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Sativa or Indica

Discussion in 'Vaporization Discussion' started by BaMbAaAChA, Oct 21, 2012.


What you prefer to vape more?

  1. Sativa rich!!

    77 vote(s)
  2. Indica rich!!

    67 vote(s)
  3. 50/50

    46 vote(s)
  1. Quetzalcoatl


    SDCA, 3rd Planet
    Sorry boss, noticed it right after! Just back from the hospital (again...) and in more pain than the herb can fix. These Norcos have me silly right now.

    And these parts being southern Calif? You've been here all your life? I can imagine southern especially having access to top-shelf imported, even back in the day.

    On the topic of those one-hitter-quitters, occasionally you run into that one batch that, like you said, just seems to be real fucking strong across the board. I know it's not just THC and CBD, it's one of those lesser-known cannabinoids that for whatever reason just happens to be so much higher. The last two OHKO strains I had were XJ-13 (s) and Redwood OG (i), both of which required all of one to two hits to be more than happy with.
  2. BigDaddyVapor

    BigDaddyVapor @BigDogJunction

    Not all my life, but since 6th grade... so right before the age. Think I tried it for the first time, in 7th or 8th grade. Lot of incredible strains came thru the area, during that period. Stuff, I would put up against anything out there today.

    Acapulco Gold, that was truly psychedelic, Hawaiian, that once hit us so hard we parked the car and walked the mile to McDonald's because everything was moving in slow-motion (excuse me... more like stop-motion/slow-motion... still can feel that "vibe"). Another time, in a sushi restaurant where the Saki tasted like whatever drink we imagined, to the dreamlike state of the entire event.

    Did a lot of acid and 'shrooms (still the best happy, psychedelic high I've ever had) back in the day and a LOT of the high grade herb we got, was pretty damn close. Unlike today, where I seem to plateau when medicating. Back then... you smoked more, the higher you got.
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  3. lwien

    lwien Well-Known Member

    Arcadia, California
    Is it the weed, or is it the fact that we just got older. :myday:
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  4. BigDaddyVapor

    BigDaddyVapor @BigDogJunction

    You know, I really don't know. I've thought about it a lot, actually. Though, I would think being younger and healthier that resisting the high, or tolerance would be easier to achieve. I know I sure as @#$% could drink a lot more, back then. Some nights, I'd like to forget. Most inebriated nights, don't end well, in my experience. Well, unless you're in Subic City, PI, or Pataya Beach, Thailand, Grand Cayman, Australia, heck... even stuffy old Vancouver, British Columbia... :D

    Booze and Panama, got me in trouble though... almost shot, actually. Trigger pull from being shot.
  5. Quetzalcoatl


    SDCA, 3rd Planet
    Ahah, yes, I'm very partial to psychedelics myself. The one near and dear to me is mescaline. Beautiful long lucid headspace. The only downside to it is that it lasts so long that I cannot sleep for hours. If I take it, the next 6 hours minimum are gone. I've been a "subconscious medical/recreational cannabis enthusiast" for around 6 years now, but like a good bottle of wine, it gets better as it ages. I can just appreciate it on different levels now. I'm positive that purchasing my first vaporizer (the LB no less) had a huge role to play in it. Sativas are more enjoyable now, indicas don't burn me out so fast.
  6. lockie

    lockie Well-Known Member

    I mostly always get sativa when I go to the clubs. Bud, wax/oil and edibles. Unless I want to sleep really good then I go for hybrid, indica dominant. Here in Cali, smoking either one will make it so that it is easy to sleep.
  7. Deadshort480

    Deadshort480 We're here to fuck shit up.

    The East Coast
    I voted Sativa, but I'm starting to think that Bubba Kush is my overall favorite. It's so damn good.
  8. ataxian

    ataxian Well-Known Member


    Girl Scout Cookies
    Big Sur Holy Weed
    Catus Cooler
    All Tasty!
    The Best of all world's!
    Medicate - Relax - Sleep Photo of Girl Scout Cookies (Bed Time Medicine)
  9. BigDaddyVapor

    BigDaddyVapor @BigDogJunction

    Funny how we use the same strains differently.

