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Dynavap VapCap

Discussion in 'Portable Vaporizers' started by Fenton Mewley, Jul 21, 2015.

  1. Mr. Me2

    Mr. Me2 Well-Known Member

    I actually use and love the mini scoop and poke from @Ratchett !
  2. Winegums

    Winegums I make things from wood Accessory Maker

    The Fraser Valley
    Waxing it with bees wax and a hair dryer to warm the wax into a liquid (once applied) will be good to do after getting water on the stem. The wax will soak into the wood pores and seal the oils back in to the wood.

    Bees wax is what I use most of the time. If you really want to get your pieces wet, you might try several layers of Tung oil.

    I don't consider wooden stem care to be off topic as it's part of maintaining your vape and keeping it looking its best. After a good waxing the wood picks up gloss and depth, it is also protected from your finger oils, water and grime.
  3. stark1

    stark1 XXL


    Nice. Ratchett may have 3-D printed this one

  4. Mr. Me2

    Mr. Me2 Well-Known Member

    I think so too. @Ratchett and his stuff are great! Everybody needs to spend some $$$ there....
  5. stark1

    stark1 XXL


    Agreed. The £, €, Ëtc in mailing may add up offshore, tho

    Get yer VapCaps before the tariffs skyrocket them! ;)
    Last edited: Jul 11, 2018
  6. stardustsailor

    stardustsailor Well-Known Member Accessory Maker

  7. Skunkport

    Skunkport Well-Known Member

    Somewhere over the rainbow
    Hmm...I have different carb holes on my single and double crown blackwood woody stems? Single crown has a hole, double has a slot about twice the size.

  8. stark1

    stark1 XXL

    Your double crown, I believe, is a later version from the single.

    Experience, and afterthoughts.

    The double crown makes for durability, the wider aperture
    gives more control. And a nicer look, IMHO.

  9. cybrguy

    cybrguy Patience Rewards

    Fuck the stem, I want the frog. How cool IS that frog? :cool:
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  10. Skunkport

    Skunkport Well-Known Member

    Somewhere over the rainbow
    Just stick to the weed dude, don't start licking the frogs please.
  11. MAbud

    MAbud Well-Known Member

    @DDave, FWIW I think the OD of the 14mm wand could be widened a bit. Doesn’t fit quite as snugly into the joint as my 14mm ELEV8R WP adapter. Awesome piece overall just future feedback
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  12. stark1

    stark1 XXL


    For shure I wouldn’t be fucking with that frog, no matter how puffy. :spliff:

    Shake a leg


    On a lighter load, @mephisto sent a cute lil water tool with his care package

    Last edited: Jul 11, 2018
  13. GtrBob

    GtrBob Well-Known Member

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  14. almost there

    almost there Well-Known Member

    The single crown looks like an earlier edition when Ed did all the woodwork, the long carb double crown stem was when Dynavap started doing their own in-house
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  15. DDave

    DDave Vape Wizard Accessory Maker

    Judge the Vaper by the Vapor

    If it's not air tight, then it's a defect. With the size of the joint, was going dual purpose. It had to seal in a 14mm female joint and also had to fit inside a dynastash.

    Does that elev8 piece fit in a dynastash?

    I am in process of another model with XL length, but will have same joint.
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  16. Jill NYC

    Jill NYC Portable Collector

    The water tool looks like the Pillsberry Dough Boy with his arms outstretched asking “Please sir, can I have some more?”.
    Just me?
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  17. Megaton

    Megaton Well-Known Member

    I've just received my first double jet lighter and water piece!

    Any tips re using the double jet? I tried it with an SS tip but it clicked so quickly without producing much vapor at all.

    Only have a fat mouthpiece at the moment, but i have ordered a @DDave water wand. The mouthpiece does seal, but i'm sure the glass on glass would be better!
  18. Helios

    Helios Well-Known Member

    Hudson Valley
    Megaton go a second or two past the click but no more than that, your second cycle should be more productive. I use a Double with my SS all the time, pretty straightforward.

    @DDave are you striving for August on those XL wands? Looking forward to it:tup:
  19. Hippie

    Hippie Well-Known Member

    Most common mistake with flames is the distance.
    You want to be heating in the halo of the flames, well away from the concentrated power of the peaks imo.

