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Best Of Dynavap VapCap

Discussion in 'Best Of' started by Archaicrevival, Feb 13, 2016.

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  1. flotntoke

    flotntoke thoroughly vaped

    Sounds like you're definitely in right part of flame. When I use a triple jet in triangle config (instead of jets being inline) I find best heating with 2 jets hitting out towards end of cap, and 3rd jet lined up dead center and away from end of cap. Very simple diagram with blue dots as jets.


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  2. Square4Life

    Square4Life Well-Known Member

    Had just posted this up over on Reddit. I don't have any experience with the omnivong but that shouldn't make much of a difference.

    I bought a portside recently from pipes...

    I think the torch is easier to perfect although once you get the depth tweaked (if needed) and the timing down...I'd say it performs easily as good as a torch, possibly better. I'll put it like this...since I've got the induction heater, I've only used a torch one time because I was out and about and just threw the dynastash in pocket.

    The timing is key. When my cap clicks using the portside and a titanium tip, I count "one, one thousand, two, one thousand, three, one thousand, four" and then pull it out. With the ss M tip, I take it to "four, one thousand" or even "5". The ss tips take a bit more to heat up but IMO...torch or induction heater, the M produces more and longer vapor. I also timed my saying and when I stop on "four", it is right at about 3.5 seconds. Of course, the depth plays a role in this too. I shaved off mayyyybbeeee 1\32 from the way Pipes sent it. But it made a huge difference. Just be careful, can easily take off too much. I was getting pretty significant scorching at the tip even when tamped it down away from the cap. Now it is almost perfectly cooked throughout.

    Another cool thing you can do with the induction heater is to heat it up as stated above, take a draw for a few seconds, stick it back in the heater for 1-2 secs, take another 2sec draw, put back into heater, etc. Once you get it down, and it isn't hard, you can fully extract a load very quickly and using only one cap click initially. Pretty cool stuff imo. Someone just reposted the vid recently if you look a page or two back.

    I'm very comfortable with the torches, spinning the Dynavap,, etc and have no issues with them but I've really enjoyed my Portside Induction Heater.

    Edit: oh one more thing....bed time hits! Not sure about you but as I'm winding down or possibly wake up and have a hard time sleeping, a quick hit or a few (lol) really help. It's so easy to grab the DV, stick it in the heater using a finger to hold it down, you can feel the click, count like I said above and then pull it out. Torch works but not near as easy as this for this particular scenario.

    Let me know if you have any questions:)

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  3. Dynavaper

    Dynavaper Well-Known Member

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  4. stardustsailor

    stardustsailor Accessory Maker

    Most probably yes ,they are the same material,as I was not able to trace any quad (X-) rings made of Viton .
    Only from Buna N ( nitrile ) .

    The cap itself probably is going to last for pretty long years ( more than a few decades most probably ) ,
    if not damaged by any mechanical stress / force.
    But the "clickers" ( aka "snap discs" ,"bimetallic discs" ) have an average life range of just 3000 to > 100 000 clicks,depending on their quality (materials made of) and actual use ( or abuse = overheating ).

    That means that the cap as an operating unit (and not as a simple cover ) has indeed a "pre-programmed end of life " .
    Still,this is unavoidable .The "nature" itself of the "clickers" sets the limit.
    Every simple or complex moving mechanism ,eventually will wear-off.
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