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Age of the FC Community plus a lot of nostalgia

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by lwien, Jul 19, 2015.


What age range do you fall in.....

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  5. 49 ---- 60

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  7. 71 +

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  1. Amoreena

    Amoreena Grown up Flower Child

    So. California
    Sure wish you did.
  2. nickdanger

    nickdanger Collector of Functional Art

    Fly-over Country
    Me too! But the road trip isn't too bad, and I have a brother in Denver that I like to visit.
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  3. Blackfriars

    Blackfriars Connoisseur of cannabis

    I never used cannabis between May 1992 (last week or so of my undergraduate degree) and like 2014. I vape every day now.

    Amazing how different my brain is at almost 47 vs. 22 when I smoked in college. Grass would send me into a panic back then. I guess getting older does have a few perks, plus I have more money for all the "new" strains? ;-)
  4. Baron23

    Baron23 Well-Known Member

    I agree completely but not all of that weed we got back then was garbage....but compared to today, yeah...most of it was just good for mulching.

    But we had GREAT traditional hashish back then before the producing area became a radical Muslim stronghold. Lebanese red, Moroccan gold and green keif, black slab hash, Nepalese pencil has, and this incredible stuff that they called Primo that was reportedly from Afghanistan and would knock your socks off.

    Ah, the old days....not necessarily the good old days but was in some respects.

  5. turk

    turk turk

    San Francisco
    ....depends on your place in the hierarchy ...
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  6. nickdanger

    nickdanger Collector of Functional Art

    Fly-over Country
    I did have access to some good stuff, but limited supply. I dated a guy back then that grew it, and it was comparable to the top shelf strains available now, but the majority of available weed was not good, and I was stingy with the good stuff or I would have had everyone camped out on our doorstep.

    I find I use it a lot differently these days. In the old days, I mainly smoked it with others in party mode. We'd smoke to get slammed to the wall high. These days, I enjoy peaceful time by myself or a couple of friends on the patio when it's warm, mainly using more frequent micro doses for a functional high. I feel like I'm enjoying it more now, or maybe just have a better appreciation for the finer things in life.
  7. archangelz001

    archangelz001 FIRE!!

    Bay Area
    I'm 69. I spent the years 1965 - 1970 getting high just about everyday, including 25-30 acid trips and 5-6mescaline or peyote trips. Then I got married, went back to school, learned TM, raised a couple kids, and worked as a RN for 40 years. I got prostate cancer several years ago and started to seriously delve into the science about the endocannabinoid system and the medicinal and wellness properties it has. I started medicating in March 2014 and use it as a sacrament which brings me into greater harmony with my true self and the connection to the creative intelligence that drives the uni-verse and gives us embodiment which allow us a special view of the whole process. Then the state of wonder that passes all understanding appears and engenders a state of great thankfulness. Bringing it on home, there was lots of good shit back in the day. By '68 my contacts allowed me to get ahold of kilos of Panama Red, Acapulco Gold, Michoacán (very heavy by Mexican sativa standards), and some Hawaiian and Colombian stuff occasionally. My tolerance is gradually creeping up but I think I qualify as a microdoser: daily consumption is about 0.1 gm per day in two sessions. I could smoke half of a 1/2 gm joint in the 60's. I've participated in half a dozen joints the past few years and 3 hits puts me out there pretty good. The blackberry kuss a did at the start of this post is kicking in and demands attention :rofl::myday:
  8. grokit

    grokit well-worn member

    the north
    How many of us remember back to when air travel was actually a pleasant experience?

    This is obviously a widebody jumbojet, but I remember even the smaller planes were much nicer than they are today. Now we're crammed like fish in a can and nobody talks to each other, just to their devices.

  9. scalescliffs

    scalescliffs cashed

    I'm between 30 and 35. I barely smoked weed in high school and I was 320 pounds. Now I'm 175 pounds and within the last two years, have been vaping regularly to ease recovery from sport training. I love FC because as the data shows, we skew older/a bit more mature than Grasscity or any of those forums.
  10. beiberhole69

    beiberhole69 Sexual Maven

    Penthouse Penthouse
    That's such an uneconomical use of space I don't even believe it's real. That's a mock up for and advert or a movie or something.
  11. Hippie Dickie

    Hippie Dickie The Herbal Cube Manufacturer

    where the Cube rules!
    @grokit - i sure do remember ... i was married to TWA in the early 1970s ... my favorite plane was the 707, with 14 first class passengers and two flight attendants, free liquor (i always went for the champagne) and chateaubriand carved on a little roll-around cart in the aisle ... back when you could just waltz into the terminal and go anywhere, unchallenged. First class round trip from SFO to Athens was $150 (for two) ... really glad i traveled then, sure don't do it now.
  12. grokit

    grokit well-worn member

    the north
    Yeah it gets worse every time.

