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partially veiled
Jul 23, 2008
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partially veiled

Lo Boob Oscillator, from Canada

    1. nugghuffer
      Hey man how's it going? I read one of your posts about the custom VHW slides by Blazemaster and I'm about to order one too. Did you ever write that review of the slide? I couldn't find one on the forum and wanted to see what someone who owned one thought about it and if it's worth the $50. Thanks in advance for your time.
      1. partially veiled
        partially veiled
        You know what dude I actually haven't used mine yet. It has one little snag that I'm still trying to work out. There is no way to fix a screen in my BM bowl and the push-hole at the bottom of the bowl is way too big to use it without a screen, so I need to buy a glass jack or something before I can properly test this bowl. I'll try to get out to my LHS and pick up something up soon. Thanks for reminding me :-)
        Apr 16, 2012
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