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Herborizer corner

Discussion in 'Plug-in Vaporizers' started by marcuss, Jun 29, 2008.

  1. stickstones

    stickstones Vapor concierge

    You guys probably know this vape has had me under its spell for a while now. I’ve abused it, frankly, and it looked like this.


    These things are hard to get back to new, but it can be done!


    The real difference maker was the pbw in the jewelry cleaner. I put it in there for multiple 20 minute shifts and it improved every time. It probably needs another couple rounds to get perfect, but it was getting late and I was sober!

    And don’t forget to reclaim that hash! Holy shit!
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  2. Zak McKracken

    Zak McKracken Well-Known Member

    SE Europe
    Just pulled the trigger for the herbo ti from vaposhop.Unfortunately,they didn't have the bubbler, so I went with the tube.LCV for some reason didn't send to my region and their mail didn't work.Verdampftnochmal didn't have a voucher...So tube it is!I'll check and see if I really need the microdose bowl,concentrate bowl or the stand,I find those items pretty overpriced.
  3. Alexis

    Alexis Well-Known Member

    Welcome aboard man good decision. No way can I see you being disappointed. About Jahvaporizer, I know myself in the past their website can be a little funny at checkout and it was saying there was no shipping option for that delivery address at the time but I ended up ordering from there I can't remember how it played out. I think on some occasions it was possible for me to select Shipping and not on others and it just happened that when I actually wanted to order I could do so.

    So maybe they don't actually ship to you but just thought I would mention this in case that is what happened for future reference. Please come back and tell us how you like your Herborizer, good luck with it.
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  4. Sawyer

    Sawyer Member

    Nice, I also ordered the tube from Vaposhop. I really like it. I'm using a glass coke bottle with a hole drilled into it as a stand, it's working just fine and is about €40 cheaper than the stand as well ;) I will probably not be ordering the microdose bowl either, when I want to microdose I think I'll just use my VapCap.
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  5. Seepa

    Seepa New Member

    Wanted to share a couple of tips I have thought of to help with the Herbo TI.

    First off, arizer q tower cyclone bowl screens are perfect for the Herbo bowl (18mm). When inserting the screen, I let it fall flat first on the three pins and then, with some force, poke the middle of the screen downwards with the ball end of the dabbing tool until it pops through. This way it creates and ever so slight downwards cup in the screen. Push upwards on this from the other side until it's almost flat and then use the other end of the tool to work out the fine details all around the edges from the top and the bottom.

    Secondly, the q tower to the rescue again. The bowl screens that are used in the elbow of the Q are a perfect fit for the male end of the bowl. The mesh on these screen is finer than the one in the bowl, so this one catches all the little bits falling through the first screen. After a while a pile of particles will pile on top of the bottom screen and you can just dump these in with the rest of the abv. I guess you could also just use this screen and load your material on top of the lower screen. Have not tried it though.

    Thirdly, if you really want to pimp it and keep all your gear sparkling clean, put a ball of cotton in between the first screen and the elbow screen at the tip. I usuall place like a 1 - 1,5 cm layer on top of the lower screen. This cotton catches absolutely even the smallest particle that is about to get through to your water tool. There is also the option of limiting the draw resistance by changing the amount of cotton.

    I have also been thinking about different kinds of adapters etc. to be used as a micro bowl and this looks extremely promising with all it's swirly air action: https://grav.com/collections/helix/products/14mm-helix-pre-mix-chamber-1?variant=49005769670

    Unfortunately it's 14mm and that just won't be compatible with the injector.

    Last edited: Nov 10, 2018
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  6. JohnnyMauser

    JohnnyMauser Active Member

    Nice Tip with the Cotton... maybe i will try that in future to get reclaim almost particle free.

    ordered the concentrate bowl
    ordered a 22 bucks hair straightener (the black leaf thing without black leaf brand)
    irwin clamp with 600lb pressure (30€)

    The irwin hair straightener combo worked really really well, nothing broke yet, lots of pressure, some roz in.
    (i argued with myself really hard to take the slug33 OR hairstraightener clamp combo) So he just went for its availability. (amazon)

    Usually i use herbs in Ti Bowl, preheatet with the heater IN the bowl at 5 or 6. (best boom, can go for all i put in in 1 big breath), 5 or 6 depends on the numbers on the clock in my room. ;)

    for a stand i use some glass bongs, i have 6-7 now i think... most left overs from smoking time over year ago. (yay! never go back to smoke again!)

