question to the entire audience so my partners and I can decide on the one we'll use in our advertising.
      1. DJ Colonel Corn
        DJ Colonel Corn
        Most users I've talked with and read, including myself, have reported that E-pens simply do not vaporize cannabis effectively. I recommend the Solo from Arizer, you can read the thread at : http://fuckcombustion.com/threads/arizer-solo.3833/ .
        In most experiences, the E-pens tend to burn, rather than vaporize, the cannabis. Hope this helps. I know it's an old post, but just saw it. Cheers.
        Oct 8, 2014
    9. TommydCat
      Congrats on 10k! :D
    10. Razor
      I know pen vapes usually are for oils so its nice to see one that claims what it claims and has a different design than the other pen burners is what I call them. This one is for herb only. Very interested because it looks exactly like a pen and would appreciate your input. Sorry double post, too many chars
    11. Razor
      Hey OF, how ya doin? I got a question for you since you seem to be one of the wiser people when it comes to mechanics. This thing called the grasshopper vaporizer, formerly the zenpen. Do you think with the specs of it that'll it'll be able to do what it says of almost instant reheating in the heating chamber, providing quality vapor.
    12. Hyess
      hey OF!
      nice cera mod! how did you take out the button from the switch?
    13. dRechy
      should I buy the Arizer Solo off of eBay from a guy named thegolfmiester?
      1. DJ Colonel Corn
        DJ Colonel Corn
        Yeah I got one from him and all was good, included warranty and all. Seems legit. I email'd him about it, and he replied quickly. Seems OK ..my new one was from someone else for some reason I can't remember. Cheers.
        Oct 8, 2014
      2. DJ Colonel Corn
        DJ Colonel Corn
        oh crap just saw this post is from almost a year ago, sorry. Hope all went well.
        Oct 8, 2014
    14. Hoof Hearted
      Hoof Hearted
      *waving at you*
      Hi OF......
      Are you too cool to talk to us normal folk?
      I'm interested to hear more about your occupation.
    15. VapeForest
      Hi cutie pie lol
    16. Saccs
      Hello... Do u have any more O-Rings?
    17. hektik8625
      Hey OF, I just want to apologize for my tone when I fist came on here and got banned for a while. Never have really been a "forum" person until now, this site is good! And the knowledge , and how everyone shares info etc...That's how I am! Im learnin. But anyways I just felt like I owed u an apology, and wanted to get it off my chest :) thanks , max
    18. reshark
      Does the OF stand for OldFart?
    19. VapoRoor
      I did some pokin around & couldn't find instructions on how to clean The LV Dart. Would you happen to know?
    20. ataxian
    21. CuttyBuddy
      Hey man, if you would like to explain the 'proper loading procedure' for the omicron tank, I'm all ears.
    22. Ace0070
      Noticed your posts on a couple threads to do with g tanks n the sort, signed up just to ask this question actually.. Ive had a SToK for a month or so now. Wondering what you would recommend as a better concentrate vaporizer. Your opinions quite valued by myself so please spare nothing in your reply. I really appreciate your time :) Thanks.
    23. OO
      Creative pseudonym.

      Thoughtful posts.

      Wows the fanboys!
    24. bluesurfboy
      OF, i like you bro.. id like to meet up, id certainly pay my way through, or exchange with my pax, or other vapor methods that i prefer if thats acceptable to you. please let me know, i live in elk grove, south sacramento area, and would love to meet up in a friend to friend, man to man manner for equal benefit.
    25. IdeaJ
      your a big help man thanks!
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