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How many TRUE combustion-fuckers?

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by SVuser, Jun 21, 2012.


How many TRUE combustion-fuckers?

  1. I fucked combustion completely

  2. I mostly vape but combust regularly

  3. I mostly vape but combust rarely

  4. I combust more than I vape

  5. Fuck vaping

  1. crawdad

    crawdad floatin

    potano territory
    there are times i really do enjoy the type of high you get from combusting but ive never preferred the taste, its something i do from time to time...id say about 5% of my sessions include it.
  2. JCat

    JCat Well-Known Member Accessory Maker

    Ontario, Canada
    The only time I ever combust is I might have a hit or two if a joint is passed my way by a friend. Never smoke bowls anymore, can't stand the taste (it's a "little" better through a joint then a pipe but still horrible!)
  3. Rename Rev Ye Us

    Rename Rev Ye Us Member

    I gave up smoking one month (& one day) ago. I'd been messing round with a MFLB for a while before that but always ended up having a few joints at the end of the day. It was only when I got my UD that I could finally say "Fuck Combustion!"

    During the past month I've only combusted once. Pure green through a Jack Herer Double Barrel Double Venturi Ricocheting Vortex Effect Pipe (fuck I love saying that) and it tasted absolutely disgusting! Might be time to get rid of that pipe ...
  4. vorrange

    vorrange Vapor.wise

    3 days ago i combusted a pure joint, a few hits actually, it is as i remember. I can't understand why it didn't bother me when i smoked but the taste is just dreadfull.

    On top of that i don't seem to get high with combustion like i used to and it has been only 4 months since i stopped tobbaco and mj combustion.

    Fuck Combustion, Vaporize and Exercise! :freak:
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  5. pakalolo

    pakalolo RoboMod v4.0a (unstable) Staff Member

    Other side of your screen
    HI, my name is pakalolo, and I'm a combustion fucker. I've fucked combustion for three years and 26 days.
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  6. THCMuscle

    THCMuscle Well-Known Member

    I do not smoke what so ever, and if that was my only option I would not consume cannabis.
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  7. SVuser

    SVuser Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the responses all, wow someone said fuck vaping! Who was that? Any comments?
  8. Seek

    Seek Apprentice Daydreamer

    This forum has superior info not only about vapes. Probably a smoker who is here to get quality info about herbs...? But yeah, looks funny, that someone voted FuckVaping on FuckCombustion :D
  9. weedemon

    weedemon enthusiast

    Ontario, Canada
    i only combust when the other person I am with wants to.
  10. vapor 4 life

    vapor 4 life Well-Known Member

    2+ years for me. Not one puff of smoke has entered my lungs, except for my wife's second hand smoke.
  11. SoloVape

    SoloVape Fucking Combustion since 2010.

    South East Texas
    Although I am new to this site [great site btw] I have been combustion free since 2010. Use to all I would smoke were blunts... maybe 10+ a day sometimes. I never thought I would smoke MJ without that cigarillo. Man was I wrong. Sine I've been vaping my life has changed!!! The wife loves how fast the smell dissipates. She likes to partake as well but after she had my first son she cut way back .. i mean way back [maybe smoked with me once every other month.] She complained about getting an anxious feeling when smoking and it just wasn't pleasurable for her any longer. I introduced her to the vape and she loves it. The anxious feeling is no longer an issue. I honestly pass up smoke sessions with my friends if they are smoking. I have successfully converted some of my friends. And like Lo said we are enjoying the edibles and tinctures. We live in Texas so medical is not even an option, but we still grow our own. I am a week away from harvesting my first Northern Storm batch, and its smelling AWESOME.
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  12. storybookhero

    storybookhero smoking, flying rc, you know funstuff

    I mostly vap except for when I am camping or if I need to medicate quickly. But I would say 92% of the time I vap.
  13. Xchadb

    Xchadb @Brownglass Glass Blower

    CO Springs
    "sorry, don't like to light my bud on fire."

    fuck everybody that turns down a solo and would rather hit a pipe. "wana pitch on this?" fuck no...
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  14. Abysmal Vapor