    Now i wanted to vaporize the rosin in the concentrate bowl, Heated on 7 out of the bowl, but a tip of rosin in the big bowl, put the heater back for 1 min and give it a long breathe. not really much happend... rosin still waxy, no vapor, very small amount flavor and kind of a little high. Then turned to 10.... litte more vapor, but still not very much happening. This is my first try in concentrates... so maybe i had too little amount... or i make some other mistake. Soon i will try with a quartz nail and cap and then make some comparison.

    Anyone any experience with rosin and concentrate bowl?

    edit: tried the pressed left over from the flower in the herb, really nice, very different high, but nice in taste and high. I didnt expected that nice tasty results. Maybe thats a hint i had to much left in the herb.....

    as always, sry for bad text and language
  7. Joaon

    Joaon Well-Known Member

    It is normal that convection dabs are less dense than conduction dabs :myday:
    Please continue to share your experiences with the concentrate bowl! And good luck with your rosin game :tup:
  8. Alexis

    Alexis Well-Known Member

    I tried the concentrate bowl with rosin and had very similar results to what you describe. Started on 350°C, went to 500. The rosin never vaped off. I ended up scraping it out later on when it had set like wax in a candle I can see why they call it wax now lol!

    I did get some taste and some slight effects but it was not very effective. I know that this bowl was originally designed with essential oil usage in mind though and I did do a little experimenting with that and it does work extremely well for vaporizing the Essential Oils at virtually all temperatures. My jury is still out as to whether this practice can be done healthfully and safely without any harmful compounds.

    I plan to do some more cautious experimenting with the Essential Oils at low temperature when I get my unit repaired. But for rosin, the Ti enail setup works much better.

    Also try those other options you mention. I can strongly recommend a @710Coils Opaque quartz banger and paired coil. Check out thar thread and his site. Shane is the most awsome dude who offers the best quality coils and bangers for massively lower cost than elsewhere.

    And he goes the extra way to help get every single customer dialled in.

    Lastly, @JohnnyMauser thank you for sharing your experience and approach to using the Ti. This sort of information is very useful to other users and I'm always interested to hear about this side of things, so we all really appreciate your contribution.
    Enjoy your vape bro! :)
    Last edited: Nov 17, 2018
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  9. dll

    dll Member

    Hey guys, I have the Ti for a month now and I still love it. The best thing is the efficiency for me.
    I think it works perfect with little amounts. Next thing is maintaining it I wash the little glass piece after every use and that's it I haven't done a big cleaning yet.

    I have a question though I broke the the joint to the bong
    and now I have to use it without water. It's a 40cm tube glass. Is there a chance there are little pieces of
    flowers getting to my lung? I use the Ti with double screens and the airpath is really long but what do you think?
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  10. Hogni

    Hogni Honi soit qui mal y pense

    Berlin, Germany
    It wouldn't bother me. But you can use a bowl-shaped adapter between your bong and the herb chamber with a fluffy layer of organic cotton inside to protect the air path for tiniest particles. When the cotton gets too sticky just put it in your herb chamber and take some oily CBD rich hits.
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  11. Seepa

    Seepa New Member


    There are tiny particles going to your lungs all the time, that's unavoidable. I just don't think you should be that worried. The benefit we gain from not combusting heavily outweigh the disatvantages of inhaling small particles of plant matter now and then.

    On another note, I completely understand the urge to be as healthy as possible. It's why we choose this way.
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  12. JohnnyMauser

    JohnnyMauser Active Member

    I will do that, thank you.

    Yeah i didnt know that. Theres nothing much as a description except "you can very effective vapor concentrates with it" ... no manual or something. Kinda bummer for me.... what are essential oils?


    Any experience with that? Is this what you want to look for if you want to vapor your rosin through herborizer concentrate bowl?

    To get into dabbin there are 3 options now, this liquid mix dont get me for the moment.