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  13. little maggie

    little maggie Well-Known Member

    I traveled a bit then but not first class. Maybe because of that I haven't noticed as big a change as some others here. The food wasn't that great unless you ordered something special because of religion or allergies like a shrimp plate.
  14. pakalolo

    pakalolo RoboMod v4.0a (unstable) Staff Member

    Other side of your screen
    No, it's just shot with a wide angle lens so it looks bigger than it is. That really is one of the possible seating configurations (2-4-3) for the cheap seats. When the 747 first flew, seating in economy usually consisted of variations of 9 seats per row, such as 3-3-3 and 2-5-2. There were also 2-3-2 and 2-2-2 arrangements in the more expensive classes. I remember flying on the 747 in 2-2-2 first class and the upper deck was the first class lounge. I don't know when they started cramming people into 10 seats per row, but apparently 3-4-3 is now a thing.
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  15. Vitolo

    Vitolo Vaporist

    The Vapor Trail
    I flew on planes with that exact configuration of seating....
    and the food was good, and they kept the drinks coming!
  16. His_Highness

    His_Highness In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king

    I traveled for business and normally would fly out on Monday morning and fly back Friday nights. Did this for 4 years. You learn the tricks that made flying more enjoyable. My favorite - When they used to serve 'a meal' on flights I would request a special low salt meal when booking the flight because the low salt meals were fresher/better. They also served up the 'special orders' first so I'd get mine right away. Can't count the number of times someone sitting next to me would get the standard gruel and wanted to know how come I got my meal served first and how come mine looked edible.

    The downsides to becoming so used to flying was sitting next to those who weren't. They were so excited they would try to talk to you the entire flight and as soon as the flight landed they would jump up to get out. If you just stayed seated you wouldn't have to fight the line and fight through everyone trying to get to the overheads simultaneously. Nothing like an elbow to the head from someone hurriedly trying to get their carry-on from the overhead to teach you to stay seated.

    I wasn't kidding about that elbow to the head. I flew with another employee who was just starting out and when the flight landed he jumped up, opened the overhead and promptly landed an elbow to a lady's head as she was in the process of standing up from her aisle seat. I nearly peed my pants because the guy I was flying with didn't realize how hard he landed that elbow ..... but her husband did and strongly suggested he limit his drinking.

    On one flight I got a bad case of gas. So I feigned sleeping by leaning against the window and silently did what I had to do. Someone sitting behind me commented about the horrendous smell so after another particularly windy release .... I sat straight up and gave the guy sitting next to me a nasty look as if it were him.
  17. t-dub

    t-dub Vapor Sloth

    I always like flying international. Free booze, attentive staff with yummy extras, excellent food, I mean I had a fuckin' steak the last time I went to Japan, and more free booze . . . :ko:
    Last edited: Mar 4, 2017
  18. Laantje

    Laantje Well-Known Member

    The Netherlands
    I'm 20 years old. Started smoking weed around 14 years old(yeah I know... too young. I've been told many times, I can't change it anymore) and switched to vaping a year ago.

    I gotta be honest, I had bad friends around the age of 14. I'm glad I don't see them anymore. I still think I would've done cannabis anyway even when I didn't have these bad friends, since here where I live there are alot of users(also my 'good friends' which I already met when we didn't smoke cannabis) but I wonder if I would've still been so hooked on it as I am right now.

    Back then I had like 8 street dealers in my phone. I would always go through the list to get some bud. the weed wasn't always as good, but it was acceptable. Sometimes it was REALLY good but most of the time it was just average. Its kind of weird to think back about it, realizing that 8 grown men/women sold me weed while I was just that little 14 years old boy.

    At my 17th, dealers were dying out in this area. The ones that were still alive gave shit quality for a high amount of money. Luckily we have coffeeshops here in the Netherlands, so I switched to that as soon as I hit my 18th birthday. Its pretty expensive though, wish its going to get cheaper in the future. 10 years ago it was pretty cheap, but the last 4 years the price has been rising really fast. Future is looking bright though, since they want to change the soft-drugs(weed/hashish) law here.