    Too close and the cap will click early and/or the load will be scorched.
    Too far away and it'll take longer
    Sooooo I'd errr on the side of caution with your first few bowls by starting too far away and move it closer as you feel your way with it all m8. It may take a few goes but at least you won't waste any this way :)
  20. Hogni

    Hogni Honi soit qui mal y pense

    Berlin, Germany
    If you are looking for a boro glass stash tube for the DynaStash perhaps this could work?
    I only own a DS XL so I don't know the measures of a regular DS.
    Diameter is 14 mm (should fit), length is 100mm (don't know)

    And possibly this could work as a 125mm water wand?
    Last edited: Jul 12, 2018
  21. -dab8-

    -dab8- Dabsessive

    East coast
    Ooooo! Interesting. At that price, certainly worth a try.

    Unrelated, for fun I started at the beginning of this thread for a look at how all this craziness started. Anyone try the pyrovap? Obviously not available anymore, but curious to hear about how it was.
  22. nickdanger

    nickdanger Collector of Functional Art

    Fly-over Country
    These appear to be open on the end opposite the threading. 100mm might be too long also.
  23. kellya86

    kellya86 Herb gardener...

    I will be having one of them...
  24. Jdlpsc

    Jdlpsc New Member

    I have a question about putting the cap on. When you put the cap on does it rub against the tip enough to shave the metal? I'm worried about inhaling little metal shavings from putting the cap on.

    This might sound dumb, but it's something I worry about.

  25. stardustsailor

    stardustsailor Well-Known Member Accessory Maker

    I used to worry about that myself too,you know !
    At first ,I thought : " Oh ,comm'on you 're inhaling at least 1000x more
    amount of brake pad dust & tire gum micro-particles every fuckin' day ,
    since you live in an urban area
    .Let alone the rest of the urban airborne crap ".

    Well, I was not actually satisfied by that ,
    neither it gave any clues or definitive answer to my worries.
    Later I thought : " Nope ! The sticky herb act as a filter to those nasty metal micro-shavings .
    Everything's cool !

    But still I was not 100% confident about the health safety of these shavings .

    That was before ...
    Nowdays ,it has already became a part of the "ritual" .
    I'm always wetting the threads before placing the cap.
    How ?
    A drop of water or tea (no sugar ,please )
    or even some freshly synthesized spit rubbed on the threads ,will do
    ( but at this case the sizzling sound and the smell of toasted lysozyme
    & amylase may be some things that someone needs to get used to ,though ) .
    Lubrication ,it is .

    As also is important to get to know your cap.
    Where it applies pressure at the tip.
    Before inserting to / removing from the tip ,
    press at those two (always opposite to each other ) "pressure points"
    on the cap.
    That will relief most of the spring-like tension of cap ,at those points.
    Slighty press the cap-thus temporarily deforming it - ,before inserting it on the tip.
    That will greatly reduce the production of metal shavings .

    Lubricate the threads &
    -slightly -press the cap before inserting on or removing it from the tip .

    I made those two things a part of the whole VC ritual.
    'cause I had the same worries like yours .

    I've seen great results -regarding the degree of wear at the tip's threads - ,by doing so.

    BUT IF...
    you're still feeling insecure :
    According to the OSHA for an 8 -hour shift ,
    the limit of inhalling Ti dust ( ff it's fine enough ,it is considered as TiO2 )
    is 15 mg / Cubic meter of atm. air .

    Just a sec to make some calcs ...

    - The whole tip weighs ~ 3 grams = 3000 mg .
    - 3000 / 15 = 200 .
    - 3 x 7 x 10 =210

    Ok ,I'm back !

    You will have to turn the whole tip into fine dust ,
    then disperse all of the dust in the air of a room
    of 10 meters length ,7 meters width and 3 meters height,
    and assuming that the dust never settles and new dust amounts are replacing the ones inhaled,
    still you are allowed to work for an eight hour shift ,
    in that environment without the use of any personal protective equipment .
    For every productive day of your life !


    https://www.atimetals.com/Products/Documents/sds/EuropeanUnion/EU-EN/SAC/SAC020 Titanium Fines Saw Fines, Grinder Fines, Saw Swarf, and Sponge (-20) EU-EN Rev4.pdf

    Last edited: Jul 12, 2018
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