    1) order enail glass for herborizer, but i dont want to get my heater to get dirty... and i want my Herborizer ready for the "pressed plant plates".. that vapin was really satisfying

    2) get an titanium nail and a torch... and learn the basics. maybe around 50$

    3) get an enail. newvape flowerpot etc is not available here... would be nice too but too expensive. i know there are some more combos. Thats what i found: https://www.greenlightvapes.com/enails-tick-enail
    You can get this for about 120 here...

    I already got a china dab rig with quartz bowl. but i dont know.... vaping through it tastes lot worse than from my blaze bubbler... and i cleaned properly... what do they do there, do i wanna burn that thing?

    Maybe you guys have some Ideas, "get the basics, thats important and easy if you care the fucking manual" or do you say "at the end you will take the enail anyway..."

    What i do now and sorry i didnt before: look for that enail on this forum. I really dont want to spend much more money .. i am already over budget now, maybe creme brulee torch and the china banger would do....

    Sorry thats not only about the herborizer, eventually i will change the thread when it becomes something else. But for now i will continue here... but thank you for your words, i appreciate that too, thanks!
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  13. latulipe999

    latulipe999 Well-Known Member

    Somewhere over the Rainbow
    begin with a quartz banger to learn basic ;) titanium taste isnt well
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  14. Alexis

    Alexis Well-Known Member

    I have practically zero experience with and knowkedge of concentrates, but I can pretty much guarantee that that liquid product you linked is not going to help you to vaporize your rosin in the glass concentrate bowl I just don't think it is going to work anyway and adding the liquid will not make any difference if anything would just dilute it and make the vapor even weaker and less efficient.

    And I'm sure this type of product is meant for certain devices where you mix up your own concentrate for a portable device for example, where you cannot use the concentrate straight very effectively.

    So you could get the glass enail adapter for the Ti.
    However if you are serious about wanting to explore the concentrate world and actually get the most out of it through time you really might as well set your sights on investing in the best setup you can reasonably afford and this would be I believe the quartz banger and coil I recommended to you available on this forum.

    The thing is you will also need a controller for that option but I believe that would be the best way you could go. There is an excellent high quality and very widely recommended controller available from the USA with cheap shipping and no Customs to pay to Europe either.
    Here is the 710 coil and banger.

    Of course you could just get a banger and a torch, no need for a coil and controller that way but you could always go down that route later on. You will also need a carb cap whatever. 710coils do sell a good one that fits the bangers very well:

    Sorry I cant comment on the enail you linked. But I still say best bet and best investment is the Rdk-300 controller, 710 25 mm axial coil, banger and quartz Pi carb cap.

    Good luck whatever you decide and do keep us posted please.
    Last edited: Nov 19, 2018
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  15. Zementos

    Zementos Well-Known Member

    Something is happening...

    Price is bit steep though..imo

    @Alexis - since you are the only one who tried one, looking at the price would you still get the digi? Im trying to decide.
    As long as it doesnt smell my wife is ok with vaping. So my usage is like one hit one bowl to get every4hing out the window at once.
    Last edited: Nov 20, 2018
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  16. Alexis

    Alexis Well-Known Member

    Thanks for sharing. Gosh Im not sure how to advise you on that honestly. And actually, the Vapecitic also has tested a model but he never used the analog to compare.

    I have not enough recent memory and impression of the analog to compare fairly now.

    All I believe is that the Digi will just perform like a more powerful car. Neater, tighter, sharper round the edges. More stable, responsive. I think it makes sense it may hit a little harder by the heater responding quicker every second to equalise the temp drops etc.

    And it also matters how important a faster heat up is to you.
    And knowing your exact heater temp too.

    The analog is by itself a fantastic vape- the same essentially, just less power and finesse under the bonnet. Im sure you would be very satisfied with it.

    So Im really not sure how to advise you. I guess it depends what you want, how important it is to you, and what you can afford.

    Sorry I cant be more helpful right now. I will be thinking what else I can add but Im so medicated still from yesterday and earlier to grab some extra hours sleep. My head is awash currently from overconsumptuon lol.
    Last edited: Nov 20, 2018
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  17. Zementos

    Zementos Well-Known Member

    Hey thanks.

