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The Grasshopper

Discussion in 'Portable Vaporizers' started by midgetsanchez, Jun 8, 2015.

  1. Mr. Gweilo 420

    Mr. Gweilo 420 Dude

    The Far East
    Your RMA took about as long as mine. I thought for sure you would get a good one back. How can these clowns not check this stuff? My RMA unit is thus far overwhelmingly good. I thought the company may have finally turned a corner. Imo they have disgraced themselves. They repeatedly show the vaping community that they have no honor.
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  2. Hogni

    Hogni Honi soit qui mal y pense

    Berlin, Germany
    Are there any reviews on defective new/RMAed devices with the new tech aside FC? Maybe Reddit?
    And what's the reason for malfunctions? Are new tech parts misconstructed or is it just a question of bad assembling or QC by GHL?
    End of next week I get my new Ti. I fear the worst.....
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  3. Hammahead

    Hammahead Well-Known Member

    I actually got notified by the german customs there was a packet for me. Haven't received it yet, so I don't know if there was an invoice/declaration attached to it. It has apparently shipped more than a month ago but my account still says it's unshipped. I have contacted HL in this case but only got truly useless (and clueless) answers, not even a confirmation like "Yup, it's been shipped". They really make it hard to defend them.
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  4. MoltenTiger

    MoltenTiger Well-Known Member

    Terra Australis
    I thought mine was running a bit cold at first. It still is, compared to what is possible. I also wasn't used to convection after months off using mostly the Sub. I have a Tubo now, and the hopper is on par, though I run my Tubo at 225, 230 from a cold start. My GH seems to fairly reach 210°. There's a pretty fine line with coil calibration where minimal change causes a big difference, as you can accurately adjust with the Tubo to see. Over time my hopper seems to have settled and it's now running much hotter more consistently than I first thought. I saw some discussion on reddit about this, referring to the heater taking a time to burn in, so perhaps there's something to that..
    I did get from factory off-gassing during initial burn offs, but the bud I had at the time was mids. Don't bother with mediocre, basically.

    I'm running some cheese berry through my HT at the moment and the vapour is pouring out, glass is getting milky and there's something to the flavour and efficacy combo that I haven't matched with the Tubo.

    Where the Tubo is clearly better is with rapid firing chambers back to back, as the GH without the feeder is a bit fiddly to do so.
    But with bud like this it's just not needed, and I have basically stuffed up the last few 15 minute run times with the Tubo as I simply can't consume at that rate. As a one hitter, I prefer the hopper. It brings me more OG cheese and juicy fruit flavours, so I'm loving the entourage possible with the terpene profile being so intact whilst the vapour is at a super high density. Truly the best of the best in terms of experience.
    The airflow on the Tubo though is unreal compared to the hopper, it makes the hopper seem like a VapCap to itself, the difference it exhibits between it and the Tubo is that notable.

    Without question the hopper is the king of ultra portability, on par with pax yet disqualifying it on smell, performance and practability ranks.
    My Tubo X is mostly limited to a portable home vape.
    With the combination of the GH, Tubo and Sub and the lifetime warranty, and general durability/repairability respectively, I have completely covered all grounds intended and now consider combustion entirely redundant.

    Can't ask for much more, I finish every day with time spent with one of these devices and it's working really well.

    The key interest I have in the hopper is it's performance and it's size. When the heater is working, it's insanely great.
    3 weeks of use has me as happy as ever, it has been worth everything to behold the hopper in its full fledged glory.

    If these guys recover from this ongoing huge issue, which they probably will, they genuinely deserve it. No qualms whatsoever, nothing compares, can't complain over spilt milk
  5. Cheesequake

    Cheesequake Well-Known Member

    My blue Ti runs cooler than any of my previous hoppers. It can still fully extract a bowl in one hit but the ABV comes out much lighter than my others. Curious to see how the stainless steel does when I get it back tomorrow.
  6. wkndwarrior

    wkndwarrior Active Member

    Great insight! I really want to try out the hopper now that its a little more stable. It just seems like the perfect design/form factor.
  7. johnnyCanuck

    johnnyCanuck Well-Known Member

    I have the Haze Square for the past two/three weeks. It’s ok. Super convenient and fast heating but it doesn’t hit nearly as hard as the GH.

