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Super Surfer Vaporizer

Discussion in 'Plug-in Vaporizers' started by lwien, Aug 18, 2014.

  1. Vitolo

    Vitolo Vaporist

    The Vapor Trail
    I owned the original VapeXhale Cloud, and the EVO.
    I own over 100 vaporizers, and the clouds are both gone, but my SSSV and SSV are stoill in use daily.
    My SSV is 10 years old (my sssv is only about 3years old).
    I have a DBV also.
    I have never replaced a screen.
    When I clean wand, I leave screen intact.
    I fill wand with ISO (91%) as I keep the bowl end of the wand against my left palm. I shake and drain repeatedly, then I use dish deterghent and hot water to do same..... then I rinse well from both directions with very hot water.
    I then use shop vac to suction dry the wand.
    I do this once a week.
    I have never even removed the screen for cleaning.
    It comes out imaculate.
    That is 10 years on the SSV and 3 years on the SSSV
    Last edited: Mar 30, 2018
  2. Green_Rasta

    Green_Rasta Member


    Thank you for the tip, I'll try it out tomorrow!
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  3. pxl_jockey

    pxl_jockey Barely-Known Member

    @Green_Rasta I love your post above and am happy that you have made the big switch. I'm glad you picked such a good solid, versatile home station for your very first vape; that's a wise move that will continue to pay dividends. Hey, if you're posting in your new vape's thread and @Vitolo is there with help, then you know you picked well. Same with @stickstones (dude knows his vapes) if these guys have a Super Surfer in their rotation, that says quite a bit. It's actually a ringing endorsement for this unit imo. :peace:
  4. Green_Rasta

    Green_Rasta Member

    I really love this forum, I've stumbled upon it while looking for reviews online around 2 month ago and it was the biggest help I've found on the web. People are helpful and have first hand knowledge and no reason to lie about it.

    The tips for producing nice, thick vapor were especially helpful, I'm a pro now :science:

    RUDE BOY Space is the Place

    The plenty doesn't have a fan so if you like the super surfer it would be the better fit for what you're wanting to do.
  6. ataxian

    ataxian PALE BLUE DOT

    Pacific Ocean
    The SS is pretty powerful and very good value.

    WELCOME @Green_Rasta to FC!
  7. Green_Rasta

    Green_Rasta Member

    edit: Well this was supposed to go into the ArGo thread...

    I just cleaned my wand using @Vitolo technique and I think the screen is cleaner than when it was new!

    Anyway, FuckCombustion
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  8. grokit

    grokit well-worn member

    the north
    Thinking about picking up a v.1 if it's still on sale :mental:
    I don't need it, but it's a great deal... :brow:
    VAS is a real bitch :ninja: !
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  9. NuMbNutZ

    NuMbNutZ Member

    I picked up a Super with the August discount stacked with the Baked in Vegas discount for only $170. What a great price, I’ve left this unit plugged in all week,and it is everything that I had hoped for in an on demand convection vape. For the whip use, I’ve had best results with the unit cranked up high. I’ve had less luck with the bag, I’ve scorched the last three bags, it feels like the fan isn’t fast enough to pull the air through without combustion when I have the same high temps as whipping. I tried dial at 12, but has similar results. Needs more practice, but I love how you can hit and quit with this vape, micro doses work well. You can also session with this sucker too, works even better with a vapor tamer.
    I also wanted to point out that I have a Plenty too. The Plenty is a wonderful desk top vape, works best if you fill the large chamber with near .6 and share with at least one other person. I don’t get as satisfied using it with the reducer capsule, or when I use it by myself for smaller loads. Once heat up starts, it doesn’t feel like you can get halfway through a bowl and save the rest for later. These are maybe two of the reasons that I give the Super an edge over my Plenty.
    Last edited: Aug 20, 2018
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  10. Madri-Gal

    Madri-Gal Child Of The Revolution

    Livin' in the 707
    I've had my Super since August, and I find myself using it more than any other vape. I can't think why I'd use it more than my SSV, but there it is. I forget to turn on the lights,I rarely use bags. I just love it.
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  11. lazylathe

    lazylathe Almost there...

    SouthWest Ontario, Canada
    Going to be joining the Super Surfer club soon!! Found an insane deal in Canada for $299 CAD, they are usually $420 USD!! Plus no shipping or import duties!!

    Looks like an interesting vape with not too many reviews yet.
    Super glad this thread was not hundreds of pages long....
  12. stickstones

    stickstones Vapor concierge

    nice @lazylathe !

    Mine blows up bags pretty slowly, but the vapor is excellent. It's fun dialing it in just right like an old school radio on the two dials...one for temp and one for fan speed.
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  13. technique

    technique Well-Known Member

    Hi guys, had an ssv for years hasn't been used in some time now.

    Decided to start using it again recently I used to use it straight with it set to 1 o clock ish.

    I'm currently using it through a water piece with it set to 9 o clock (just over on) and it's so hot it's hurting my teeth.

    Has anyone experienced this problem? Do I need a new vape?
  14. lazylathe

    lazylathe Almost there...

    SouthWest Ontario, Canada
    Something is wrong. I would stop using it and send it in for repair or buy the required parts from 7th Floor and DIY it. IIRC they will walk you through it.
    My SSV rocks at 1-2PM.

    This is the Super Surfer thread by the way...LOL!
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  15. Meremoth

    Meremoth AKA ♫ Stinky Wizzleteats ♫

    In a van down by the river.
    Useful information for new or frustrated silver surfers owners:

    When I first purchased my Silver Surfer, I got the ground glass wand with a female heater cover. I hated that wand. I would either get no vape or combust, so the learning curve never straightened until I got a female wand. I still use the female heater cover and turn my temp on high and now get perfect clouds every time. The learning curve was 15 minutes once I changed my wand. I now also have a SSSV and the automated air sysyem is way better than I expected, also use a female wand and cover for it. Wish I knew how important and different the wands are to the entire experience when I first got my first one. Hope this helps someone.
  16. Maninthemachine

    Maninthemachine Active Member

    This is very interesting to me especially since I just got my friend a brand new volcano. Do you think the the filter would affect performance at all ?just scooped a super surfer off the classifieds ,can’t wait to try it sidebyside with the volcano. Which is one amazing vaporizer if I do say so myself. So potent!definitely a staple in the vape world. Let’ssee what this super can do !hopefully the bags aren’t that difficult to use :)
    Bags do get dry after a certain point but man they are convenient and just plain cool. Doesn’t the sssv have a ground glass adapter for the bag so you can hit it and cool down th vapor through a water piece ?
  17. stickstones

    stickstones Vapor concierge

    Sorry...I never landed on one. As I said, it was minor to me since I don’t blow bags with it all the time. It does mate with glass...a nice touch!
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  18. Maninthemachine

    Maninthemachine Active Member

    Do you have the quartz EOK ?want to try oils with it for sure. Never liked that ti nail they came out with. If someone could offer clarification on this...so I want the deep dish quartz. Does the super surfer come with a dimple heater cover that wouldn’t be compatible with th quartz or does it come without dimples ?
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