    GSC was my daytime stuff. Though, I see it more as an all-around bud. As if you're not already in motion and want to chill, yeah... it will knock your ass out.
    ataxian likes this.
  10. ataxian

    ataxian Well-Known Member

    Your right!
    I sleep so well with GSC's.
    A straight saliva for day time.
    Waxes are the quickness and I do enjoy them too!
    There are so many good strains to choose from these days!
    My tools for medicating:
    PERSEI x 2
    SOLO x 2

    Simple however effect and easy to manage!
  11. fubar

    fubar Ancient and opiniated inhaler

    Sydney, Australia
    Ah, yes. They sure don't make nostalgia like they used to.....
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  12. BigDaddyVapor

    BigDaddyVapor @BigDogJunction

    Not really a joke, nor an exaggeration. Strains have been so watered-down, there isn't hardly ANY pure strains, except those grown by clubs. Pretty much everything is hybrid these days and that defeats a lot of the purpose/effects of the strong Indicas and Sativas, that used to be.

    Tell you what, though. Next time you run into a strain, that makes a white shirt turn every color in the spectrum, or time move like stop-action... you let me know.
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  13. Quetzalcoatl


    SDCA, 3rd Planet
    This is why I only go to 2 different collectives consistently. Sativa/indica actually matters to me and it's a great thing to have access to a place that has consistency, where I know what the Sour Diesel is going to feel like a week or a few months down the line with different batches.

    The GSC I got was the sativa cut, and it was an excellent head-buzzy slight body stone mix, that paired well with a nice morning mug of coffee.

    This Blackberry Kush I got from another collective, the second one that I go to. It's not the same pheno as the BBK that my #1 spot has, but it's got nearly exactly the same effects: excellent for pain, nausea, stimulates appetite, and has a distinct sedative effect to it. I feel like this one is just a slight bit "cleaner" as it not as apparent in its sedative body stone, but it's been two nights now that I'll be vaping a night trench of this in my Launch Box half-watching TV, only to doze off for a few seconds and wake up 6.30-7 am the following morning, feeling pretty well-rested. Same refreshing sleep as the first time I got medical-quality BBK months ago.

    That reminds me, I need to renew at the end of March... just another excuse to go to the LA club scene :)
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  14. fubar

    fubar Ancient and opiniated inhaler

    Sydney, Australia
    Well of course - the same is also true of all farmed familiars like grapes, apples, cows....
    They are constantly being selected (bred) by people who are trying to optimise profit somehow, somewhere.
    I'm pretty sure we generally get much higher THC content now than we did back then (late 60's) before the outburst of selective breeding gave us to all the named varieties.
    However now my brain is 40+ years older, so maybe no longer deranged so effectively by the same plants?

    And then there's tolerance. It might take a few weeks to a month for the blood THC level to be undetectable - but that just means below a threshold - it probably takes months or perhaps years before there are no molecules left at all.
    I don't think I've gone without for more than a week or two since I started smoking in the late 60's.
    In Australia we often got the original thai buddha sticks - it was dynamite sativa. Scrawny but incredibly psycho - real whacky weed.
    So I wonder if I had a a few months or more off all THC intake, would the next hit of the bud I'm vaping now get me mildly and in my case pleasantly and temporarily psychotic, as it would have done when I was starting out?
    Has anyone had a few months off completely - was the next exposure a nostalgic experience ?
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  15. mettle

    mettle New Member

    I'm really curious to try the dispensaries that list weeds THC, CBD and CBN content. I find the general Sativa vs. Indica isn't that consistent with its affects. Classifying into two categories with specific properties is a large generalization. I'm interested in trying lower THC and higher CBD cannabus if I ever get the chance
  16. justcametomind

    justcametomind IT'S TIME!

    I get paranoid with sativas. My region is usually flooded with moroccan hash, usually of bad quality.
    So when I had the opportunity to switch to indicas or skunk hybrids when they first came out I noticed I like them more. Foe sure it is also your mood that influences the high, but even during the day I'm more comfortable with indica strains or asian hash. Just yesterday I dabbed some sativa oil and experienced that rocket high that sativas give me. I was quite comfortable because it was past midnight, no work the day after and the phone was off, but if I did like anyone would advice (sativa=daytime smoke) I think I would react getting paranoid.
    Also, yesterday afternoon I ate some indica-based edibles in the afternoon before going to the cinema. I enjoyed the company very much and I was not just couchlocked as indica properties would suggest.
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  17. vape4life

    vape4life Banned for life

    I took 8 weeks off in autumn last year, and it really, really sucked. Regardless, that first hit back with the Cloud was definitely nostalgic lol I used 1/20th of my usual that night and was soaring. Now i'm back to my absurd tolerance and horrible will power :(
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  18. vorrange

    vorrange Vapor.wise

    Sativas, due to a higher THC content coupled with a lower CBD content, are known to be a little more paranoid prone than Indicas. This is also related to each persons own chemical brain function that varies from one individual to another, meaning, not all people will experience this particular difference.