    I didn't deal myself, close friends did though. So I've seen alot of drugs, not just cannabis. Can't say I'm too proud of that, I've seen really bad things aswell. Two of my friends really fucked up with a heroine/(crack)cocaine addiction, it was painful to see... The bright side was that during that time, my friends always had some good cannabis for a pretty cheap price per gram. Nowadays they don't deal anymore, so it was only for a small period. I have tried some other drugs(not heroin or cocaine though), but I don't like them as much. I just think it isn't worth it. I do like shrooms though, once in a year with some really good friends.
  19. kuzko

    kuzko Well-Known Member

    Very interesting, surprised to find I belong to the largest age group of users. Before now I thought I was on the younger end.
  20. Diggy Smalls

    Diggy Smalls Notorious

    Land of Confusion
    I didn't try cannabis until I was in my thirties. It was only a couple of years before I started reading about vaporizers I believe right here on these forums. I was too chicken to sign up back then though.
  21. pxl_jockey

    pxl_jockey Barely-Known Member

    Yeah, I'm 50 & remember flying in smaller planes (domestic US) than this jumbo in the early 70's and as a kid it was pretty great. I remember one flight specifically having a flight attendant assigned to me; she sat with me, had a bag with activities and special snacks. WTF?! Another time they put me in first-class for free and I remember laying down on a row of seats like above. It was like your sofa! Always got to go in the cockpit, meet the captain and try on his hat, get your own set of wings. Metal ones at first, then plastic...

    Dang I feel OLD all the sudden! :myday: No wonder I loved to fly, never dreamed that my own children would remember nothing but the current "livestock being herded through chutes" mode of air travel. But it has given them a cherished family travel game. You see, I have longish hair so their mum taught them to bet on whether I get pulled out or "randomly selected" for special treatment. Nice, huh? Now that they're teens, she's let them in on the "How many times will Dad be offered drugs on vacation?" game. I hope if anyone out there reads this they can find some pity for me...

    Anyway, glad I stumbled upon this thread and even more pleased that I came across FC. I think it's a damn fine group, consider this: no matter your age, we are all outliers here. A minority within a minority, if you will. That's one of many reasons I love FC: the support & friendliness here has helped me make another step in the right direction. Oh yeah, and the knowledge and benefit of years' worth of experience so that I could be successful. Without it, I doubt I would have been.
    Love you FCers!!!:love: Sorry so long but I am an old geezer now and prone to rambling.
  22. little maggie

    little maggie Well-Known Member

    Free drinks, chateaubriand? I flew back then but never had these kinds of experiences. I think I come from a different financial class then the rest of you. I do remember being able to order the food I wanted and usually got a fresh shrimp bowl or something like that.
  23. lwien

    lwien Well-Known Member

    Arcadia, California
    You're an old geezer at 50?? :lmao::rofl::lmao::rofl::lmao::rofl:! Sorry, but sometimes you kids don't have a clue. ;)
  24. pxl_jockey

    pxl_jockey Barely-Known Member

    That's what my boys tell me anyway! But they also call me a man-child so?

    In my experience, age is just a number. I nearly died at 20 so this is all gravy, even with my medical issues. So I want to enjoy! But yeah, some days I do feel pretty fucking old. OTH, I've known grumpy old men in their 20's and crazy wild, fun kids in their 80's. Life is mostly mental IMO; take two people, they can both experience the same tragic event yet how they react or recover is mostly the result of mental attitude. If I'm ever feeling self-pity for my condition, I don't have to look too far to find someone with more on their plate and coping with dignity and determination. It's humbling and inspiring for me. Same thing here on FC, I try to remember that I don't really know what a member might be going through or struggling with.
  25. pxl_jockey

    pxl_jockey Barely-Known Member

    Okay, it's been awhile & I can't edit so BAM! POW! it's back-to-back posts for you!

    Over coffee this morning, another thing hit me that belongs in the "Did they really do that?" category:
    Cars with no seatbelts or you didn't use them if they were there. Everything behind the front seat was mine, I rode in the floor, the backseat and the shelf where the rear window was. American cars were huge in late 60-early 70s, friends with stationwagons or vans had it even better: literally acres of carpet and upholstery to roll around on. Okay, maybe not literally but pretty freaking close.

    It's a wonder we survived but I talk to friends who grew up in 40s-50s and their stories are absolutely jaw-dropping crazy; the things they got up to and got away with. Back when the cops had more discretionary leeway instead of zero-tolerance and parents let their kids run and play all day without knowing where they were. Now kids are supervised all the time, even on "play-dates". It's pretty nuts when you consider the change has occurred in just a few generations. Kids used to really put Natural Selection to the test!

    One more thing: Everyone smoked tobacco everywhere. Absolutely everywhere. Hell, when I got to college in the mid-80s you could smoke in class. I bet @lwien could really tell some tales, btw I read stuff of yours from years back and it's really good, makes me laugh. Hey everyone over say 55 tell us the crazy shit you (or your "friend") either did or remember about being a kid. I'd like to see this thread get more attention so maybe more FCers will play along. I feel like 61-70 & 71+ are under-represented but maybe I'm wrong.

    Sorry for the novella, this thread really got me going down memory lane. And I'm high. :smug:

    EDIT: why is there a button to change your vote? Heck, if it's that easy I'll change to 31-40 bracket, give myself another 20 years. My wife would love 32 y.o. me, I'd be her boy-toy!
    Last edited: Aug 28, 2017

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