    Its just vas kicking in. I have the flowerpot(@665 I think, SH/WA/Vrod) so I don't really need it. The problem with the FP is that I usually dont use other vapes anymore. At least when I´m at home. Everything looks and feels too tame next to it. So I'm just looking for something on par with the FP to switch it up.

    I like that it works with 12V and 289€ for the original ti system seemed like a fair deal to me.. then I read about a digital with stronger heater in the making so I wrote Sebastien if he had an estimated release date. He told me then that he just added the ti set and will add the system soon. Looking at the price the system will be at 399€ or something like that. I hoped that you would tell me "no difference" so I could just get the ti and be happy cause I always have a hard time settling for less lol

    I saw they have a micro bowl. I usually put in about .08 to .12. Is this already considrered mico size/ would a micro bowl make sense for me?
    Last edited: Nov 21, 2018
  18. Alexis

    Alexis Well-Known Member

    I only used the microbowl a few times yet, I plan to get a lot more familiar with it. I think it makes sense for you to get one, you can microdose in regular bowl but takes more attentive load care and a higher temp.

    The microbowl channels the air through the smaller load. It has a glass plug instead of screen, which creates a lot more draw restriction (the Ti is very free flowing like the Showerhead).
    Personally, I didnt mind the added draw restriction, not as bad as a vapcap or a Wooscents.

    But others here have ditched the glass plug in favour of screens and much prefer it, actually it has become the favourite setup now for at least a few members here.

    So it would add some versatilty. I hear you too on all your points- I knew you already have the FP. And if tge Herbo was free, I would say it is a great idea for you to have another desktop option to alternate with. The signature and effects are different, and I for one am a firm believer in using more than one vape to keep getting the most enjoyment out if your herb.

    I get you on wanting the best you can have, not being palmed off with some shitty analogue hehe.

    But to be honest, and this might help you be more resolute in your decision- I think in your situation, with your current setup, you really would appreciate the better accuracy and faster heat up of the digital, as well as knowing exact heater temps at all times.

    In this sense, next to the precision of the FP, the analog may be a slight step back whereby you end up favoring switching on the FP and knowing you are up to vaping temps in x minutes every time etc.

    So if I was you in your position I think I would definitely want the digital version for the reasons I mention. I think that makes sense. I only offer this perspective if it can help you be more decided with a little less dilemma and uncertainty.
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  19. stickstones

    stickstones Vapor concierge

    I think I'd like the digital version for accuracy. My preferred temp window on this controller is from 4:30 to 5:30...fairly narrow range on this dial.
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  20. Alexis

    Alexis Well-Known Member

    Yes good point Sticks. And each number on the dial covers a wider temp range than the XL, like 20 or 30° vs 10 I think?

    So not exactly pin point possible. Easier with the XL to know that bang on 7 is closer to a specific temp most of the time. And by Design the temperature of the XL heater is more steady and constant I believe where is the ti analogue system is prone to a wider variation and fluctuation range during use.
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  21. bleak

    bleak Stoner Gear Peddler

    Down Under
    The glass injector part for the Ti is back in stock, yay! I know I'm not the only person thats been waiting on those.
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  22. Zementos

    Zementos Well-Known Member

    The DigiTi system has been added to the shop. Usually I'm really good at talking myself into something, but @ 439€ just for the system I have to pass :whoa:...especially when the non digi system is 259€ at the moment @ verdampftnochmal.de.
    Thx for the help guys! Maybe one day...
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  23. Joaon

    Joaon Well-Known Member

    Despite the price, a bit refraining :ninja:,
    I like that it seems to still run on 12v!
    Would be great to hit a Herborizer powered by autonomous solar system..
    One day ..:luv:

    Cheers :peace:
  24. Dubmonkey

    Dubmonkey Well-Known Member

    For US customers it looks like the 439Euro price includes VAT. I am getting a 398Euro price shipped to US.

    Tempted but want to see more reviews or know that any early release issues have been fixed or resolved.
  25. Hogni

    Hogni Honi soit qui mal y pense

    Berlin, Germany
    Were there any early release issues besides the delayed release? :hmm:

    Just don't order

    - concentrate bowl
    - enail glass part

    They both suck. The enail glass part is just good enough for use with CBD isolate.
    And don't forget to order the ss/glass stand and the microdose bowl!
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