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May 6, 2016
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Somewhere over the Rainbow


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    Somewhere over the Rainbow
    My Vapes and Accessories:
    Volcano - Mighty - Herborizer - Omni-carbon -
    Hi everybody,

    I am 31 years old, I come from the South-West of France and I am totally addicted to FuckCombustion !!! :rockon:

    it's a mine of knowledge, a source of good humor, and an amazing comunity i am proud to be part of.:)

    After 15 years of consumption, I've totaly fuck the combustion for nearly two years (03/31/2015 ) . The combo of Storz & Bickel helped me a lot. I made the transition almost instantly with an e-cig I used a few months ago.

    When I acquired the Volcano I could not leave my house, so I took his boyfriend the Mighty. :tup:

    The VapCap also saves my life in the event of battery failure at festivals or elsewhere, but also when I'm in a hurry. :ninja:

    By cons the best time of the day is when I heated my Herborizer ... :cool:

    I represent a French association called Chanvre&Libert├ęs NORML FRANCE (= Hemp&Liberties), whose aim is to inform citizens, to support users of cannabis towards access to rights and health, to promote scientific research and to bring together civil society actors in favor of A reform of the narcotics policy.


    I fuck combustion since 03/31/2015 the day i bought my volcano :rockon:--> Introduction of myself on FuckCombustion

    My Vapes : Volcano - Mighty - Herborizer XL /Ti - Solo - MFLB - OGvapcap / Omni-carbon / M - Quartz banger

    :love: Love :peace: Peace :leaf: Harmony

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