    Finally got shipping notice on my Jan RMA on Monday and I’m almost anxiously waiting for it to be in my hands again if that’s any indication to you.
  8. deadlytoaster

    deadlytoaster Canadian lost in Denmark

    Hmmm I'm going to hit up my favorite headshop for some pipe screens then, see if I can make some jank ass baskets then for ez reloading! Maybe buy a PFE and some GHB2 batteries too then ;)
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  9. YetAnotherUsername

    YetAnotherUsername Youngster vaporist

    I recieved my RMA from December, a Ti unit. Happy to report so far so good, I really like v2 charger and unit. Screen is different, the charger works without hassle and the heater is just as good as I recalled.

    I forgot what pure convection is like. I had to clean my mouthpiece screen really good to get enough air flowing through herb. Back to milking my glass, thanks Hopper Labs!

    I use roughly 5x less plant with GH compared to Crafty, I love on demand heat... How about y'all?
  10. Baron23

    Baron23 Well-Known Member

    Ok, still trying to get my RMA returned GH working properly....or at least to verify that it is indeed running cool.

    Last night, known good herb with same grind and dryness as used with the GH before its RMA. Right, I KNOW that this is not a MJ issue. Its the vape.

    So, load .1 g or so as I always do...with a NV Pax Loading Tool and Delta 3D funnel. This has always yielded a great load for convection.

    On the FC-188 14 mm Mobius knockoff via a PFE so I can draw my balls off and get the best of of this GH as possible.

    Temp set at L5. At max. AT MAX TEMP!! (arrgghhh).

    First draw, nothing. Bit of taste but nothing visible.

    Second draw - very wispy vapor, and remember I'm going through a WP and drawing long and hard. In the past I would milk with this set up from the first draw.

    Third draw - was ok. Not a lung buster. Just an ok draw and again, I'm at L5. I have no head room to raise temps for better extraction.

    Fourth draw - extremely wispy nothing really and nothing thereafter.

    Here is the AVB. Now, its looks a LOT more brown in this pic than in person. Camera type, compression, uploading to 3rd party hosting svc, display monitor response...all of these make accurate color questionable. But this really was very green.

    Put the AVB into my EVO and got a nice huge cloud. Just the one but this is an EVO and it was a really big cloud. Enough that I would be pissed if I had to toss it as spent in the GH.


    What do you guys think....would you go back to Hopper and with complaint and return it again.

    My view at this point is if this is as good as it gets, then I will throw it in a drawer. But I am very interested in how you guys see this situation.

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  11. YetAnotherUsername

    YetAnotherUsername Youngster vaporist

    How long are your sessions and is your screen clean? Do you inhale slowly? It's nice with a piece so you can see when it gets cloudier and cloudier. The key is not to overpack, because for the hopper to work good you need to either 1) pack it loosely, I do two twirls into my grinder 2) pack it super tight, i mean the whole chamber packed down. The latter is really hard to pull of, but the point is that it's kinda crap in the middle. A Crafty, for example, is a convection/conduction vape, so it will heat constantly on the surface. Here if the airflow is anything but perfect you will get a sub-optimum performance. This device definitely has a learning curve.
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  12. btka

    btka Well-Known Member

    I had the same problem with one of my hoppers... I did know it was not working correctly because with my other gh the ABV was darker and clouds bigger... I did RMA it... and send it to hopperlabs... it is still at hopperlabs..
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  13. Baron23

    Baron23 Well-Known Member

    The device is perfectly clean...it just came back from Hopper. And I have been using GH's for 18 months so I am familiar with grind, pack, and other usage considerations.

    As far as learning curve, my experience to date with GH is just the opposite. If you know how to inhale you know how to use one. I don't find them to be finicky about technique at all. The only finickiness about the GH is how Hopper puts them out with all sorts of inconsistent heating and performance characteristics.