    I think that Cannabis selective breading has generally brought more harm than good.. the driving motive is usually recreational or plain old profit, and that brings trouble everytime.

    Nature is always more balanced than our manipulations, and of course, human nature is for lack of a better word, immature.

    There are protective properties in CBDs that are not present in THC. It is like the plant found a ratio that is both beneficial and balanced, we don't have the inteligence to find that balance, neither we know enough about the plant to mess with those ratios. The problem is that, we have the arrogance to presume we do, just because we have indeed learned a lot about the chemistry and nature of cannabis and how it affects our body and our brain pathways.

    I also believe that age must play a role in tolerance build-up and in how it affects you. As you age, you don't regenerate as fast, your skin sells lose melatonin, your hair grows thinner and whiter, you don't recover from hangovers like in your twenties.. it is pretty obvious that a similar effect is also happening when you use cannabis and how you experience it, how you recover and how it may or may not harm you. (i'm just making intelectual observations here, don't take this as granted.)
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  19. Reveen

    Reveen Well-Known Member

    I don't live in a legalized, decrim, or even medical state, so I don't get much of a choice of strain.

    I do have to say that I LOVE Sour Diesel, and for nighttime, Sour Kush (Headband) REALLY hits the spot. Hopefully I will find a 100% indica someday to try. Also, only tried a concentrate once (Sour Diesel wax) the tiniest little amount obliterated me.
  20. Vapinghole

    Vapinghole Low-Temp Hempist / JedHI Master

    The Electric Banana
    I've been using herb for over 20 years and I still can't tell the difference. I never really put much effort into it, though. I simply love all types of fine herb.
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  21. Buildozer

    Buildozer Baked & Fried

    i voted Indica rich.. it's my preference even though i have mostly been using sativa lately... for my personal needs i like lower temp mostly w/ some higher temp to smooth it out... but if i'm just relaxing, and i don't need any specific effects, it might be more like medium to high temp the whole time just getting sedated only. vaporizing has been HUGE in allowing me to get the specific effects i need when i do.. which happen to be elusive when combusting most strains IMPE. i use herb both medicinally and recreationally.. i enjoy herb period.. but when i DO need certain effects through out the day, i know how to get them.. thanks to FC! if not for FC and its good people, i would probably still be combusting and medicating less effectively for my needs...

    Edit: Vapinghole ^^ My brother is the same way... every bud/strain is right for him... i'm not so lucky.. but i find that since vaping, it doesn't seem to be as much of a problem as it was when combusting..
  22. BossBrew

    BossBrew Metalhead

    Southern California
    Great to see the polls split between Indica/Sativa! I voted Indica because it works wonders with my anxiety. I often come across sativa strains that are high in CBD and they work wonders as well but its usually the indica's that I gravitate towards.
  23. X24

    X24 Well-Known Member

    Upon a re-entry to the world of cannabis, I again find myself preferring indicas. I've had some 100% sativa Green Crack and some sativa-dominant Sour Diesel x Girl Scout Cookies on hand lately. The SDxGSC is nothing special, but the Green Crack looks phenomenal. The effects of most Sativas just don't match my personality.

    Much rather be relaxed in bed or melted to a couch listening to Jimmy Page guitar, Nas laying down lyricism or Radiohead putting together a trance-y beat.

    ...although I think Sativa's had their place in basketball games during the warmer months.
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  24. RGB1616

    RGB1616 New Member

    I use sativa for my anxiety as it destresses. Indicas are mainly meant for night use for me, but they both effect everyone differently.
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  25. Enchantre

    Enchantre Oil Painter

    WA USA
    I am a fan of the Indica.. though occasionally indulge in sativa (assume that I also mean dominant hybrids, as well).

    As was mentioned on page two (I'm too stoned to go back...), making "salad" of varieties... I have a tendency to get a couple of new, different strains (usually a gram of each), try them separately a couple of times, then throw the rest into the community CVault. I have one labelled Indica, and the other Sativa. So, at any given time, I might be using a single strain, or it could be the little bits in the bottom.
    Recently, I emptied both community jars by just putting it all through the SCS, then dumping them back in. The only ones I keep separate are:

    Dutch Treat (sat heavy hybrid)
    Chocolate Chunk (Indica)
    Romulan (Indica)

    As was also mentioned before (by a new someone), this thread is really informative, with lots of newbie-worthy info.

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