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Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by vtac, Mar 28, 2017.

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  1. strictly vapor

    strictly vapor Well-Known Member

    Thank you so much @vtac for starting and maintaining this amazing forum.

    Like many of the amazing people here on fc, I also despise social media. For the longest time I felt like a societal outcast for rejecting the hugely popular mainstream forms of social media we are all pressured to use. But this forum is different.

    When I share something here I don't feel I'm competing with others to prove how great my life is. I don't feel shy about posting, as people here are generally kind and accepting.

    When I post on fc, I'm usually trying to learn from the experiences of the community, or help others learn from my own. This forum has become an important part of my journey with cannabis, and a big part of my life.

    Because of my choice to avoid social media, social interaction with people I don't know is less frequent. I really appreciate being able to connect with like minded people here on fc.

    Just when I thought I was cut from a broken mold, I found like minded people here on the forum and it's been really positive for my life.

    I really can't thank you enough.

    strictly vapor
  2. biohacker

    biohacker 710 Cannasseur

    This thread is quickly becoming my favourite on FC! Thanks for starting it @vtac!
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  3. Hjalmark

    Hjalmark Oldest boy alive

    Fc forum helped me give up Reddit.com

    CAN YOU ASK FOR MORE???? :razz:
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  4. throwawaytre3s

    throwawaytre3s Well-Known Member

    /r/vaporents truly isn't a good place to be man. I'm glad I stopped subbing to them.
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  5. Vitolo

    Vitolo Vaporist

    The Vapor Trail
    I do not often participate there either. There are a few really sincere people there, but that pool of good guys is diluted with some rowdy youngsters:myday:
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  6. nickdanger

    nickdanger Collector of Functional Art

    Fly-over Country
    /r/vaporents was the first forum I found when researching vaporizers. For the most part they are a lot younger than I am, and the atmosphere wasn't really comfortable for me. Finding FC was a breath of fresh air. The helpful and friendly attitude of the community is great. I feel like I'm among friends, although I don't know anyone on here personally.
  7. pakalolo

    pakalolo RoboMod v4.0a (unstable) Staff Member

    Other side of your screen
    The nature of /r/vaporents is off-topic for this thread. In general, it's not appropriate to run down another forum even if it really does suck.
  8. biohacker

    biohacker 710 Cannasseur

    @pakalolo so nice that you aren't going anywhere! You've been here from the very start IIRC with @vtac?

    I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you as well, for all of your hard work and support over the past decade or so, helping shape this forum to what it is today!
  9. justvapin

    justvapin Enthusiastic Cannabis Consumer

    @vtac .....you sir, should be nothing but immensely proud of what you have created here, just as I am immensely proud to be a member here. This site is simply unmatched in every way.

    While nothing or no one is perfect, I see nothing you need to feel the need to apologize for. Quite the opposite. I feel privileged to be here. And I thank you for creating what you have. It's an amazing place.
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  10. SOURCEvapes

    SOURCEvapes #ExperienceTrueTaste Manufacturer

    Las Vegas, NV
    Thank you for an incredible forum, for being a pioneer for a new niche that has exploded, and your dedication out of love and support for the community.

    We wish you the best now and in the future, @vtac.
  11. IckiestOfTheSticky

    IckiestOfTheSticky Well-Known Member

    Welcome back!! I hope that you are able to rekindle the feeling of fun. We aren't here on this pale blue dot long enough to pour time into things that don't fulfill or enrich our lives in some way. Some people are always going to be critics, but know that you have a family here that cares about one another.
  12. vapen00b

    vapen00b various on-demand full convection units

    This place has become like a second home for me. Learned so much, met so many great guys, enriched my life with great spirits - this is my community and I'm proud to be part of it. Much love to you all!

    Thank you, @vtac , for everything - good to read all this. Welcome home.
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  13. poonman

    poonman Well-Known Member

    Toronto , Canada
    Thank you for creating FC .
    Simply put , FC reminds me of this ...

    Click to play YouTube Video
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  14. Baron23

    Baron23 Well-Known Member

    Hello @vtac - I have NOT been on here for years and years as some others have but FC was very instrumental in educating me on a number of very important vape and MJ related topics, gave me a chance to give back by contributing content, and I made some very wonderful friends here....a number of them are present in this thread.

    I'm glad that you have re-engaged with the site you own and plan to be active in its upkeep and growth :tup: I don't pretend to know what personal demons you have been wrestling with and quite frankly its none of my business, but as I would with any decent person, I'm glad you feel you are on the road back to an active, engaged, and healthy life.