    Thanks for the note :tup:
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  14. btka

    btka Well-Known Member

    this "heater taking a time to burn in" is new to me... someone experienced this...or is it speculation?
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  15. Hjalmark

    Hjalmark Oldest boy alive

    I was going to talk about rotating the temp dial and such because I felt like the same happened to my 2017 RMA from last year but then suddenly came back to life

    I never remember what I decided what solved the problem, but pretty sure I had tried all my batteries before it started running hotter, but then it also started running hotter then ever before and 4 was like the old 5

    but thought it was from me just rotating the temp dial back and forth but maybe this new mysteries "heater burn in time" :tinfoil:

    always space for more "hopper lore" :\
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  16. Cheesequake

    Cheesequake Well-Known Member

    So far the warranty SS is working perfectly. Smooth dial, no flickering, and gets just as hot as it did before I sent it in.

    Edit: Holy shit. Temp 5 is scary with this thing. Definitely no combustion but INSTANT thick vapor that looks like you're vaping some concentrate. It's nuts. Almost makes me want to send my blue Ti in now to get the temp bumped up but fuck that.

    Last edited: Jun 14, 2018
  17. btka

    btka Well-Known Member

    haha I know the temp rotating trick but it did not help with my weak heating hopper
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  18. ben7337

    ben7337 Active Member

    Does anyone have any recommendations for getting in touch with HL? They said ok 5/28 my unit would be fixed that week (was just cosmetic issues from a brand new order), by the following Monday I hadn't heard anything so emailed to ask the status, no reply, emailed again last Friday, still no reply. Tomorrow assuming I don't have any tracking in USPS informed delivery or a reply, I want to make sure I reach out in a way they will not just ignore. I'm thinking reply to the same email thread once more as they had previously been good at replying to it, and start a new email thread as well with their standard support email. Are there any other emails or ways to contact them that people would recommend? I don't mind waiting and I'm not trying to rush or bother them, I just really hate not getting any communication after being told something very specific and clear.
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  19. elykpeace

    elykpeace exVASted

    @Baron23 try turning it all the way down clicking it to turn on wait for it to go blue and the increasing the temp ...

    Deff looks lighter then what I have going..

    Do you have a second backend?
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  20. kbrown5523

    kbrown5523 Hopping in Washington

    Seattle, WA
    Mine isn't as light as yours, but nowhere near where it should be. If mine was that light I'd definitely send it in for RMA immediately. I'll be sending mine in for sure, just not until they clear their backlog because mine is at least getting to a dark blondish ABV. I'd say it's like if my original working hoppers were stuck down around temp 3.
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  21. newVaper420

    newVaper420 Vapor Enthusiast

    If you are going to throw it in the drawer, send it back. Might as well sit in their drawer until they get their shit together. I would definitely send it back.
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  22. Baron23

    Baron23 Well-Known Member

    Yep, tried rotating the temp dial. No change

    Yep, but its on a GH that also runs cold that was given to me to use while mine was in RMA purgatory. I'm not sure that swapping parts out is the answer to Hopper fucking up yet again....although trying to shove it up one of their orifices is also probably not the answer either! hahaha

    So, I going to send it back. Its not acceptable and it is EXTREMELY not acceptable that we all have waited...some of us many months...for them to get done re-engineering their production and test line. How the living fuck did this unit make it out of a factory that now claims to have sufficient testing?

    I just don't believe a word that comes out of these guys and at this point would not only not recommend a GH to anybody, I would actively discourage them.

    Ah, screw it...not worth getting my blood pressure up about.
  23. ashinybox

    ashinybox Well-Known Member

    Click to play YouTube Video

    My post-rma hopper is milking pretty good with the same batteries that I got last year from when I purchased it on the classifieds. I'm not even using dank tbh. It's some Dutch Treat off the mid shelf.

    I got new batteries in the mail which should be here Saturday fingers crossed. I'll have to check out the top shelf this weekend :D
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  24. Cheesequake

    Cheesequake Well-Known Member

    I spoke too soon about the warranty hopper. Back end still has issues. 1 out of 10 clicks it won't turn on and the lights flicker on inhale. Spinning the dial back and forth seems to fix it, just like it did before. Opening a 3rd warranty request now.
  25. Al..

    Al.. Well-Known Member

    I feel your pain my friend..:doh::doh:

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