What would be your Trinity of vapes?


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Desktop: FlowerPot B1 (I don't do wax)
Portable: TinyMight
Ringer: The Anvil. Not a big fan of butane but this has the right amount of portability and heavy hitting to make it a multi-tool in your VAS collection.


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Flowerpot B2 - obvious
MinVap - total shock when I got it - that good (J-Hook) (around house portable)
Mighty - soon to be replaced (I believe by the comments) with a TM which was ordered Sunday... just awaiting on it being shipped.

Oh and a couple concentrate devices to top up through the day, Peak Pro and RIO.

Still on my VAS list is Tetra P80 (those drops get crazy lol) and OAB ... but ...if I start thinking there is also the Millana, Toad (still haven't contacted Dan to be on his 'list' and recently found out he lives right around the corner - maybe if I sit out front of his and stalk him I could get one... lol.

Resented marijuana when I first tried taking it for medical purposes, the taste, the delayed effects with edibles oils etc then with coughing etc with vaping as I was not a smoker (weed) before... but the journey for a better vape quickly turned into VAS... Having a blast now with all the big boy toys & reading this forum... just don't get why it was ever illegal... maybe another post...
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