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Greetings everyone,

I'm currently 25 years old and am from the Netherlands. I work in IT and my hobbies include: vaping, gaming, my computer, enjoying/expanding my music collection and either walking or biking through nature.

I've been vaping for about 4 years now, with the last maybe 2-3 years of following the 'fuck combustion' rule (with the exception of the occasional flaming hot dynavap).

My history of vapourizers/accesoires is listed in my signature and that's pretty much all I can think of right now.
Welcome @Anuiel, nice collection of vapes. I bet you have access to some very sweet herb too.

Like many ugly Americans my only experience in the Netherlands, was buying some hash and getting too stoned in Vondelpark.

I remember really enjoying stroopwafels. Wish I had one right now. :drool:

I was so happy to finally be part of this community that I forgot to introduce myself, how rude of me. Hi everyone I'm The Chemist coming to you directly from Canada. I've started vaping in 2017 and feel in love with it. I smoked cannabis for more than 25 years and I was always more fond of using a pipe than smoking a joint. Not only pipes but any method that was different, chillums, bongs, hot knifes etc... For me the experience is as important as the effects so I like to try new ways to consume my weed. You can imagine how I felt when I discovered that you can vaporize your herb. I had VAS before I even knew what it was! Since then my collection grow bigger every day and my wallet the opposite, but I've never been more happy and felt better than I do now. I'm now cigarette free, alcohol free, the only vice I have left is vaping and I don't think I will ever stop. Before my usage was purely recreative but now I use it more to control nausea caused by my anti-depressants and to fight insomnia, my arch-nemesis. No I'm not a real chemist it's a nickname I got from my friends, I'm actually a wood worker and someday if the stars align and the world stop being so crazy I might be tempted to start my business in the vaping industry, a guy can dream right? Before I go I should tell you that English is not my first language, I'm actually a French-Canadian from Quebec, so if my message seems a little weird some times remember that I learn the English language by reading comic books and watching the Simpsons, let's just say I'm doing the best I can.
Welcome @The Chemist. Your English is very good, and I would easily think it was your primary language.

Vaping opened a whole new world of cannabis for me. I used to smoke it when I was in my teens and twenties. Joints were wasteful ,but a lot of fun with friends. While I never smoke it anymore, I still love the smell of a burning joint. Reminds me of my college days.
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Thank you @BabyFacedFinster!

I definitely can't complain about the quality of the herb here, for €10/gram I get some pretty awesome weed (I think, haven't had the pleasure of trying some recreational American weed or something).

Your experience does sound like the typical tourist trip to Amsterdam, which I think is awesome because that's pretty close to my average day when I visit Amsterdam and I live fairly close by. :D And yeah stroopwafels are great haha, there's even some coffeeshops that sell stroopwafels with THC in them I believe!

The Chemist

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Thanks for taking the time to welcome me @BabyFacedFinster.

I know my English is pretty good, it's just sometime I'll write a sentence that make no sense so I just wanted to warn everybody. In reality I have no one to practice my English with, all my friends speak french only. This is my first presence on the web, never been on another forum before, no Twitter or Facebook, so I never had the write in English exclusively. I expect the quality of my writing will improve quickly, but right now I still struggle a little bit to find my words and how to express myself, thank god for modern technology and auto-correct. Now I slowly began to have a presence in the vaping community and I want to be more and more active in it.

As far as vaping go for me it's not a new world, it's another dimension that just opened before me and I jumped right in! I don't mind smoke from combustion, i'm used to it. My friends all smoke their cannabis, I try to introduce them to vaping but I try no to be too preachy about it. In the end it's a personal choice and I don't want to force my opinion on someone else. Even when I stopped consuming cannabis completely for a little while, I would still roll my best friend joints because he has big fingers, can't roll properly (why do it when someone else can do it for you). I even bought him an Omnivap XL and all, everything he needs to try to change his habits (I'm tired of rolling!) but he's still smoking joints (his girlfriend rolls them for him). Now that might change since I lend him my Apollo2 induction heater since I got my Flix and he's using it more and more.

I don't smoke joints anymore because I get flashback of cigarettes and the craving is so intense I'm scared I might buy a pack so big no no for me. I do have a bong I use with an ash catcher and a charcoal filter that I use for combustion only. I used it only one time and it was better than strait combustion but still tasted like ass. I think I'll use this set-up a couple of times a year just to remind myself why I vape I the first place.


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Hi all, relatively new member here, but experienced maker and science nut. Relatively new to *quality* vaporization, but experienced cannabis connoisseur and long-time traveler. Looking forward to helping the community design the next generation of vape hardware (and software too).

A few areas in my lab - 3d printing, wood working, electronics development, microcontroller firmware development, glass cutting and polishing. Laser etching and cnc/3d subtractive mfg expected in the next year or two.

Hope I can help knock things up a notch in a number of areas I'm passionate about.



I'm 25-30 years old and I'm a software/hardware engineer.

I recently switched to vaping only when Covid started. I bought a SSV and filled it with rubies. I sold my PAX3 I bought for a music festival, but hardly ever used and turned the funds into a TinyMight. (which I'm patiently waiting for).

I'm interested in science and modding anything I can get my hands on. I do some work for a CBD extract company.



Thank you for keeping this forum, writing from NYC.

I've had an on and off relationship and quite content where I am, learning as I am going. I was using a glass bowl, mimicking people I have hung out with. My first step away from combusting herb was the Pax 2 that I found accidentally the first time I ever stepped into a smoke shop. Guy gave me some good information, priced it fair and that was it. I was a bit impatient and tired of having to repack, but fast forward 7 years later, I appreciate it much more.

Since I've used a bowl or rolled with paper, and admit I prefer that flavor. Reading and learning more has been eye opening. I've found success with a Mighty that I carry a Crafty to work using lower temperatures to keep my mind at ease. Dynavap is something new as I am learning how to use it.

As someone who likes to try many things, I have an Davinci IQ2 on its way.

I struggled with alcohol and tobacco for maybe 20 years. Making better choices with who I associate with, I am in such a better place learning moderation. I look forward to learning from everyone here and contributing when I can.

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