    Abysmal Vapor Shaman of The Pyramid of Orlin'Malah

    7th heaven - 666th pit (EU)
    I did combusted last night accidently.. i forgot my UD hanging on my glass stem and don't know why decided to pull and try higher temp hit..instead of that i got nausea i have never experienced before.. reminding me of the face of those who try pot for first time and do not like it...
    Good that my bong wasnt connected cuz it would be stinkin like ass...
  15. vape4life

    vape4life Banned for life

    Been fucking combustion for 6 years now.... and like THCMuscle said, i'd quit the hobby if vaping didn't exist (unless edibles). I find combustion extremely fowl and offensive...just disgusting IMO, and I can't believe how much of it I used to do (never tobacco though).
  16. banana_republic

    banana_republic Well-Known Member

    south of equator
    I was thinking about writing something here, but just found my words already typed in. =D

    Weird, nowadays I find the taste of hitting a joint (even the best quality flowers) not good at all, but eventually (like once a week) I go for a hit with some friends just to confirm I really don't like that taste anymore...

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  17. Rename Rev Ye Us

    Rename Rev Ye Us Member

    I've gotten to the point that I will pass on a joint. My past self never thought that would happen!
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  18. Vitolo

    Vitolo Vaporist

    The Vapor Trail
    Click to play YouTube Video
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  19. McNerdius

    McNerdius god of nerds

    the wrong planet
    Suggested Category: Never combusted. Except, of course, for accidental combustion that happens until you master a vape, or if you're just baked. But yeah, as a micro-bio, i researched weed quite a bit as a treatment for my epilepsy for quite some time, and went straight into vaping. In a way, I consider myself one lucky fuck for not having/being able to compare the two.
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  20. kingofnull

    kingofnull ace

    I combust somewhere between rarely and regularly. Closer to the rarely side. Sometimes I just need a quick dose and it's faster to pack the bowl of a glass pipe than even my fastest vape - the MFLB.
  21. SoulCaptivesAreFree

    SoulCaptivesAreFree Hazemaniac

    i marked mostly vape, rarely combust.

    I smoked 3 tiny spliffs in the past 20 weeks ore so. Last time i smoked i couldn't believe how gross and vile it is, one of my favorite strains, perfectly grown and cured - tasted so shitty, i used to love the taste when smoked, but the vrip has spoiled me completely :D

    i think i may be done with smoking, there's something about vapour that is just so clean and refreshing - now i only need something portable that can give me the taste of the vrip... damn
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  22. newVaper420

    newVaper420 Vapor Enthusiast

    I selected I mostly vape, rarely combust. Like you SoulCaptivesAreFree I couldn't take the taste of smoking with my friends. I've giving up combustion, but around friends sometimes I will combust. Vaping is so much better.
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  23. djonkoman

    djonkoman Well-Known Member

    my combusting is getting rarer and rarer, last night I was at a friend's house and another friend had just gotten a late birtdaypresent, a pipe, grinder, screens and some amnesia haze. so ofcourse we went to try it out outside, I think in total we smoked 3 bowls or so(3 people), didn't feel anything, judging by their munchies they did.. (it could be I slightly felt it, we had just gotten back from the bar so I wasn't fully sober, not really drunk either, just a bit more talkative)
    one of my friends surprised me btw by anouncing he wants to start rolling his joints with tobacco. he doesn't smoke tobacco, and always combusted without tobacco in a pipe, I can even remember before he ever got high that he even refused to combust just weed, he only wanted to try edibles, and only a while ago he was interested in getting a vaporizer and I was helping him choose one.. weird how things can turn.
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  24. Rottweiler1080z

    Rottweiler1080z Member

    I don't even like combustion anymore. It's been a faithful 5+ years of vapor only for me.
  25. Jeppy

    Jeppy Pure Vaporist

    NorCal Vapor Garage
    Honestly, I would quit if I had to start combusting again. I don't like anything about it anymore, and it makes me paranoid. :uhoh:
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