    Now, I do have a membership in the other site that you did seem to clearly allude to in your post. I have no idea what all of the back story is nor do I have any first hand knowledge of all of the interactions with former mods you referred to. Nor do I want to, to be quite frank.

    I would like to say these things, however, as they are indeed facts:

    Nobody EVER expressed to me that dissatisfaction with the ownership of this site was related to you raking in the money while not putting in any effort. It just didn't happen in my case.

    I never heard any disparaging remarks about how long it took FC to attract members nor any comparison of membership growth to any other forum.

    I never received an unsolicited email and to the best of my knowledge my personal information has not been compromised or taken. At least there have been no resulting symptoms of this having had happened.

    What I am personally aware of was some very great frustration regarding the technical management of this site and the fact that you were not present and your mods did not have the permissions to address these technical issues. THIS I was involved in personally after having complained very loudly after numerous problems of getting account validation emails through ISP/email provider filters because there is "fuck" in the domain name and multiple instances of being locked out of my account when I changed my email address and then couldn't get your validation mail. Part of my complaint was a suggestion to get an email domain alias that does NOT contain the word FUCK (cost of all of $10-20 or so) and send your validation emails out under that.

    I did this in a thread where I thought it was appropriate to vent in this manner after spending hours and hours trying to get around email filters and re-activate my account (i.e. the Fuck You thread). But I honestly failed to notice that complaints about the site were off limits in that thread (just didn't read the rules carefully enough). Upon doing so, I was indeed confronted very boldly by one of your former mods with an added helping of great frustration for the only complaint I have heard or seen about your absence. To wit, that your absence unempowered your mods because they didn't have the needed permissions to fix issues while at the same time they were being handed all of the member complaints. THAT is the only complaint that I personally was aware of and quite frankly it seemed pretty reasonable to me.

    Welcome back, glad you are feeling better, look forward to any new direction and features you add and PLEASE get a fucking alias for your validation emails that does not contain an almost universally filtered word in the domain name. hehehe

    Cheers all
    Last edited: Apr 9, 2017
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  15. 1DMF

    1DMF Old School Cheesy Quaver

    @vtac & @Baron23

    I just checked and screwcombustion.com is available :tup:
  16. Vitolo

    Vitolo Vaporist

    The Vapor Trail
    Gmail is now getting all notices from fuckcombustion.
    The notice I got for the above post was:
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  17. Baron23

    Baron23 Well-Known Member

    Interesting as a couple of months ago there was no way to get that domain name through gmail. THAT is when I finally lost it (I think this was the 3rd time I was locked out of my account! LOL) and made the post in the FY thread.

    In order to get back into my account, I needed to get a Yahoo acct as they let FC emails through.

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  18. Vapor_Eyes

    Vapor_Eyes tripping off the beauty of it all

    On Demand Convection Land
    Isn't there a way to whitelist the domain in Gmail's settings? I'm pretty sure there was a few years ago when I quit using it.

    Edit: I think adding the domain to your address book in Gmail automatically whitelists the domain.
  19. Vitolo

    Vitolo Vaporist

    The Vapor Trail
    I am going to bring my comments over to the Gmail/Fuckcombustion thread, so we do not dilute this threads topic.
    I only posted that here because it was addressed from fuckcombustion very clearly, and it was about a new post to the "Hello" thread. Sorry for any topic diversion.
  20. ChooChooCharlie

    ChooChooCharlie Well-Known Member

    @vtac - you brought this FC cyber child into the world. Thank you. FC has both educated and entertained me. But there's more. Something special happens with the collaborative innovation enabled by FC. This place allows growth of knowledge, yes, but any online portal can provide that. FC is in a different realm, encouraging discussion, challenging preconceived notions, always testing and trying, striving for a better way. Annoying and contentious at times, yes, but the staff keep our discussions civil. And, where else could I meet such special people, like Vito and Patty. They've helped so many. Now I'm one of them.
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  21. Vitolo

    Vitolo Vaporist

    The Vapor Trail
    Yeah, @vtac ... Patty and I had the good fortune to have @ChooChooCharlie spend the afternoon with us.
    We met here at your forum, full of civil and like minded vaporists.
    You always were!
    Last edited: Apr 12, 2017
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  22. vtac

    vtac vapor junkie Staff Member

    FC R&D
    It never gets old reading posts about how this place has helped people out and helped people help each other. You're the ones who make it special, so thank you.

    @Baron23 I'm sorry that you had so many issues with getting locked out. Again, my fault and I feel terrible because that is extremely frustrating. I'm glad that you didn't hear any disparaging remarks regarding fc and the folks here, unfortunately others did, including me. Without rehashing the OP too much, a response was necessary and I stand by it.

    I think this thread has served its purpose and it's time to move forward. :)
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